Sunday, December 28, 2008

Countdown to New Years...

Just a sneak peek at a fabric piece I have been working on recently.

This year I have been inspired by some wonderful fabric art blogs. Most notable those of Jude Hill (Spirit Cloth) and Karen Ruane (Contemporary Embroidery).

On Jude's blog she has a section what if which always inspires me, but I always procrastinate and put off doing anything....

Jude will be pleased to know that my what if is ...what if I actually just begin???? And so that is how this piece I am making for a friend started. I love Jude's slow cloths and how they evolve. It still have a way to go, but its getting there and at least I made a start. This piece is only small, but next year I plan to do my own version of a slow cloth for myself.

The Karen Ruane influence is the embroidered flowers that I have added from a piece of embroidered voile I was given. Karen uses a lot of vintage embroideries in her work which make it very special - beautiful piecework and embroidery.

So thank you Jude and Karen for the inspiration for this piece.

As I said, the countdown is on for New Years. I am already making a few resolutions .... such a list I have !!!!

Take care and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Wishing you all Peace and Happiness in 2009.

Jacky xox

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Joyeux Noel ......

This is little Tinkatink asleep on the couch...she was so cute with her little paws outstretched that I couldnt resist taking a photo. I did have a box of patchwork supplies on the couch which I had been sorting through. Tink has used it as a bed. Isnt it funny how cats are drawn to fabrics. If I leave anything lying around she and Phoebe will always lay or sit on the fabric. What a lovely surprise in todays mail... in fact two lovely surprises. The first package was from Sesga in the Wales who had sent me two of her gorgeous peg fairy dolls and a sweet pink kitty softie... soooo gorgeous and thank you so much Sesga, I LOVe them! The second package was from my friend Shirley in Western Australia who had made me this beautiful handfelted and stitched book. It is so beautiful Shirl and I love each and every colourful page.
I have been doing some stitching too. I made the two Klimt dolls below to send to friends for Christmas, one in a beautiful green fabric that reminds me of a Monet painting and the other in a lovely Kaffe Fassett turquoise fabric.

Just a short post this time.... busy with Christmas preparations and I still have some last minute Christmas shopping to do tomorrow before my visitors start arriving on Wednesday.
Wishing you and yours Peace and Joy for the festive season.
Jacky xox

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Journal play ......

This first photo is for Dot, she often comments on the view from my kitchen window so I thought I would post this photo for her. Its been a rainy, misty day (and it is supposed to be summer !!!) and when I got home from work tonight this was my view... if you click on the photo up in the green far corner at the base of the trees are my three mares who are all in will have to look hard to see them. Destiny, Clover and Demi. When they have their babies I will take photos for you. My Journal... Whilst making my journal in Ro's workshop I included some beautiful paper that Dneese of Grrl & Dog blog had wrapped a package in for me. Loved the paper and wanted to incorporate it in my art somehow. This then gave me the idea to use this journal to display some of the lovely art and gifts I have received recently.
This page below shows a beautiful card, a little larger than an ATC sent to me by Linda Vincent in the UK. I love Linda's art and thought this piece was made for this page. This is still a WIP as I have only stuck it down on the page, I will add more to this page.
This is a piece of the wrapping from my package from Dneese... what wonderful asian paper and I loved the way she had painted it also. Still have more of this paper to use again later in another journal... dont dare waste any of it.
I have also added a gorgeous tag sent to me by Jo Wholohan to the binding of the journal. You can see it peeping out at the bottom.

Love this art postcard that Linda Vincent sent me recently. It was to promote an exhibition by Claire Caulfield and is titled "Grand Canal Venice" .... so beautiful and I love the subtle colours. This photo shows it in situ in my journal. I thought the colour complemented my pomegranate page.

And here a close up of the postcard... thanks so much Linda... I love it!

I havent been doing much art this week, very busy with family, but I have had a little bit of time to play around in my journal which I am loving.
I have more art work from blogging friends that I will add to this journal in the next few weeks.
I was very excited to see a tree flag that I made in a recent swap with Lynne flying from a tree high up on Mt. Shasta in the USA...pop over to her blog to see this post. AND also a piece of knitting that I sent to Dneese of Grrl & Dog blog in a tree in Sydney. Dneese and her guerilla art are taking the world by of a knit up inspired by Dneese and her knitted guerilla art happening in the UK. Maybe get your knitting needles out and take part... lots of fun!
Wishing you a funky yellow week.
Jacky xox

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WIPS from Ro Bruhn Workshop ...

Thoroughly enjoyed my workshop last weekend with Ro Bruhn !!! Lots of fun and very liberating. I was amazed by the amount of painted papers I made and the fact that my journal signature was in a finished state (I'm always the slow one in the class).
Sorry, blogger has the pics reversed again.... below is one of my painted pages created in the class which I have overstamped with a gorgeous handcarved stamp of a pomegranate (carved by the very talented Samm). Loved this stamp.
These pages are very much works in progress. I have "plans" for these pages (which you will see over the coming weeks). We sloshed paint around, stamped, rolled with the brayer and came out with these very colourful papers.
BelowI have used the pomegranate stamp again, but this time on a background of watercolour paper. I have decided that the next journal I make I am going to use mainly watercolour paper as I love its texture and the way the paints react to it.

The front cover of my journal. Also a work in progress... still deciding on art/embellishments for the cover. I love the ragged ribbon binding. We can stitch buttons on this binding also.... but I'm not sure yet if I will do that....

And below are the girls in the workshop with Ro in her home at Belgrave. As you can see we were all ver engrossed in learning all of Ro's techniques... eager students.

Fabulous day was had by all. Wonderful tutor, amazing hospitality and so lovely to be around other like minded ladies.
If you would like to see more of the journals made on the day visit the following blogs as they have some wonderful photos... Samm, Ro, Jo and Janette.
Thanks for popping by my blog to visit and I hope you are enjoying a ruby red week.
Jacky xox

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Swaps and Christmas Cheer .....

Blogger has done it again (or is it me.....) the pictures are all reversed again!

I have had the best art mail week. I am in a 12 Days of Christmas Swap run by Keron Lee (aka the Colourguru). This week has seen some of the swaps starting to come in.... very exiciting.
This photo is of an amazing Christmas ornament I received from Gina Lighton in the USA (I must email Gina to see if she has a blog we can visit). The top of the ornament is a soldered piece of beautiful bevelled glass with a beautiful image of a goose, the back has a nest with six is so sad, my pictures below just dont do this ornament justice. This photo shows the ornament in its entirety (...sorry about picture quality). Under the goose is beautifully folded paper, adorned with little gold bells and from below are gorgeous ribbons and bead work. An ornament I will cherish for many years to come. This wonderful hanging ornament below was from Anne Le Toux in France. The colours and glazing are beautiful and I love how she has attached the crystal at the bottom and the little bronze hanger from the top. I have decided I am going to hang my ornaments from these old pussy willow branches and gum nut branches this year. Will take another photo later when it has filled up a bit more.

This gorgeous handpainted card was made by Keron Lee, A Partridge in a Pear Tree. I havent been able to get a good photo of the wonderful little felt partridge and nest, all nestled in their pear tree box that Keron made for this swap, but if you visit Keron's blog you will find some lovely photos she has taken.

Keron and I had organised a swap earlier in the year also. Keron wanted to swap one of her face painting for one of my Klimt dolls... love these swaps! Below is the beautiful face picture that Keron has painted for me. You will note the Christmas touch... the fir tree in the background and the holly under her hat... lovely touches.

Below is the Klimt Doll I made for Keron. Keron is not into bright colours and asked for her Klimt Doll to be made in duck egg blue fabric. I think she will should like the subtle blue colours I chose for her.

Tomorrow I am off to do a journal class with Ro Bruhn.... stay tuned for pics.....
Have a deliciously mauve week.... (my friend Dot and I always choose a colour of the day when we email and today we decided on mauve).
Happy arting ....
Jacky xox

Friday, November 21, 2008

Playing with neocolor & art gifts ...

Oooops.... once again my images have loaded in reverse order.... please bear with me (or is it blogger???????)
Recently I have received some lovely "art mail" which I thought I would share with you. From the gorgeous Sharon Tomlinson an absolutely beautiful envelope arrived in the mail (picture below this picture...). Inside the envelope, which is a work of art in itself, were these beautiful serviettes for my art - thank you so much Sharon, I share your passion for serviettes in art. Also these wonderful moo cards and images of Sharons beautiful ladies. Very special.... This is the wonderful envelope..... a treasure itself, and how exciting to see this in your mail box! AND..... that is the back (wondering where my photo of the front is??? will find it soon and share).
Below a beautiful package of handmade lace and vintage embroideries from my very dear patchwork friend Mary. These will be cut up at some stage and used in a patchwork piece. I adore the work of Karen Ruane who uses vintage embroideries in her wonderful wrapping cloths and binders. Pop over to her blog and take a look, her work is stunning.

Talk about spoilt.... I received these beautiful fabrics from Julia of Verdigris Rose blogspot. Lovely florals and the embroidered voile is my favourite I think... or is it the lovely blue background floral? The are all so beautiful and I cant wait to play with them. Thank you Julia!

Finally.... I have been playing around with my neocolor crayons. I just love how creamy and smooth they are. This page in my journal is titled "fronds" as it was inspired by the bracken fronds unfurling. Next I might try the bracken open. I am enjoying playing with ink and watercolor crayon.

Thanks for popping by and visiting my blog! Next weekend my sister and I are doing a handmade journal class with Ro Bruhn..... looking forward to that! My last class with Ro was such fun and inspirational. Will share some of my journal pages from the class with you very soon.
Have a cerulean blue week.
Jacky xox

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oriental ATC swap and Christmas is on the way...

Its starting to feel a bit like Christmas around here.... These are a couple of my Klimt Christmas Angels that I am making for a few of my art girlfriends. Below a closer look for you... I will make an attachment so they can hang on the Christmas tree or wherever takes their fancy.
These are a couple of ATC's I made over the weekend for a swap with Jenxo and Debbi Baker. Our theme was oriental - I found it hard to get into these as I havent done ATC's for a while, but once I started I really enjoyed the process.

And below
are the gorgeous ATC's I received from the girls. The one on the left is from Jen and the right from Debbi, both very special.

I've also been playing around with my new crayons in my journal so will have some journal pages to share soon.
Meanwhile, thought I would share one of my favourite quote from Sark with you "Love Imperfectly". Such a simple quote, but implies so much.
Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shopping and gifts .....

I know this may seem odd (my latest obsession with paper napkins!!!), but I wanted to share my latest acquisition... I found this gorgeous paper napkin on my shopping expedition with my sister Lee on the weekend. I am so obsessed, I even have my sister checking all the shops for napkins. LOVE this one from Mini-max .... I will have to get this napkin incorporated into some art soon! Dont you just love the background for this picture? This was the wrapping on a package I received from the lovely Dneese of Grrl & Dog blogspot. Also purchases some more Caran D'ache watercolour crayons.... just love these crayons, so beautiful to use. I can feel some journalling coming on... new crayons, new serviettes!
I wanted to share with you these two fantastic "Tree Flags" that I received recently in a swap with Dneese of Grrl & Dog and Lynne Hoppe. These two girls are so talented and I love visiting their wonderful blogs. Dneese made the larger tree flag...beautiful dyed fabrics and lace, and I love the quote. The smaller calico "Tree Flag" is from Lynne with her beautiful hand drawn and painted designs. Check Lynnes blog, she makes lots of these flags for her trees. Very special pieces of art from these two ladies. (Sorry, forgot to take photos of my "Tree Flags" before I sent them off).

Isnt this little doggie toooooo cute! I bought him at a little shop at Yarragon Village not far from where we live. He is so cute and quirky and will soon be going to live with a doggie friend of mine. He is only about 5" tall, but has LOTS of personality I think.

None of my own art to share this post...busy making some Christmas swaps. Do intend to try and do a journal page this week though so should have something to share next week.
Enjoy your short week ( those in Melbourne, having Melbourne Cup day off makes for an extra long weekend and a nice short work week).
Jacky xox

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mmmmm....she's finished!

I dont know what's happening with blogger and I.... once again my photos are coming up in reverse order! So.... you will have to bear with me. The above picture is of three of my favourite people... my eldest son Matt (who has been visiting from the UK, but flies back tomorrow), my sister Lee and my nephew Hugh (10). We had a lovely family lunch, bit of a quick catch up, before Matt heads off again. Hopefully before Matt heads off tomorrow I can get a photo of Matt and Sam (my youngest son together). Sam always seems to disappear when the camera appears!
This gorgeous German Tassel Doll was made for me by the talented Julie Hetherington. I spied them in her Etsy shop and was able to commission one from her. Pop by and visit her blog and her Etsy shop...she has some wonderful bargains.

And here she is finished.... this canvas panel was made for a friend in one of my yahoo groups and also as my piece for Embrace the Face this month... "Guess who's coming to dinner". She is deep in thought wondering just "who" they have invited to this dinner party...hopefully they are not trying to matchmake again????
I hope you have a wonderful, creative week making the most of this glorious spring weather.
Jacky xox

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm back and I've been tagged ......

I've been tagged by the lovely Queencraftygirl. I love to visit her blog as she is a young girl with a great creative spirit. She knits gorgeous quirky critters (love the one she recently made for her little brother) and she also draws fantastic portraits. Pop over and visit her blog to see this young artist at work/play. At the end of this post I will let you know 7 things about me! Consider yourself tagged if you like and post seven weird/quirky things about yourself too.

This beautiful piece of art above was created for me by my Queensland art buddy, Jo Wholohan. I love the rusting technique she has used and the texture she creates using fabrics, paste, paint etc. Jo has been doing a few online art classes, learning face techniques etc. I love the serene face in this piece. Online classes are lots of fun..... which reminds me I must get back to my Suzi Blu classes now that I am back home!
The above is a work in progress I am making for a friend (trying out my new Suzi Blu techniques). Still a ways to go..... mmmmm what to do next? Images, texture....

Now these pictures are all in reverse order for some reason.... Blogger is not "playing" fair at the moment. This picture of a gnarled old tree was taken in the woods on the property where my son is now working in the UK. The wooded areas were amazing and dated back to the Doomsday book. Shame my photographic skills are not better!

Looking through the horse paddocks across the fields. A beautiful property and a true working farm.

The cream cottage (second along) is my sons house in Nayland, Colchester....just the most gorgeous village. I felt I had stepped back in time as this house dates back to the 1400's.
Now.... 7 weird/quirky facts about me....
1. My favourite food is potato (dont care how you cook it.... I even dont mind it raw).
2. When I was little my dad told me if I buried prawn heads in the garden they would grow (I loved seafood from an early age). Needless to say a cunning way to dispose of the smelly prawn heads.
3. I LOVE Jane Austen books and have read them all many times. I have started collecting the DVDs based on her novels.
4. I am a hoarder extordinaire... especially fabrics. The problem is, if I love a piece of fabric I cant bear to use the last piece. I am in the process of creating my very own vintage stash as I have been collecting for about 30 years.
5. I am 5foot and 3/4 of an inch tall (when you are this short the 3/4" really counts).
6. I have lost both of my parents. My dad when I was 15 and my mum when I was 33.
7. I love to collect pencils and crayons. (Have put in an order for the large set of Caran D'ache watercolour crayons for Christmas.)
Not very quirky or weird... but nevertheless, facts about me.
Have fun this week and those in Australia enjoy the gorgeous sunshine they are forecasting this weekend.
Jacky xox

Monday, September 29, 2008

UK here I come....

I've been playing around with backgrounds in my classes with Suzi Blu.... and these girls have taken on a different look with the new coloured background. Wasnt that happy with my background as it got a little muddy in areas...but I will get better with practice. Enjoyed the stamping and the glaze in the paint to give it more transparency. Just got to find a suitable quote for these girls now and then onto the wax!!!! Now that is something I have been wanting to try for ages. I wont get a chance to do anymore to this piece though for a few weeks as lucky me... I am off to visit my son in the UK for 2 weeks, leaving on Wednesday. I am so looking forward to spending some time with Matt, seeing where he now lives and works, going to the Horse of the Year show in Birmingham with him. I will take photos.....
I made these felted ATC's for a swap in one of my Yahoo groups. I have incorporated needle felting, dyed lace, free motion stitching, hand stitching, beading .... lots of fun making these.
Close up so you can see a bit more of the detail in these little ATC's. The swap was organised by one of the girls in our Creative Chix group after reading the article on felted ATC's in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.
So my fellow bloggers, I will be away from 1st October until the 17th October so wont be posting again until then (unless Matt has his computer set up at home for me to use????)

Take care and enjoy the onset of Spring and the beautiful warm sunshine.

Jacky xox

Monday, September 22, 2008

Stitching and painting......

This weekend I visited the Exhibition of Ro Bruhn and Patsy Worledges was fantastic! Dot, Selda and I braved a bleak old Saturday morning down in Melbourne, and Ro and Patsy gave us the warmest welcome to their exhibition and their art was so uplifting (well worth trudging out in the bleak Melbourne weather). If anyone is in the Glen Waverley area in the next two weeks make sure you drop in and see this exhibition, these two ladies have such beautiful art on display. The exhibition finished on the 2nd October. The picture below was taken of Ro at The Highway Gallery on Saturday. The picture below is my work in progress for my online class with Suzi Blu.... yes, they have bodies (albeit a bit slimmer than I anticipated....I dont know what happens sometimes). I have started my background with the stamping, but you wont recognise it next time you see it as it now has more stamping and a colour wash. Looks quite a bit darker now as I felt it was looking a bit bright. Next week, should be just about finished (I think... I dont know what else Suzi has up her sleeve for us).
And.... the stitchery. The picture below is of a little needlecase I stitched this week for a monthly swap I am involved in. I am to send to one of the girls in our group who has a love for wool (and I hope fabric), I hope this little tactile piece will appeal to her.
I enjoyed sitting and stitching...seems these days I like to have a little stitchery on the go. Lovely to sit in the lounge in the evenings with the family and still be able to create. Hand stitching can be so relaxing and therapeutic. The picture below is of the back of the needlecase.
Have an enjoyable week my arty friends.... have fun stitching, painting, creating!