Monday, June 23, 2008

Klimt Challenge....

These two fabric dolls were made in response to a Klimt inspired Challenge on Sharon's blog. I have always admired Gustav Klimts art and a while ago had drawn up a pattern for these dolls (and that was as far as I got!!!!). After seeing the Challenge on Sharon's blog I decided it was time to find the pattern and have a bit of play. I have always loved the patterns and doodles in Klimts work, the odd angles of the human form he uses (but most of all his wild use of colour and patterns).
I thought the two girls looked good together, sort of fitted together as do the forms in his paintings.
Thanks Sharon for the wonderful challenge, I am going to make more of these quirky little art dolls.
How lucky am I???? I received this wonderful Babushka doll from my dear art friend Dot last week (sorry about the quality of the photo... just couldnt get it right, this winter light is not conducive to taking good photos).
I have always LOVED these little family of dolls, so was very excited to receive one in the mail...just the best surprise. Thank you Dot - she is beautiful and I love the gorgeous owl fabric you have used for the mama.

AND this one is for you too Dot. This is the latest addition to our menagerie.... her name is Tinkatink. My girlfriend Marianne rescued a mother cat and her 5 kittens so I was called in to adopt one. She is a gorgeous little girl and has fit into our family well (even with Leroy the Rhodesian Ridgeback.... he is scared of her!!!).

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and were able to get some art time over the weekend.

Take care until next time .......

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Banners to share ....

Gails banner Hopes banner
My banner (colours of the sea)

Maria's banner (celestial) Patti G's banner (Lime green, turquoise, brown)

I have been busily stitching these past few weeks making these banners for swap in my Creative Chix yahoo group. Each person chose their colour, theme.... and then we set about making a banner especially for them. This first photos is a shot of the group of pennants (?) all together showing all the different colours etc.

The photos below are just a couple on their own to show you a bit more detail. I had lots of fun choosing fabrics, images, embellishments.

Banner below for Connie.

Banner for Debbi

This banner is for Sammy

Girls... I dont know what has happened to this post! These photos were supposed to be at the top and those at the top were meant to be below????
Hope you enjoy this topsy turvy post - I'm not getting along all that well with posting on blogger lately (and I am sure it is me !!!).
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend. I intend to do a bit of painting, stitching and some housework ( I think the housework was meant to come before the painting and stitching.... mmmm priorities!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Misty Mawn & the Art Retreat...

It was with much anticipation that I awaited my class with Misty Mawn. For many years I have admired her work, visited her blog, even bought a piece for a friends birthday (mmm still dont own one myself.... yet!!!). See picture below of Misty and myself.
I most definately was not disappointed when I met the delightful Misty and took one of her classes (oh how I wish I could have taken them all). Misty is such a beautiful person, very quiet, unassuming and extremely talented. What a treat to be able to take a class with her and learn some of her techniques.
The first part of her class was spent watching Misty demonstrate her backgrounds and then going back to our desks to play around with her techniques. We layered paints, scraped some off, added some more, daubed some off, transfered images..... lots & lots of fun!
After we done a few backgrounds we then learnt how to paint our images!!! Firstly we chose images we wanted to use from magazines, photos, art books and placed them on our background. Misty then taught us her technique for painting these images... fantastic!!! I know I have a lot of practicing to do, but I loved playing around, trying to get shadowing, colour etc.
She has a rather solemn look upon her face this girl....but for my first attempt I was quite happy with her (I did have a bit of help from Misty too). She does have a funny looking orange blob near her mouth which I think I may have to take some artistic license with later (dont know what happened there).
I was not too happy with the mittened hands that I had chosen for this piece though (we live and learn). I have placed a little acorn in the hands to make it look like someone is holding them. I am still not sure if this piece is finished.... might need some words, an image or two....will look at it for a while and decide later.

Overall a wonderful class, thank you so much Misty, I learnt heaps and had so much fun in the process.

I have to finish off some pennants for a banner swap this afternoon... its a bit overcast and drizzly rain so a nice day to be inside with the fire and play with my fabrics.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birdies and a woodland nymph...

Just wanted to share these pictures of some birdie projects I have been working on.

Problems with my blogger, so I hope the picture and text are in the right place!!!
This little green bird has been made for my dear friend Patti G. We are both in a fabric book round robin swap. Her template was this beautiful little birdie with a hidden pocket in the wings.

Inside the pocket I have made a little woodland nymph (or sprite as my friend Dot calls it). She hold a little twig with crystal dewdrops (thanks from Keron Lee) and a lovely little gold heart.

This photo is of the other side of the bird. I have used some of the seven gypsies gaffer tape for the wording... love that stuff! The fabrics used are from the Tina Givens range.... I love them too!

This photo is one of my Funky Bird quilties that I made for my friend Elizabeth (from my Creative Chix yahoo group) to celebrate her birthday. Her package has now arrived so I can safely put the pic. on my blog. We have a Secret Sister Birthday Swap within the group and you send your person a shoe box size package with goodies. Must include one handmade item .... lovely surprise on the day!!!

Now.... I am going to post this, so here's hoping that the pictures appear (instead of all the gobbeldy gook I can see) and this everything is where it should be.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun weekend ...

I enjoyed a lovely, sunny winters weekend this weekend past. Friday I went in to stay with my sister and her family in Ormond as one of our Aunties was visiting. Always lovely when family get together and this was no exception....lots of catching up to do .
On the Saturday Lee (my sister) took me to the most fabulous market, Magnolia Square Market (I think you can google the website). Lots of beautiful hand made art and clothing, I was so inspired! Bought a few gifts for friends and generally had a lovely day with Lee.
On Sunday my "art pal" Dot came over for a visit. The day was divine, so we headed off to Jindivick (small town near my home with population of maybe 100???). We treated ourselves to to a beautiful lunch at The Barn, a providore type cafe and then later wandered across the road to a tiny cafe where we indulged in the most magnificent cakes!!!!
Dont you think Dot looks very happy below at the prospect of eating her delectable Sticky Date Pudding (I can vouch for the fact it was delectable as I "sampled" it !!!!). Check out the funky coffee mug... gave us a good giggle.
Picture below is Dot and our friend Marianne (horsey friend, not arty friend). These girls were keen to get stuck into their desserts.... although we claimed to be sooooo full after lunch !
And of course, I couldnt miss out could I? Yumbo, yumbo.... chocolate mousse pavlova cake!!! Has to be tried to be believed. My eyes were bigger than my belly and I couldnt eat it all .... but I did make quite a dent for someone who is not usually into dessert. I think we three girls will be visiting this quaint little cafe again.
Photo's are not in the right sequence, but this is The Barn where we had our beautiful lunch....good food, great company and fantastic weather, what more can a girl ask for? This little barn is nestled in the gippsland hills and scenery is fantastic. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.
Oh well, suppose I had better post a little bit of art... these little birdies, basking in the winter sunshine are for a Paper Bird Tota swap I am in. Tried my hand at a little fabric/paper with these little fellows. Not the best photo, but I hope the girls like them!
I know I promised my photos of Misty and Traci's classes, but alas no room this post, so will save them for another time (might give me a chance to finish them off too.)

Take care and I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.