Monday, August 9, 2010

Magical classes ......

As you know I've been taking part in the "Patchwork Beasts" online class with Jude Hill. What a fun and magical time it has been...its like creating your own little fairy tale in cloth and thread. I found it difficult at times as these 'beasts' need faces ..... with Jude's coaxing and patience as a teacher we all came up with some wonderful 'beasts'.
Below is one of my pieces from the classes...still a work in progress. Lots of embellishing, details to come, to bring the story cloth to life. My inspiration was my kitten (6 mths). She's so cheeky and inquisitive, but quite the little lady. She loves to sit out in the sun in the garden. I've used some old linen I dyed with onion skins a while back, some old indian sari silk for the cats body and tail (bit slippery to stitch, but love the softness). The japanese fabric was a gift at my last art get together from Patsy and some beautiful floral embroidered fabric I've been hoarding for ages (as I cant get any more). Much more to come on this piece though.... click on photos for a closer look.
Jude taught us how to sketch up the faces and them embroider, give them character and personality, let the story begin. Absolutely fantastic classes... thank you Jude.

Dot and Nat at the Spud Shop.

Delicious spud (under all that yummy healthy were we?) Dont you just love Nat's beautiful bag that I used as a backdrop???
We were out and about in Melbourne. Took a quick trip into Ziguzagu to check out their latest shipments of vintage kimono silks and cottons from Japan. Such a fantastic shop, you can shop for hours and not see half of what's on offer. Dont forget if you're in Melbourne to look up this shop...well worth the visit.
Below is a patchwork pieced horse using some kimono fabrics. I want to make a wall hanging with an oriental theme incorporating this piece. Maybe I will piece some 'Chinese Coins' and 'Chinese Lanterns'. Love the indigo colours which I will use in this piece.

These are some more of the beautiful prints I found at Ziguzagu when I first visited. I love the fabric swatches and think they will look fabulous framed.

Now, for some exciting news. I am off to Switzerland next week. My husband and I are heading over to stay with my eldest son for 4 weeks. Will be a lovely catch up and I will be on the look out for some Caran D'Ache crayons/pencils (Switzerland being the home of Caran D'ache) and also some fabric????
Wake up to see the other souls around you.
Let them affect you.
Live in the center of your Life.
Sending love.....
Jacky xox