Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun weekend .......

I had a very fun weekend..... lots of creativity. I finished off my WIP from the previous post. I am much happier with this page now. It was a cold and rainy weekend here... perfect to sit and stitch by the fire. This page just need binding off now.

I also finished the stitching/embellishing of two other pages for this fabric book.
One of the best parts of my weekend though was a Vintage journal class I took with Ro Bruhn . Now vintage is not really my thing, but I knew this would not be a problem with Ro. I learnt a new book binding technique (which I love!!!) and I dabbled with my form of vintage.
Classes at Ro's home must be experienced to feel the warmth and welcome you receive from Ro and Steve. Ro is a wonderful tutor and Steve a wonderful host/chef ... I know we've said it before but the food!!! Thank you both for sharing your talents with us. As always, a lovely group of girls in the class to, lovely to catch up with many of them again. See Ro's blog for a slide show and to see the gorgeous journals the other girls made in class.

Three lovely ladies... Dot, Eva and Deb taking a break on Ro's verandah.

Front of my Vintage journal (still a WIP so excuse my unfinished binding).

inside page of journal

another inside page.

Note I havent added any photos in my Journal as yet, the above pages may still not be finished. I'm not sure that my journal will actually have photos.... maybe just some vintage text, papers, poetry, fabric.... time will tell.
I am on a roll with the workshops. Next Saturday my friend Dot and I will be doing a felting workshop with Elizabeth Armstrong....soooo looking forward to that. No doubt some photos next week (or I hope so!)
Take care all .....
Jacky xox

Monday, April 20, 2009

WIP and Klimt...

This weekend I have been working on a piece for a new fabric book Round Robin that I am taking place in. Below is one of my pages, as a work in progress. I have since added more stitching to the background and will show you the photo of the finished page in another post. I also finished off a Klimt doll for a friend. I am still really enjoying making these dolls, so I hope you're not getting bored with them (have a few more I have to make for friends). WIP & Klimt Doll.

Close up of fabric page in progress.

Page in my journal which I created over Easter titled "Capturing Love".

The lovely Belinda of Metallic Dreams sent me the above art goodies in a surprise package which arrived this week. Soooo lovely to receive surprises in the mail and I do love art mail! The little blue face is a magnet which is now adorning my fridge and I will find somewhere special to hang her funky bird and little art doll.
Next weekend I am doing a Vintage Journal class with Ro Bruhn with my art friend Dot. .. sure to have some pictures for my next post. Always such a fun day doing a class with Ro!
Enjoy your week, hope its a colourful one!
Jacky xox

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Made with love....

Well my sister Lee didnt get Easter Eggs from me this year.... instead I made her one of my Klimt dolls. Lots of minute stitching, all stitched with love. It is so nice that Lee likes my art dolls, so I wanted her to have one made especially for her. This close up one shows some of the stitching and little flower sequins she has for cheeks. Below, the full view.
I recently took a trip to Sydney with my dear friend Jenni. As an early birthday present we went to the Sydney Opera House to see "Madama Butterfly". Lovely to experience my first visit to the opera at the Sydney Opera House. Always on the look out for art I noticed this street art/graffiti on our taxi ride from the airport.... thought you might like to see it too, I thought it was fabulous!!! Click for a closer look (sorry, took the photo through the window).

My sister and her family visited me for Easter (lucky me.... my brother-in-law is renovating my ensuite for me!!!). While they were visiting we took a trip down to Yarragon Village and I found this beautiful little wooden trivet below, which I was told was once a printing block. I loved it, so bought it for myself for Easter. I love the hint of green paint..... maybe I will have a play around with it myself and try some printing?

These gorgeous fabrics, threads and wools were gifted to me in a package from Keron Lee

Dont you just love the beautiful colours? Keron is hand dyeing lots of textiles in scrummy colours. She has opened an etsy store if you want to take a look.
Well that was my Easter.... Lovely time with family and friends, just as it should be.
Jacky xox

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter .......

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break, I know I am really looking forward to mine! I intend to spend some of my time sitting in my favourite chair (which as you can see below I often have share with one of my cats, Phoebe).... I want to do lots of stitching during the break. The weather has cooled down, so perfect stitching weather. This is a close up of some of the stitching on a Klimt doll I have worked on this week for a friend in the USA.... she has been waiting a while for her doll, but will be pleased to know she is on her way.
This is the finished doll. I have it on good advice that pink and orange are two of my friends favourite colours. As usual I have used a Kaffe Fassett fabric for this girl.... KF fabrics lend themselves so well to these art dolls I think.

I hope the Easter Bunny brings you much love and peace (and of course lots of yummy Easter Eggs).
Jacky xox