Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Red banner finished...

Finally finished my red banner for the Triangle Banner Swap. Dont know why, but left mine until last and found it the most difficult to do!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday...

I have had a lovely, quiet day today. Bit of the dreaded housework this morning and then this afternoon treated myself to some quiet stitching.
I am involved in a Valentine Cone swap with a group I am a member of. Today I finished the cone for Donna and sought out some goodies to fill it. It will be nice to receive a Valentines giftie in the mail soon.
I also felt the need to stitch an Icicle Doll... Belinda Schneider has us all hooked on these. I think this little girl shows my sombre mood today. I dont normally use the Shabby Chic type fabrics, but really enjoyed making this little girl today.
Yesterday my sister Lee treated me to a day in Melbourne at my favourite patchwork shop - Patchwork on Central Park. The fabrics were gorgeous...they have such a good range. I had to restrain myself, but did buy a few beautiful fabrics as my sister had treated me to a voucher as part of my Christmas present this year... fabulous present!!!
We then visited Rock, Paper, Scissors and I bought some new papers, embellishments and some of the Collections Arches (as I have run out!!!).
Lovely, lovely day!
Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend too.

Shabby Chic Icicle Doll

Valentines Cone for Donna

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Triangle Banners....

banner for Dotee.

Banner for Jamie
Banner for Judy
Banner for Mystele
Banner for Lisa (sorry, not the best picture)
Banner for Marie
Banner for Martha
Banner for Sara
Banner for Jacq

I have been working on my triangle banners for the Banner Swap hosted by Sara Lechner (The Fabric of Meditation). One more to do..... mine!!!!
A couple of the others still have a bit more work to be done on them and then the finishing off. Better get onto it as these need to be sent by the end of the month.
This swap has been lots of fun.... stitching, embellishing, choosing fabrics!!! Hope you enjoy !

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank you Dotee....

I am absolutely spoilt. Check out my new banner that my dear friend Dot had commissioned for me from Callista..... isnt it gorgeous!!! Such beautiful colours and incorporating some of my art. As you can see I am one of those girls who loves birds!!!
I now have two wonderful banners to choose from, so you may see me swapping them about from time to time. Dot and Dawnie you are such wonderful, generous friends...thank you.
Today I am going to work on some more of my banners for our swap and will post some pics of the progress later.
Enjoy your lazy Sunday one and all.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wonderful friendships

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends... my dear friend Dot has organised a wonderful header for my new blog and in the meantime another friend from W.A., Little Dawnie has surprised me with the header above. My blog looks alive now!!!
Now for some art I have been working on... Currently part a Triangle Banner swap being run by the lovely Sara Lechner. The green banner is for my friend Dotee (she loves birdies) and the yellow is a WIP for the same swap. When I learn how I will put a link to the Triangle Banner swap so you can all see the beautiful banners being made.

The above three fabric ATC's were made for another friend Jo Wholohan who is running a birdie ATC swap. Each month we make three Bird themed ATC's and send to girls in the swap. This has been going on for quite a few months now and I receiving some beautiful bird ATC's.
Today I worked on some more banners for Sara's swap, I will take photos soon to post.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I finally did it !!!!

Hi all,

Well I have finally plucked up the courage and started my own blog... This will be a short post just to get started.
I will have to find out tomorrow how to do a banner, how to post a picture - lots to learn, but glad to have finally taken the plunge and looking forward to sharing some of my art!
Sorry Dot, but I will probably drive you crazy for a while learning how to make things happen.