Sunday, January 9, 2011

Found it......

The collage of our painting day missing from previous post......
Jacky xox

Painting day fun....

First I have to share a picture of my new baby...... isnt he beautiful! This little fellow was born on Wednesday. What a beautiful surprise to see him standing in the paddock as I left for work Wednesday morning....He is only just standing for the first time in this photo. A birth, a new baby is always such an uplifting experience. Now.... the painting day! On the 8th Jan. our little art group had our first get together for the year at Patsy's home. We were going to paint BIG, and paint big we did. Not one cloth, but two...we were prolific.
This is the second cloth, cut into 5, so we could all make our own personal cloth to take home. This picture was taken from Julia's end of the table. We began by all painting a base cloth and then each person personalised their own piece.

This is the lovely Patsy getting all the paints prepared for our freestyle painting experience.

This is the first cloth we worked on. After a little trepidation we all really just let ourselves go (as you can see!!!). Such a wonderful feeling painting with such freedom...quite cathartic. It was the hottest day we have had for the summer I think. We were all hot and sweaty, but no-one cared, we were in the zone.

As you can see much more paint added here to the finished piece. Dot and Patsy helping in transporting to Patsy's studio to dry our banner. Circles seemed to be the theme...nothing preconceived...they just appeared and we went with them.

Of course none of our get togethers are without a little feast. Dot, Julia, Ro and Patsy (L to R) ready to eat. The food was most scrumptious and plenty of it. I did a little collage of our feast but have lost it in cyberspace somewhere.
And as usual there has been some stitching happening...more to my angel cloth (hope you're not getting too bored with it). I promise it will be finished soon and I will move onto something else! Click on the photos for a closer view if you like.

I hope you all have a wonderful week...lots of stitching and painting.
Jacky xox