Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Metal and Fabric mix ......

Saturday my friend Nat and I took a trip into Ziguzagu.....our favourite Japanese Warehouse where we find lots of old deconstructed kimono, vintage kimono fabrics...row upon row of baskets of wonderful fabric treasures. If you ever visit Melbourne be sure to visit.  You wont be disappointed!

There are also many wonderful kimono's and Japanese garments to be found and many other Japanese wares.  I found some beautiful old Kokeshi dolls (circa 1950), I bought a lovely metal ikibana (I hope that is correct), used in Japanese floral arrangements.  I am going to use it to print onto fabric and journal papers.  Sorry,  I havent photographed the dolls or ikibana piece.  Will show you soon.

Nat admiring the Japanese garments hard to choose as there are so many beautiful pieces.  I love the fabric in this one.

I bought myself some lovely pieces of vintage kimono linings.  I love to use these for dyeing.  Some of the colours as they age are just so beautiful though,  I think some pieces might be used with just their natural patina of age.

Our day out was planned around a visit to the opening of an Art Exhibition,  "Journeys In - Journeys Out' at the Burrinja Gallery in Upwey.  Jude Craig of Naturally Dyed and  Michael Hyett and Martin Judd of Juet Sculpture collaborated to create an exhibition fusing metal and fabric.  It was wonderful.....  see photos below and visit Nat's blog for even more photos of ZZ.. 

Eco dyed patchwork.  I love how Jude displayed this piece with the reverse as the front .... those raw and frayed edges created such lovely texture.  Arent the colours amazing?  Colours from the Australian bush.

Beautifully framed eco dyed clothing fragments/remnants.  And if you click on the photo you can see one of the metal and fabric sculptural pieces.   (all photos are clickable for a closer look).

Wrapped canvases...each one with a metal object attached.

And the artist posing with a couple of her students/fellow artists.  L to R  Nat, Jude Craig and Jillian.
It was a wonderful exhibition and Jude's body or work was amazing. 

These next few photo's are 'just because' .....  Lynne and Zorana,  here are my new brushes!!!  We've been talking about how much we love our paintbrushes and how exciting when we get a few new brushes, so I wanted to share them with you.  I was recently given a voucher to my local art shop so bought two new brushes, more expensive than my usual purchases...such pleasure in choosing them. Arent they such beautiful shapes?

 L-R.  First,   for acrylic work a new filbert.  Then a chinese calligraphy brush I found on a trip to China Town...I just loved the look of it.  I love the shape of this 3rd brush (and dont even know its correct name),  but it is for my ink and watercolour is the lovely little brush on the end.

Leaf and Rock
Leaving the exhibition I picked up this river pebble and lovely pink gum leaf....they fit together so well and are now sitting on my bookshelf for me to admire.  They make me happy.  I want to crochet a cover for my rock,  or paint it ... but I think it likes it little leaf companion.


- SARK -

Relax and enjoy your week.

Jacky xox

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Gathering in the woods ......

We gathered in the woods on a beautiful, sunshiny autumn day.  I had been invited to a friends property for a recital in her woods  (I felt very lucky to be invited).  It was a cool day,  but with lovely clear sunshine creating dapples through the trees.

Tini's woods

Such a special day.  Ethel,  a friend of Tini's played her exquisite harp for us and recited some beautiful favourite was the poem  "Ethel red".   We had such a beautiful, peaceful afternoon on Tini's farm, with a little bit of humour thrown in with the reading of 'Ethelred".. everyone was quietly happy.

Finally...... I put together the backing for my cloth for Magic Diaries.  I am really happy with the backing.  Last visit to Ziguzagu I found the large floral piece of cotton cloth. Very old,  but still quite sturdy and perfect for my cloth.  I have added other vintage kimono pieces to the edge to make it a bit larger.  I am very happy with my backing and can now start to place my pieces .... I have been dithering,  but this backing cloth has set me on a path.
These two special pieces are now living at my home..... "Mistress of the North".  This beautiful art doll was made by Dee Mallon, there is something so very special and spiritual about her as she watches over my home.  The little feather in her hair just happened to be on the seat when I was photographing,  perfect adornment for her.
And the beautiful black bear, her companion...... I bought from the blog,  Fog and Swell.... visit and see all of the other beautiful creations, all nature inspired,  in cloth and stitch.  I love his red wood cord from the woods near his original home.  Both beautiful blogs , please pop by and visit!



Sending JOY your way .....

Jacky xox