Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Gathering in the woods ......

We gathered in the woods on a beautiful, sunshiny autumn day.  I had been invited to a friends property for a recital in her woods  (I felt very lucky to be invited).  It was a cool day,  but with lovely clear sunshine creating dapples through the trees.

Tini's woods

Such a special day.  Ethel,  a friend of Tini's played her exquisite harp for us and recited some beautiful poetry....my favourite was the poem  "Ethel red".   We had such a beautiful, peaceful afternoon on Tini's farm, with a little bit of humour thrown in with the reading of 'Ethelred".. everyone was quietly happy.

Finally...... I put together the backing for my cloth for Magic Diaries.  I am really happy with the backing.  Last visit to Ziguzagu I found the large floral piece of cotton cloth. Very old,  but still quite sturdy and perfect for my cloth.  I have added other vintage kimono pieces to the edge to make it a bit larger.  I am very happy with my backing and can now start to place my pieces .... I have been dithering,  but this backing cloth has set me on a path.
These two special pieces are now living at my home..... "Mistress of the North".  This beautiful art doll was made by Dee Mallon, there is something so very special and spiritual about her as she watches over my home.  The little feather in her hair just happened to be on the seat when I was photographing,  perfect adornment for her.
And the beautiful black bear, her companion...... I bought from the blog,  Fog and Swell.... visit and see all of the other beautiful creations, all nature inspired,  in cloth and stitch.  I love his red wood cord from the woods near his original home.  Both beautiful blogs , please pop by and visit!



Sending JOY your way .....

Jacky xox


Jenny said...

Sounds like a fabulous day Jacky... love the pics... and the harp... magical!!! and your art doll and bear are incredibly gorgeous...

Jenny x

Sharon Tomlinson said...

What a dreamy thing to do, going to a recital in the woods.
Your backing cloth is very nice and I'm at that stage too....well actually at the "thinking about it".
I enjoyed popping over the links you gave and bookmarked them so I can go again.
Thanks for all the sharing.

Linda said...

What a lovely day you must have had Jacky ....music, poetry, sunshine and friends. A great combination!
Didn't realise your Magic Diaries project was going to be so big! I'm intrigued to see the next stage.
Your art doll and bear look perfect together. (I've been to Dee's blog - thanks for letting me know ;-)

Caterina Giglio said...

what a beautiful day... and your autumn means our spring is close ... my daffys are just now popping up!
your cloth is so beautiful, love the colors... x

Anonymous said...

Jacky - thanks for posting picture of the doll - she needed a bear, I think? It is fun to think of her traveling half-way around the globe to come to you!

Jenxo said...

oh Jacky that quilt backing makes me swoon....the art doll is just lovely and what a magical day in the woods....

kathyd said...

looks like a wonderful day in the woods .
i decided to line my top with flannel
first . then add the backing last . i guess i will have 3 layers .just wanted something a little heavier .

deanna7trees said...

oh how i love seeing a harp being played. looks like it was a delightful evening. just love that doll.

Robin Olsen said...

Your quilt backing has so much soul to it already--it will make a fabulous piece when it's all together. How magical to see a giant harp in the woods!

handstories said...

what a beautiful setting for a wonderful day. your "dithering" has resulted in loveliness. & love that bear.

Notjustnat said...

What a lovely afternoon in the wood. I love the sound of harp. A perfect setting for it! Your backing is wonderful. I'm using the bit you shared with me in my trip around the world quilt. It will always reminds me of you - great post Jacky - hugs Nat

blandina (aracne) said...

How powerful the image of the harp being played in the woods. An unforgettable experience, I believe.

Dot said...

What a magical day to have had in the woods. Thanks for sharing some of the experience with us. Your backing cloth for your magic cloth is beautiful and your doll from Dee Mallon(I am recent follower. The bear is beautiful too.
Have a great weekend.
Dot x

Emma said...

That fabric will suit your magic cloth perfectly. What a lovely serene setting for the harp!

Great Sark quote ;)

woman with wings said...

Jacky, a magical day you had, that beautiful harp! Just makes me want to melt into the photo. Just too much going on lately, I'd have loved this.

The backing you've sewn is wonderful -- it'll be a pleasure to work on such nice cloth, won't it?

I lovelovelove the doll and bear. And will visit those two blogs right now. Happy Equinox, Jacky! xo

helen said...

How I would have loved this ~ harp playing _and_ poetry in _woods_ .....oh my.

Mistress of the North and her bear are utterly beautiful.

I love the backing you have made for your Magic Cloth....I am a long way off that yet.