Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunny weekend.....

It was a bright and sunny autumn weekend in Melbourne.....after the rain of recent weeks,  the sunshine was glorious.  We all wanted to get out and about in it!
Below is another version of the sunshine owl lino cut I have been working on.   A few additional handcarved stamps placed after masking and printing and a touch of colour applied to the tree and sun before printing.  It's fun playing around with this owl.

Sunshine owl

 On Sunday I met up with Dot, Patsy, Ro and Julia.  Our outing into the city was to check out the venue where we are having our art group exhibition.  We always love a chance to get together and this weekend was very special as we celebrated Ro's birthday...see her goody bag and flowers.
 After visiting then venue and making plans we wandered around the streets of inner Melbourne, deciding where to eat.  In the end we went into Chinatown......very BUSY little street, lots of wonderful eateries and shops.  Lovely place to visit and eat on a sunny Sunday.
 We all just loved the window adornment in the little eatery where we lunched.  The food was absolutely YUMBO,  lovely and spicy.  After our lunch we strolled around Chinatown and of course found a little shop with some Japanese art goodies......we were very happy.
 I have been stitching a little boro cloth.  Wonky bits of fabrics scraps stitched together in the Japanese way.

Japan has been on all of our minds lately and we have all wanted to help.  I found this lovely blog where Maki has been making and selling these beautiful little birds to help her family and friends in Japan....what a lovely way to donate and support an artist.  I bought six little fellows to share with my art friends.