Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home again, home again ......

It's lovely to be home again.... I have been away visiting my mother in law in Dubbo, central New South Wales. Over the next few months Norma will be having treatments so there will be a few trips over the coming months. Norma is a very artistic woman, so we had a lovely time together. So if I'm away from my blog here and there.... I will only be visiting with Norma. Spring tulips and freesias.
We are having some wonderful spring weather down here in Australia (and some very wet and windy days too). Just wanted to share these beautiful springs blooms with all my blogging friends...I took this photo in one of my still life classes. So beautiful, I can just about smell them looking at this picture again.

I havent been creating this past week or so, so I thought I would share this photo of the very first art doll I made for a swap about 2 years ago (my friend Dot owns this little girl). The theme for my doll was spring so I thought she needed a showing this spring. She is a pretty wild girl with that hair and her little crocheted scarf. Lovely to look back....
I hope you are all enjoying this mild season (whether it be spring in our hemisphere or autumn the other side of the world).
Sending lots of love to all.
Jacky xox

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just journalling...

Well there's been no stitching happening this past week.... most unusual in my household of late. I have been doing quite a bit in my journal though, so thought I would share some of my pages with you. Below is an Angel I painted with acrylics (inspired by the art of the lovely Lynne Hoppe). As you can see by the page on the left, I am still enjoying doing my 10 minute collages (a la Shelley Klammer). I just love these quick little collages, they are a great start to the day.
Also from Lynne blog one of her lovely quotes that I had to include in my journal. I loved this painting by Kristin Vestgard titled "sisters", thanks Carolyn for the link to her wonderful art.

Another of my 10 minute collages.

And... another. Birds seem to be featuring quite a lot lately????
I hope you are all having a wonderful week and this milder weather Spring/Autumn is conducive to your creativity.
Jacky xox

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Knitting and Socialising....

My week away from work has been pure bliss! Gorgeous Spring weather and lots of catching up with friends.

I started the weekend with my art group get together which was at Ro's home this time. Must say that day the weather was dreadful and I arrived looking like a drenched rat after getting caught in a downpour between the car and the house!!! Didnt dampen my spirits at all... Ro's home was warm and inviting and once we girls got chatting/eating, the time just flew. We share many ideas and little gifts and love being in each others company.Knitted scarves a la lesson from Sue Trytell.
Whilst at Ro's, Patsy, another member of our art group invited me along to a knitting group with her friends in Beaumaris.... what a fabulous night. Wonderful group of girls/artists, the room just buzzed all night. My sister Lee came along who has never been able to knit a stitch in her life.....would you believe they taught her to knit...she is hooked! A very lovely lady, Sue, taught me a new stitch (above) ...I have now made two new scarves for friends!

High Street Armadale.

I spenta couple of days in Melbourne with my sister Lee and we visited many wonderful shops (and eateries.... we do love our food!). One of our favourite haunts is High St. Armadale. Took the above photo as we were driving by...beautiful old architecture.

Lee always feed my fabric addiction and took me along to a couple of our favourite fabric shops. I came home with a nice little selection of liberty prints...I've had them our playing, seeing how they mix with other fabrics from my stash...I think they will do fine. I have a few new Klimt Dolls in mind for these.

The above little Spring Bird I stitched for a swap in one of my Yahoo Swaps. He is stitched onto a piece of linen and I thought she could either pop him in frame or include him in a journal. The idea of the little bird came from some fabric my sister recently gave me from Ikea... so many more cute birdies to make.

I am also taking part in an Altered Book Round Robin and the above page was made for Debbi B. The theme for her book was Affirmations/Quotes.

Another page for Debbi's book. This time incorporating some fabric and lace (just cant help but put some fabric somewhere!!!)

And look at the gorgeous new Amelia doll that my dear friend Dot recently gifted me....very bejewelled and beautiful. I just love her sunshiny/spring colours. Upon her knee is another gift I recently received from Dot that she purchased from this Etsy shop, a seedling!!! Isnt he just the cheekiest. I fear Amelia my have a job on her hands keeping this little fellow in line.
I hope you have all had a wonderful week ..... I have had such a lovely time off this week, it has done my soul good.
Sending you all some Spring Sunshine!
Jacky xox