Friday, July 22, 2011

Indigo Moon in nature....

It's been a chilly week down must be snowing somewhere close by!    I popped outside the other night to get some wood for the fire and noticed this beautiful indigo moon...what gorgeous deep black/blue sky colours and that softly, glowing moon. 

I love seeing the trees all naked,  seeing their intricate branch patterns.  The picture below is a view of the farm in winter,  through the crazy willow.

Meg is back from her trip to Greece (and feeling the cold back home after three months of warmth).  It is lovely to have her home and to be back in her studio with the other girls drawing/painting/chatting/sipping tea/eating lemonade scones.  I have missed those Friday mornings while Meg has been away.

Today we did some little pen drawings (15cm x 15cm) using pattern as our background.  This is my little work in progress.  I love drawing with pen and ink...very relaxing.  I really enjoy making all the little patterns and designs ....filling the page with dots and dashes. click for a closer look.

While I was in Thailand I bought this beautiful silk runner / wrap.  Click on the photo to see all of the beautiful kantha stitch and the lovely little fringe.  This piece is approximately 2m long x 75cm wide and double sided. Imagine all of that stitching!!!!   I am going to use this piece as a table runner for special occasions. 

This is the reverse of the cloth.... they use quite contrasting (and vibrant) colours on each piece.  I loved the beautiful muted colours on the front of the cloth...and I am getting used to the brighter turquoise/purple on the back.
I got this cloth out this week to inspire me as I have been thinking of stitching and fabric quite a lot as I am taking part in the Magic Diaries with Jude Hill.  I have been getting pieces of fabric together,  threads, fragments from older work.  I have been writing down, and drawing up,  lots of ideas.  I am enjoying the process.
This workshop takes place over the next six months.  I love the longer class format, the feeling that there is no rush,  just letting things happen as they will.



Jacky xox

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winter wattle .......

It's one of my favourite times of year....the wattle is starting to bloom down here in Australia.....brightening up some dreary winter days.  Once the wattle begins to come out,  I know that the days are getting longer, the weather is beginning to become milder....spring is on it's way.

bunch of winter wattle to brighten the lounge room

Our exhibition has been and gone....such a wonderful time.  It was amazing to see you art hanging, to have such positive comments.  It was so lovely to be part of this exhibition with these four lovely (and talented) women.  L to R  Julia Dean, Patsy Worledge, Dot Christian, myself and Ro Bruhn.  The photo's below are thank you to Ro's lovely husband Steve who took photos for us all over the weekend.  I have borrowed these from Ro's blog....pop over to visit her and see more.

Julia, Patsy, Dot, me and Ro.

view of the room  with our art hanging.

Melbourne turned on a beautiful, clear winters weekend for us.  Below are some photos taken on our walk to and from the exhibition over the weekend.

Flinders Street Railway Station and one of Melbournes iconic trams.

Dot in Hosiers Lane.  We loved to walk through the lane on the way to St. Michaels and take in the street art.

Part of the "Forum" building.  What gorgeous architecture!

Melbourne in Winter.

And what have I been up to since the exhibition????  Art wise,  not much at all.  I seem to have needed a little break.  A bit of journalling,  but not much else.   I have had visitors though.  My MIL Norma came down for the opening of the exhibition and stayed for a while afterwards.  Today my some arrived home from the USA for a weeks holiday with having my boys at home!

I am taking part in Jude Hills latest online workshop.... The Magic there will be some fabric being stitched soon.  I am also going to do a bit more linocut printmaking.  I love that process and want to do more of it.
My friend Meg, whom I paint with most Fridays is still away on her holiday in Greece (3 months....lucky girl).  But,  she will be back soon and I will get back into my painting again.



Have a wonderful week.

Jacky xox