Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January .....

Here it is nearly the end of January....and what have I been doing?  Certainly haven't been blogging!
I have been very busy though.  Catching up with family and friends, relaxing.....

I finished another journal at the end of December and am well and truly into my next one.  Journal no.5

I've been doing lots of reading.  Beautiful books I was given for Christmas,  art books I bought last year and had time over the last month to have a good look and read of them.  And, my e-reader has been kept very busy too.  Mostly light, holiday reading. 
I've been dyeing with friends.   Last weekend I went to my friend Nat's and we did some indigo dyeing in her vat.  Two beautiful scarves.  Nat taught me how to make the fringeing to finish them off.  More indigo moons,  I can never have enough of these.  Lots of fun and our love of indigo continues.  See more of our indigo dyeing adventures on Nat's blog.

I picked up some lovely silks and linen samples while op. shop trawling with my friend Dot.  Some of these will find their way to the dye pot soon.

And I'm doing an online workshop at Tim's Sally..... I've never used neons before,  but these are used in the workshop, so I thought I would be brave and give them a go.  I will let you know how that went later!
Tonight I plan to do some stitching....with red thread  (Judy Martin says she uses red thread for protection .... I like that idea).
Tomorrow is the first day of February...I will try and post more next month.
Jacky xox