Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day .......

Happy Valentines Day to everyone out there ...... a special card ....  and Pauls taking me to the movies.

I have been stitching my protection cloth .... some nights only a few stitches....but it is coming along.  Slow and steady wins the race..... I'm not sure whether I will do any stitching on the dots/in the dots.  I think I will leave them as they were when I bought the piece of cloth.  It has been lovely to hear that others are doing some red stitching too.
I chose this beautiful print I bought from Magaly Ohika (one of her beautiful postcard sets)  for the front of my latest molesking journal (#5).  Love this series of her work ....and I love her art on the front of my daily journals.  Very inspirational.

Some new art supplies... some Daniel Smith watercolors.  I do LOVE his colours!!!!  Some new cobra water based oil paints and a couple of new sennellier oil pastels.  Fun, fun, fun.
And lastly a photo of my sweet old dog Oakey (16)  having a little snooze with his teddy.  He loves to rest his head on a pillow or his toys.  He's the sweetest little man.....and sleeps a lot these days.

I hope your  Valentines Day was special.....sending you all  LOVE.


Jacky xox

Monday, February 4, 2013

stitching for protection.....

This is the beginning of my Protection Cloth... I read a while back on Judy Martin's blog where she was stitching in red thread for protection,  for Jack.....and at the moment I feel the need to make my own protection cloth...for my family and my friends.  So much is happening and you feel you have no control over much of it.  So this is my answer.  I will sit and stitch a little each night, and think about those who need a mothers protection.

A piece of cotton cloth from Zigu Zagu, stiff in texture,  with markings, circles.  I wonder if they were for a shibori design originally as this is very old cloth.  Approx.  15" wide and 2m long.  It will keep my busy.  The backing is a beautiful fine old silk kimono lining.  All will be stitched with a variety of red threads.

Some more dyeing.... a tin can that soaked for a few days in an old onion skin bath, ready for opening and a colour catcher indigo dyed with Nat.
This is a close up of the colour catcher (thank you Deanna via Nat).  The resist was made by folding and clamping.  I have something in mind for this....when I get a few more made.

The results from the tin can dyeing (method a la Deanna and Jude Hill).  I used a folded piece of very fine wool, from a deconstructed kimono from Zigu Zagu again.

Close up.  The internal rings remind me of the rings when a tree is cut down.
This week is more stitching and I need to do some with those neons.
I hope you have a creative week.