Friday, January 18, 2008

Wonderful friendships

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends... my dear friend Dot has organised a wonderful header for my new blog and in the meantime another friend from W.A., Little Dawnie has surprised me with the header above. My blog looks alive now!!!
Now for some art I have been working on... Currently part a Triangle Banner swap being run by the lovely Sara Lechner. The green banner is for my friend Dotee (she loves birdies) and the yellow is a WIP for the same swap. When I learn how I will put a link to the Triangle Banner swap so you can all see the beautiful banners being made.

The above three fabric ATC's were made for another friend Jo Wholohan who is running a birdie ATC swap. Each month we make three Bird themed ATC's and send to girls in the swap. This has been going on for quite a few months now and I receiving some beautiful bird ATC's.
Today I worked on some more banners for Sara's swap, I will take photos soon to post.


Dot said...

Hi there Jacky

I am so excited that I can visit your blog! And you are doing a wonderful job. A big yay for you!

Art friendships are a wonderful thing and I am so pleased that both Dawnie and I have organised blog banners for you. The one she has made for you is wonderful!

Love your latest banner triangle! Such gorgeous colors and stitching.

And your birdie ATC's for Jo are incredible.Really lovely. I spied some of that gorgeous blue fabric you gave me and the Cavallini bird stickers look brilliant(you are so clever). The little red (fabric?) birdy made me clap my hands with glee! Jo will love them.

I still have your birdy ATC's to make for January and will get into them once I have finished a few other projects.

Dot xx

P.S If you want me to set up links to your favorite blogs I can do that for you. Happy to help!


Yayyyyy im so excited for you!!! All looks incredible :))

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Great blog-love your triangles-especially the green one because the color is gorgeous! And, you birdies are so fun-I love them all!! great work!

Dawnie said...

Your triangle banners are lovely. You really inspire me to get cracking on my new sewing machine Jacky
Ive a lot to learn !
Love that your sharing here and a great chance to see you wonderful work

Dawnie xxxx

Joanne Huffman said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog and love your banners and ATCs.


Carol said...

Hey welcome to blogging, your work looks lovely and realy fresh looking. Good luck with the forthcomeing year.

Jacky said...

Thank you lovely ladies for your wonderful comments and support.
I look forward to meeting some wonderful people through this blog and hope you enjoy sharing some of my art.

sammy said...

wellcome aboard Jacky! Am so glad that Dot told me you had a blog... girl what took you so long!!!!!

I will for sure put a link onto my blog to yours! Again... welcome, I look forward to seeing your art! You know I love everything you do so this will be fun!

Jen Crossley said...

Hi Jacky
welcome to the crazy world of blogging
Take care

heARTworks said...

Certainly a great start!

Boxoftrix said...

The green birdie for the Triangle Banner swap is so pretty!

Cathee said...

Jacky, Thanks for stopping by my blog..I came and visited yours and Love the Banners and the doll! I am just starting to get in to fabric art ,these have inspired me further! Cathee