Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Banners to share ....

Gails banner Hopes banner
My banner (colours of the sea)

Maria's banner (celestial) Patti G's banner (Lime green, turquoise, brown)

I have been busily stitching these past few weeks making these banners for swap in my Creative Chix yahoo group. Each person chose their colour, theme.... and then we set about making a banner especially for them. This first photos is a shot of the group of pennants (?) all together showing all the different colours etc.

The photos below are just a couple on their own to show you a bit more detail. I had lots of fun choosing fabrics, images, embellishments.

Banner below for Connie.

Banner for Debbi

This banner is for Sammy

Girls... I dont know what has happened to this post! These photos were supposed to be at the top and those at the top were meant to be below????
Hope you enjoy this topsy turvy post - I'm not getting along all that well with posting on blogger lately (and I am sure it is me !!!).
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend. I intend to do a bit of painting, stitching and some housework ( I think the housework was meant to come before the painting and stitching.... mmmm priorities!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The top one is red is my absolute favorite! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Wowsers you have been a busy lady!
I love them all you have worked each colour scheme so beautifully .I love the little face in the pink one at the bottom super duper cute .
love from sesga xx

karen said...

your priorities seem just right to me, housework at the bottom of the list!
Lovely banners, you are definitely way too busy for domestic chores.

Dot said...

Ooooh.....what a scrummy post! You have done a wonderful job on all your banner triangles. And the color you chose for yourself is gorgeous.

I think the one you made for Sammy is my favorite. You are certainly the Queen of fabric!

Marilyn Rock said...

You surely have been busy! These banners are gorgeous! Love all the colors and patterns.

Julie H said...

What an amazing amount of work - these are all so beautiful, I would love to be able to handle them - thank you for sharing Jacky.

Pippa said...

These are really lovely. You make me want to get my sewing machine out!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great work Jacky and fabulous colours. Love the designs too

Belinda said...

i'm not a banner person, but yours is my fave!!! looooooove the colors and just everything!