Friday, November 21, 2008

Playing with neocolor & art gifts ...

Oooops.... once again my images have loaded in reverse order.... please bear with me (or is it blogger???????)
Recently I have received some lovely "art mail" which I thought I would share with you. From the gorgeous Sharon Tomlinson an absolutely beautiful envelope arrived in the mail (picture below this picture...). Inside the envelope, which is a work of art in itself, were these beautiful serviettes for my art - thank you so much Sharon, I share your passion for serviettes in art. Also these wonderful moo cards and images of Sharons beautiful ladies. Very special.... This is the wonderful envelope..... a treasure itself, and how exciting to see this in your mail box! AND..... that is the back (wondering where my photo of the front is??? will find it soon and share).
Below a beautiful package of handmade lace and vintage embroideries from my very dear patchwork friend Mary. These will be cut up at some stage and used in a patchwork piece. I adore the work of Karen Ruane who uses vintage embroideries in her wonderful wrapping cloths and binders. Pop over to her blog and take a look, her work is stunning.

Talk about spoilt.... I received these beautiful fabrics from Julia of Verdigris Rose blogspot. Lovely florals and the embroidered voile is my favourite I think... or is it the lovely blue background floral? The are all so beautiful and I cant wait to play with them. Thank you Julia!

Finally.... I have been playing around with my neocolor crayons. I just love how creamy and smooth they are. This page in my journal is titled "fronds" as it was inspired by the bracken fronds unfurling. Next I might try the bracken open. I am enjoying playing with ink and watercolor crayon.

Thanks for popping by and visiting my blog! Next weekend my sister and I are doing a handmade journal class with Ro Bruhn..... looking forward to that! My last class with Ro was such fun and inspirational. Will share some of my journal pages from the class with you very soon.
Have a cerulean blue week.
Jacky xox


karen said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the mention. This post is delicious, every image makes me want everything in it! I am going to a huge embroidery show tomorrow and I was looking forward to it already but these pics make me even more excited to go! And Blogger!!!!!!!! absolute nightmare, driving me mad, almost insane, you are not alone. Have an amazing weekend!x

Anonymous said...

you get the coolest stuff, ms. moi... and you get to do workshops with ms bruhn.

Marilyn Rock said...

WOW! You certainly did have a terrific mail day!! Beautiful things; thanks for sharing. I also love your Fronds piece with the neo crayons! Lovely!

Patti G. said...

Jacky, hey doll! WOW, you have received some beautiful things from friend! I love mail art too, the envelope you got is SUCH fun!
Your Fronds are BEAUTIFUL!

Sharon said...

Yippee, it arrived.
Your frons with neo colors is really cool. I need to play with my crayons. Great inspiration today for that.

painter girl said...

What wonderful friends you have to send you such beautiful gifts!
And the drawing/painting is amazing. I love it!
Have a great workshop. Can't wait to see the results.

Shayla said...

Lovely design for that piece you made! I like too the idea of using that lace in patchwork and I love that fabric!
A cerulean blue week, yes thank you. I will :D

Jo said...

Jacky, wow it must be Christmas :)
I love your piece titled "Fronds", it has a real abstract/indigenous feel to it.
I will see you next week at Ro's...looking forward to it :)

kelsey said...

Great gifties you received Jacky but I REALLY love those fronds!!!

I noticed you said you had neocolour crayons...I sent you the instructions for brushless watercolour and said to use lyra's, but the neocolours should work fine!

Belinda said...

Wow what an amazing lot of gifts, how lucky you are. The crayons do a beautiful job and I like the softness they give. Can't wait to see your work with Ro's workshop, her journals are gorgeous.Belinda

Jenxo said...

Lots of lovely goodies ther!! your fronds lookk great and enjoy your calss, it sounds like fun...jenxo

Jo Wholohan said...

wow special gifts for a special girl xx

Anonymous said...

You lucky lady ,receiving all that love in the post ,you Soooooooooo deserve it .

I love your Art work its Amazing and really funky .

Hope you are having a good weekend love from sesga xx

Sam Marshall said...

All your goodies look fantastic. LOVE your creation with the crayons!!

JuliaRose said...

Hi Jacky,
Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement re my latest post...
I am so envious of you doing Ro's journal workshop...this weekend...would have loved to join you all..but my daughter's wedding is only two weeks away now, and I have had to stem the flow of spoending so to speak till after the New year...
Hope you all have lots of fun....I can't wait toi see all your art from the workshop..

lynne h said...

oh, jacky, those fabrics from julia are mouth wateringly fabulous! i would say that i agree with grrl (that you get the coolest stuff), but i'm pretty sure that *i* get the coolest stuff. : )

i'm smiling to see that you're playing with your caran d'ache crayons. they're so much fun, aren't they? i love your painting...

Dot said...

Oooh .....what a beautiful post Jacky! So many wonderful goodies to look at. Love what Sharon sent to you and the fabric from Julia is stunning (I am suffering from fabric envy here he heh).

Jacky your ' fronds' journal page is incredible! You are such a good illustrator and I love seeing how your art is developing. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Looks like those Neocolor crayons are lovely to use.....gorgeous colors.

And I know you will have a great time at Ro's class. We both know she is a wonderful teacher!

Dot xx

zorana said...

You had a happy mailbox this week! All the gifts you received are wonderful and I'm sure you'll will turn them into great pieces of art. Love the colors in your painting!

Linda said...

You have some wonderful things Jacky, bet you can't wait to use them! The neo crayons look fab - must put those on my Christmas list. And how lucky are you...another class with Ro Bruhn!!
Look forward to seeing the results.
Linda x

Elizabeth said...

Dear Jacky!
Your Neocolor Fronds piece is stunning!! I also adore your Klimt Doll in the above post!!!
i simply can't wait to see what you do with RO!! Oh how I wish that I could join you!! Be sure and show us all !!!

Big Hugs!