Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm back and I've been tagged ......

I've been tagged by the lovely Queencraftygirl. I love to visit her blog as she is a young girl with a great creative spirit. She knits gorgeous quirky critters (love the one she recently made for her little brother) and she also draws fantastic portraits. Pop over and visit her blog to see this young artist at work/play. At the end of this post I will let you know 7 things about me! Consider yourself tagged if you like and post seven weird/quirky things about yourself too.

This beautiful piece of art above was created for me by my Queensland art buddy, Jo Wholohan. I love the rusting technique she has used and the texture she creates using fabrics, paste, paint etc. Jo has been doing a few online art classes, learning face techniques etc. I love the serene face in this piece. Online classes are lots of fun..... which reminds me I must get back to my Suzi Blu classes now that I am back home!
The above is a work in progress I am making for a friend (trying out my new Suzi Blu techniques). Still a ways to go..... mmmmm what to do next? Images, texture....

Now these pictures are all in reverse order for some reason.... Blogger is not "playing" fair at the moment. This picture of a gnarled old tree was taken in the woods on the property where my son is now working in the UK. The wooded areas were amazing and dated back to the Doomsday book. Shame my photographic skills are not better!

Looking through the horse paddocks across the fields. A beautiful property and a true working farm.

The cream cottage (second along) is my sons house in Nayland, Colchester....just the most gorgeous village. I felt I had stepped back in time as this house dates back to the 1400's.
Now.... 7 weird/quirky facts about me....
1. My favourite food is potato (dont care how you cook it.... I even dont mind it raw).
2. When I was little my dad told me if I buried prawn heads in the garden they would grow (I loved seafood from an early age). Needless to say a cunning way to dispose of the smelly prawn heads.
3. I LOVE Jane Austen books and have read them all many times. I have started collecting the DVDs based on her novels.
4. I am a hoarder extordinaire... especially fabrics. The problem is, if I love a piece of fabric I cant bear to use the last piece. I am in the process of creating my very own vintage stash as I have been collecting for about 30 years.
5. I am 5foot and 3/4 of an inch tall (when you are this short the 3/4" really counts).
6. I have lost both of my parents. My dad when I was 15 and my mum when I was 33.
7. I love to collect pencils and crayons. (Have put in an order for the large set of Caran D'ache watercolour crayons for Christmas.)
Not very quirky or weird... but nevertheless, facts about me.
Have fun this week and those in Australia enjoy the gorgeous sunshine they are forecasting this weekend.
Jacky xox


Sharon said...

What a great trip you must have had. I gotta tell you that we have things in common.

I like your painting progress...waiting for more.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Glad to hear all is well.....I love those little cottages....the 1400's you say....WOW

queencraftygirl said...

I love the cottages, so pretty! I love your paintings that you are working on too! Thank you for recommending me to others and saying such nice things about me!

P.S. I just finished another drawing.


suze said...

Thanks for taking me back to England with your photos. I share that fabric hoarding gene with you. I want to keep it all but I am learning to let go.

Jo Wholohan said...

thanks for linking to me sweet!!!! im so glad you like your gift :))

Gaby Bee said...

What a fabulous post. I love Jo's art work also. Can't wait to see your finished painting.
Enjoyed the visit today...

Gaby xo

Linda said...

I'm so glad you had a good time in England (and that the weather didn't let us down!)Your photos are lovely - and what a gorgeous house your son is living in.
I love Jo's work - saw some on Dot's blog yesterday, too. Your 'Suzi' paintings are delightful; you are developing your own style nicely.
I'm off to finish mine now!
Love Linda x
PS Raw potato?

Belinda said...

oooh, i love your journal page (if it is one), the woman looks so beautiful and i love the colors. look forward to the seeing more of it. glad you enjoyed england, beautiful pictures. you get to travel, don't you one of my favorite hobbies :) it's getting cold here, hope it's better down under

A bird in the hand said...

Welcome back, dear Jacky! I love those little English villages too, with their cottages and flowers.

I have a potato friend here too. All I have to do is give her potato related presents and she's happy. One Christmas I painted a potato (watercolour) and framed it, and it's her favourite piece of art -- haha!

Cheers. xoxo


Jacky, i'm so glad you enjoyed your visit here to the UK.
I too have relations in Colchester.
I am also 5 foot tall ( used to have an extra half an inch but age has taken that away lol).

Great work as usual
xxx margaret xxxx

queencraftygirl said...

I am glad you like my drawing. I have colored it in now! Come and see!

Queeny C.G.

JuliaRose said...

Hi Jacky,
Thank you so much for such a lovely gift and for thinking of me, the servs, are fabulous, and I especially love the pink ones, I had a wonderful time opening the parcel, you are very thoughtful and I appreciated it very much...I look forward to meeting up again...I ams ending you a parcel on Monday...hope you like it....xx

Belinda said...

Welcome home Jacky, glad you had a great time, your sons home is gorgeous. I love Jane Austin too I have a set of hard cover books I was given on my 13 b'day that I'll keep for my daughters. Oh I can not believe you can eat raw potato yuk :) Belinda

Robyn said...

Another hoarder extraodinaire here! I love it but finding a place to stash it all is the problem.

Jo said...

Love the art piece made by Jo...rust brown/blue are a fantastic combination of colour!!!What a wonderful gift!
Love your paintings too.
Images of England, superb!
Thanks for sharing the facts!!! I could relate to being a hoarder! I like crayons too...:)

Anonymous said...

I'm back on line Hooray
So good to have you back blogging .I love the art work you are doing with Suzi blue .
Your Son,s House is Stunning .Did you have a good time?? Its a shame we didn't get to meet ,Next time you come to UK we must meet .

Don'T worry Im only 5 ft 2 and a half .I think its great being small you stay looking younger for longer .My Robin is 6 ft 3 so I look stupid walking down the street with him .
You must have Irish blood in you, the Irish love potatoes.
It so lovely to catch up on your blog I hope you are well, have a good weekend love from sesga xx

painter girl said...

Beautiful pictures. Makes you think a little group of fairies are going to come out and dance in the fog.

Love the new painting. You and Robyn are enticing me with your online art classes. They sound like so much fun.

I love the prawn story. So cute to imagine.

Holly Loves Art said...

Welcome back Jacky! It's so nice to check in and see what you're doing! Always beautiful! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

Jenxo said...

Weclome back Jacky.
So nice to see your English pics, I'd forgotten about that beautiful english mist.
Having a few probs with my email , sent you one last week,wondering if you recieved it thanks jenxo

Jenxo said...

Jacky, just sent you another one , Thanks jenxo

Ro Bruhn said...

I love where your son is staying, imagine the history and stories that could be told behind those walls. Love the art too.

Dot said...

What a lovely post Jacky! Full of lovely eye candy and interesting facts too.

Love the piece of art our friend Jo made for you. Such gorgeous colors and textures.

The photo's from the UK are gorgeous. Matt lives in a lovely part of the world. And Matt's stree is so quaint. Must be a gorgeous little cottage!

Enjoyed reading your interesting facts (potato is one of my faves too). Very sad for you to have lost both of your parents. I am sure they are both very proud of the person you have become ((Jacky)))..

And I laughed out loud at your comment about your vintage fabric stash. I know how much you love your fabrics!

Sending much love to you my friend.

Dot xx

karen said...

welcome back!! Hope you enjoyed our country!

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

I love Caran D'Arch as well and I am also 5 3/4 inches tall! I grew recently...hence the 3/4 inches...I think it is from doing yoga. I like to say that two of us put together are over ten feet tall!