Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Journal play ......

This first photo is for Dot, she often comments on the view from my kitchen window so I thought I would post this photo for her. Its been a rainy, misty day (and it is supposed to be summer !!!) and when I got home from work tonight this was my view... if you click on the photo up in the green far corner at the base of the trees are my three mares who are all in foal...you will have to look hard to see them. Destiny, Clover and Demi. When they have their babies I will take photos for you. My Journal... Whilst making my journal in Ro's workshop I included some beautiful paper that Dneese of Grrl & Dog blog had wrapped a package in for me. Loved the paper and wanted to incorporate it in my art somehow. This then gave me the idea to use this journal to display some of the lovely art and gifts I have received recently.
This page below shows a beautiful card, a little larger than an ATC sent to me by Linda Vincent in the UK. I love Linda's art and thought this piece was made for this page. This is still a WIP as I have only stuck it down on the page, I will add more to this page.
This is a piece of the wrapping from my package from Dneese... what wonderful asian paper and I loved the way she had painted it also. Still have more of this paper to use again later in another journal... dont dare waste any of it.
I have also added a gorgeous tag sent to me by Jo Wholohan to the binding of the journal. You can see it peeping out at the bottom.

Love this art postcard that Linda Vincent sent me recently. It was to promote an exhibition by Claire Caulfield and is titled "Grand Canal Venice" .... so beautiful and I love the subtle colours. This photo shows it in situ in my journal. I thought the colour complemented my pomegranate page.

And here a close up of the postcard... thanks so much Linda... I love it!

I havent been doing much art this week, very busy with family, but I have had a little bit of time to play around in my journal which I am loving.
I have more art work from blogging friends that I will add to this journal in the next few weeks.
I was very excited to see a tree flag that I made in a recent swap with Lynne flying from a tree high up on Mt. Shasta in the USA...pop over to her blog to see this post. AND also a piece of knitting that I sent to Dneese of Grrl & Dog blog in a tree in Sydney. Dneese and her guerilla art are taking the world by storm...read of a knit up inspired by Dneese and her knitted guerilla art happening in the UK. Maybe get your knitting needles out and take part... lots of fun!
Wishing you a funky yellow week.
Jacky xox


spiderink said...

What a beautiful view from your kitchen. Thank you for sharing that view with us.

Your work is so beautiful and since you seem to love bookmaking, printmaking is a natural compliment to that work. I hope that you decide to try it since it's proved to be a versatile and rewarding medium for me.

Sharon said...

OK, I so enjoyed all of this post. Tried to see the horses. Maybe did. But.............
next year, will you swap a tree flag with me. I must make some and I must have one of yours because I have lots of trees and they don't have flags. Oh WOW WOW wouldn't this be a cool Christmas present for those who "get it"? YES. I'm doing it.
I'm sorry, I think I got carried away.

Pat said...

All my life I've heard the phrase "waste not..want not." I think of it every time I see someone use items they have collected over time...such as your wrapping paper. Your pages are wonderful! Pat

Jenxo said...

what a beautiful part of the world you live in....your view is wonderful as is your lovely journal filled with your friends bits and pieces. It will certainly be very special when it is finished.... jenxo

Jo Wholohan said...

ohhhhh jacky this view is stunning!!! it makes me long for the scenery at our new place :)) We have a view of the hills from there....
i LOVE how your journal is coming along, it has such a personality to it xx

Kim Fyler said...

What gorgeous backgrounds you've made! I love the hand-carved pomegranate stamp made by Samm. Have you ever tried to carve your own stamps. It is so much fun! I really ought to drag out my carving tools and rubber and make some.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love the quote from Emerson. I copied it in my journal too. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea to showcase your treasures like that... I had a grrl walk by me in the street today, and say, "So YOUR the one doing that knitting...." it was so cool, but she had seen yours on the tree, so I had to correct her...he he..you are famous in Newtown!

Anonymous said...

What a stunning view you have outside your kitchen window ,you are one lucky lady .
your Journal is beautiful ,I love the colours you use .
Love and hugs from sesga xx

Jo said...

Jacki, so great to see your "Ro journal" evolving like this! I havent done anything to mine!
Your kitchen window view is spectacular...and yes I like Grrls Newtown guerilla knit up! very cool. Must feel good being a part of it all.

painter girl said...

Hey Jacky,
Your view is spectacular and I can't wait to see your babies.
The journal is wonderful full of all of those beautiful gifts.
What a treasure.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your journal's looking wonderful Jacky. I love your colour combinations, it's very Monet. I have one that I use for people's cards etc. too

Gwen Buchanan said...

The view from your kitchen window is amazing.. all those floating clouds..wide spaces .. your mares live in paradise.. and you too..

really enjoyd the art work. especially the muted shades...

Robyn said...

Beautiful view and gorgeous journal pages!

Fiber Focus said...

I saw your icon on Bittersweet and it caught my eye, so I came to visit. Turns out you know Ro! Both Ro and Morna from Bittersweet are members (and me, too!) of fiberfocus.ning.com. Come join us! Love your work. You would fit right in.

And, have a wonderful Holiday!

Sam Marshall said...

Just BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it!!!

Dot said...

What a lovely post Jacky! Thanks so much for sharing a photo from your kitchen window - a view I have often admired :)

You live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Am really enjoying seeing photo's from your journal. It is so lovely to use special art and bits and pieces people have sent to you.

See you soon!

Dot xx

Dot said...

P.S Love the idea of your knitting being on a tree!

samantha said...

Hello lovely!!! Look at you, showcasing my stamp to the world... Thank you, thank you!!! And now I'm curious - about tree flags and guerilla art.... Must find a way to join the fun!!! I wonder if grrrl could use eucalypt dyed wools knitted up?
Oh... Thank you for the gorgeous angel - she's very beautiful and happily posing on my blog for all to see! Xoxo

Jen Crossley said...

How beautiful it is out your kitchen window Jacky.Mine now has a beautiful angel on my tree thanks to you,I will treaure it always.
Love your journal Ro is a beautiful person and a talented teacher

Linda said...

Jacky...what a great idea to use pieces of work from your friends in your journal. You have inspired me! (And I'm so honoured you used the things I sent you.)
Linda xxx
PS I want to come and live with you!!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the knitting in the trees and on the signs!! Brillinat!! Inspired!! Wonderful!!! Your journal is just wonderful- the colors are terrific and I love the idea of useing one book just for special treasures! they get crumpled and mussed if you leave them out and exposed but all collected in a wonderful bok they willo be honored and saved and treasured!! I might have to use this idea myself- oh but that woyuld mean organization........ that is a real challenge for me!!!
Your view is stunning- lucky you!!
Big hugs! Wonderful post and thanks so much for sharing!!

karen said...

just stopping by to say I hope that you and yours have a fabulous christmas!xxx

Gaby Bee said...

WOW,WOW your journal is adorable. You have done a wonderful job with color and texture. Love your eye for composition.
The view from your kitchen is really breathtaking!

I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and may your New Year bring you and yours good health, more joy than you've ever had, and more time to create your beautiful art.

Sending hugs and love across the miles


Anonymous said...

Hello Jacky
Thanks for your Lovely comments !!
If you like I will send you some Silk prints for you to frame .Have you recived a parcel from me yet ?

Have a great Christmas love from
sesga xx

Sandy..... said...

Your journal pages are beautiful! I love looking at other's pages, and yours are always gorgeous!

Unknown said...

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