Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Bounty ......

There were only seven of us ..... but we had a really lovely Christmas Day.  The weather was very mild,  low 20's which was perfect as we like to have a traditional Christmas lunch.
My sister Lee always makes a wonderful antipasta platter to start the meal....frittata, BBQ chicken balls,  cheeses, olives, fruit etc.  Just scrumptious.
We had roast turkey with maple syrup glaze, roast lamb with garlic and rosemary,  ham on the bone,  and masses of beautiful vegetables.
We had Chocolate meringue mousse cake,  strawberry flan and much, much more.  I love having the family sitting around our table for a special lunch!  There's always plenty left over which keeps us going for days after the lunch. 
Afterwards there's always time for a bit of cricket for the boys and this year my nephew Hugh had his first driving the farm ute out in the hay paddock.  He did super and in years to come I'm sure we'll always remember his first lesson.
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas too.  It's a special time of the year.

And of course there were the present from special,  my sister Lee just knows me so well!!!!

This beautiful cross pendant by Ayala Bar.

An amazing book on the ceramics of the Ottomans....this book is truly luscious (and will inspire many a painting I am sure).  The colour plates are beautiful !!!!

I have a bit of a reputation as a Bower Bird (and I do love blue, especially indigo,  just like the bower bird).  Previous books by Sibella Court are ETC.  and NOMAD  which are equally as lovely as this one.

And what a treat this little horse was..... a Kogo (japanese incense holder) .... my heart skipped a beat when I opened this one.  I had admired it at Kazari a while ago and my lovely little sister went back and bought it for me.  It is only about 1.5 inches high.  Such a treasure.  In the background is a gorgeous specimen vase I bought from Erinswindow.  Each Sunday a light a candle for my mum and now I also place a flower in this little vase I bought for her.  I bought one for Lee too so she can do the same.

A beautiful pottery teapot by Samantha Robinson.  I love her work and over the years have purchased quite a bit of it for Lee as she collects her pottery.   The little painting behind is one that I bought from Magaly Ohika quite a while back .... another artist whose work I love and like to support.
Yesterday I had my friend Dot come out for a day of eco dyeing.  The above were from our onion dye bath pictured,  and also a couple from a red cabbage dye bath.  It's lovely to do something creative when we get together.  Dot has already unwrapped hers (and they look amazing....I'm trying to wait a day or two longer....but may succumb to opening one of them later today ....)
I hope your Christmas was filled with happiness and love .... just as mine was.
Jacky  xox


Jenxo said...

oh jacky lovely post was a lovely mild Christmas day this year, perfect for cooking and being were very spoilt, love that little horse and pendant in particular... what a fun eco dying day you had..cant wait to see your cloths...

Dot said...

Your Christmas day sounded perfect! Yummy food and precious time spent with your family. I didn't realise your cross was a Ayala Bar - how gorgeous.
Gorgeous gifts from Lee and Jen too.
Thanks for a very special day yesterday. Had so much fun and am thrilled with the results of the dyeing.

Pat said...

Wow! So much goodness to take in here. Your Christmas lunch sounds marvelous and your gifts are beautifully. I've recently discovered Sibella Court and love her books and her style. I'm waiting for the library to get the newest one in stock. Have a wonderful new year Jacky!

ArtPropelled said...

Mmmm .. your Christmas lunch is making my mouth water and it really shouldn't because I've over indulged for days and it's time I curbed all the feasting.

Mary Stanley said...

Hi Jacky,
What a lovely Christmas you had with family!
Love all the photos...I wore one of my Ayala Bar necklaces last night to dinner. Love her work..
Great new teapot..and it looks like Magaly is coming out of the spout!
We are on a family trip and finally had time to catch up on my favorite blogs! Happy New Year to you and the other Art Girls!

kathyd said...

i love all your gifts . it looks like you had a wonderful christmas . i need to get out the dyepot ... i have some pomegranate dyed fabric i need to over dye with indigo.
here's to a wonderful 2013 !

Judy Martin said...

so much goodness

Have a wonderful 2013, dear friend


Jenny said...

Sounds like a magical Christmas Jacky... love your descriptions... such gorgeous gifts... and your day with Dot sounds like it was wonderful too... happy new year...

Jenny ♥

Philippa said...

Hi Jacky
Happy new year! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas with lots of special treats to enjoy in the months ahead. Looking forward to seeing the outcomes of your adventrues with the dye pot. Take care

deb said...

Hi Jacky,
Such a special time to be with loved ones. Sounds like you all had a great Christmas. Love the gifts you received. Happy New Year, may it be the best yet!
Looking forward to seeing what you create next. xox

karen said...

oh your Christmas lunch sounds delicious!! set a place for me next year!!

Peggy Beck said...

Jacky I am so happy to see the items you are making and doing. I have missed your blog as I have been battling many health issues but I have not forgotten the beauty in your work and will keep following your wonderful endeavors. Happy New Year to you!!

Peggy said...

What a special Christmas lunch that was. I would probably call it a "feast" though! :) Lovely gifts -- oh that BowerBird book just looks like I might have to have it, too. Is the bower bird like a magpie who collects shiny objects? I don't think we have them here. Will check to see if Mr. Amazon has the book to put on my wish list! Thank you for the loveliness here, dear Jacky. Happy Year to you and yours. xo

Marilyn Rock said...

Looks like your Christmas was merry! Thanks for sharing with us.

Have a healthy and happy New Year! xxoo

handstories said...

what fun to hear about your Christmas far away, and to share in your treasures. the blue satin bowerbird is one of my favorite birds, probably for some of the same reasons you identify with it. happy new year to you!

Elizabeth said...

How can you not open those bundles???? Such restraint Such control!! so glad that you ahd a happy Christmas your food offerings are making me drool!! Happy Happy New Year!!

Erin said...

You had a beautiful Christmas :)
Eco-dyeing is something I so want to get into. These bundles look amazing and promising! nice for me to find a vase-person here! Thank you.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I think Erin's work is wonderful too, your lunch and whole day seems like the most perfect time.
The cross is just gorgeous.

Emma said...

We were only 3! Lovely bundles, i'm just now trying to purchase a huge pot similar to yours - a local hotel used it to make Tablet, like hard fudge, when I worked there 13 yrs ago & they had a big clear out. Then i can join this wonderful dying thing!

Angela Recada said...

Your Christmas festivities sound lovely, and the list of food made my mouth water (a lot!). :)

Happy 2013 to you!

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Jacky, I love the joyousness I feel here and the beautiful and unique gifts that your loved ones have given you for Christmas. Have a beautiful new year!!
oh and I love "Bowerbird" as well, and Sibella Court...

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Jacky. What a lovely post--so pleasant to read about your Christmas and what a meal! May 2013 be prosperous and creative and full of stitching!
best, nadia said...

I've told that I miss that already, but I'm telling it again, Jacky.. Christmas is coming and I'm away from home. It's so sad.. I hope to hear from you some time.
Love, Sophie