Saturday, July 11, 2009

I think its going to rain......

By the look of this sky we are in for some more rain....its been very cold and chilly on the farm, but still a lovely place to be, especially when one is warm and cosy by the fire, sitting inside looking out! Last weekend my lovely little sister Lee took me to Tasmania for the weekend (we'd planned to do this around my birthday, but here it is July and we finally managed a weekend we could both get away... doesnt life get busy sometimes?).
Tasmania is a beautiful state. Many beautiful old buildings, a lovely slow pace to the city (we stayed in Hobart), wonderful restaurants and cafes and lots and lots of galleries and co-ops.
We stayed at Battery Point very close to Salamanca Place and a beautiful tourist area.

Lee and Jen outside our favourite eatery...Jackman & McRoss

On arrival Lee took us too a lovely little cafe that she had found on a previous visit. A late lunch was in order and the food was much so that we found ourselves there for breakfast the next morning...Panina with scrambled egg, spinach, oven roasted tomato, proscuitto and topped off with avocado...yumbo, yumbo. Breakfast was so good we were back again on the Sunday too!!!!

On the Saturday we went to the Salamanca Market....but first we had to make our way from the hotel to Salamanca Place via these wonderful steps...Kelly's Steps. One has to be fit to live in Hobart as it is very hilly. The above photo is of my sister Lee and our girlfriend Jen on Kelly's Steps on our way to the market.

Cruising the Galleries at Salamanca Place.
We all loved wandering around the Galleries at Salamanca Place. Hobart has a very artistic community and lots of Galleries/Co-ops. Wonderful paintings, sculptures, textile art from local Tasmanian artists on sale and many cafes selling their wonderful Tasmanian produce.

Salamanca Place - beautiful historic area.

No art to show this post, I've been too busy gadding about, but pop over to Grrls blog and see the amazing guerilla knit installation that she is part of at the National Gallery...wonderful job Grrl!!!

Take care all and will post some textile art very soon!

Jacky xox


Anonymous said...

Hey jacky,

I feel your pain...very slow internet and now a week in Mittagong..
Just want to say thanks for your lovley knit, and all the pom pom shaking you have done.. it mushed me right out to see all the bloggy grrls with their knits up on display..

Lee said...

I loved spending the weekend in Hobart with my gorgeous big sister (and Jen too of course). Lee xx

Marilyn Rock said...

Great sister time Jacky! Thanks for sharing your time with us! Fantastic!

Julia said...

Hi Jacky,
What a wonderful time you had in Tassie!, all the pics, I love Hobart, haven't been there for years but I remember even then lots of fab places to eat,some of the best meals out I have had were there......
Thanks for your lovely words re my post...and your answer to my giveaway question is wonderful...yes, I am one of those people who holds back, but I think it's due to not feeling like I can fully take part in life, due to my health, I just don't have the energy anymore to step up as I'd like to...xx

Linda said...

How wonderful to be able to 'nip over' to Tasmania for a weekend! You are indeed a lucky girl...

Belinda said...

Hi Jacky so glad you had a great time with your sister in Tassie. I know what you mean about it having lots of hills, I live on a very steep hill but the views are worth it- mountain to the right and water/city to my left. Salamanca is fantastic but quite expensive now to cater for the tourists but I love visiting the galleries when I get time without the girls. Me on the other hand I love Melbourne ;)

ArtPropelled said...

Salamanca Place looks lovely. Did you take photos of the market? Hope you have more to post :-)

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Jacky...thank you for swinging by my blog and leaving your sweet comment...your words did my heart well. I had the best time stitching some love for Dot...she is such a *SWEETHEART* and has inspired me for such a long time. Her art, compassion and heart & soul is something else. I am still on my journey learning and it took me awhile, wish I could bead faster :), but I really loved making something special for her.

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Your photos are fabulous. The rain shot looks like it does here today...a cool, gray and rainy day in the middle of summer...but, oh, it is so refreshing again in the middle of summer. Not sitting and enjoying a fire yet, but it sounds delightful. It's one of the cozy things I love so much about Fall and Winter.

Your trip with your sister looks and sounded delightful! Isn't it wonderful to sneak away. My younger sister and I venture off about once a year together and have the best time! I can so relate to your post. We have so much fun sharing time together... shopping, laughing, reminiscing, talking, eating, exploring, hunting some more, crying sometimes and laughing even more!!!

Your Klimt dolls are lovely and your owls too! I respect and have a thing for wise ol' owls!

Thanks again for your kind words. You are a very LUCKY girl, Jacky, to have such a dear friend...Dot is *something* else and you must be *something* else too!

Take care and stay warm...~Lisa

Jo Horswill said...

Great post Jacky, sounds like you had a lovely time. Hobart looks beautiful...I must get there one day.

Dot said...

Hi Jacky
Loved seeing the lovely photo's of Hobart - looks like a beautiful place. And very arty too!
Like the sound of your late lunch with Lee and Jenni when you arrived. Then the breakfast the next day. As you would say - yumbo :).
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday my friend.
Lots of love
Dot xx

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

A trip to Tasmania! How fabulous...That sounds like something out of a mythical book to someone living in the Rocky Mountains. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with great food as well! It is fun to catch up with you. I have been spending every moment that I can outside in the beautiful summer Colorado weather!

Much love,


Anne said...

Hi, Jacky! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! The idea of shopping the wares of Tasmanian artists sounds so perfectly exotic over here in the USA! ;-)

Julie H said...

It looks like a wonderful weekend Jacky - so glad that you had a good one!

lynne h said...

how did i miss this post?!! it looks like it was a lovely trip... so happy you could get away... xo

Belinda said...

Hi Jacky just me again. I wanted to let you know that I have a blog award on my blog for you, Take care Belinda

Sam Marshall said...

I just love your photos-you've inspired me to go there. What a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Tasmania look stunning I bet you had a lovely time catching up with sis .
I have just finished your page ,I really enjoyed it, sewing with the interfacing makes it so much more manageable .
I think its gonna rain here to !
Its supposed to be Summer Dho !
Love from sesga xxxxx

Philippa said...

Hi Jacky
Thanks for all the messages you've been leaving for me. Looks like you've had a lovely few days away with your sister. Haven't managed to get to Tasmania but it is on the list. Once I get all the kids out of the house perhaps! Glad your son had a good time down south in the snow. Don't let a few hills and the cold put you off a return visit to NZ - all manner of great stitching things to be found here. Always happy to provide directions! Take care and keep warm.

rivergardenstudio said...

What a lovely vacation for you! I love the photo's, wow, Tasmania is so far away from my home... Roxanne

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