Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi there.....

Fingers crossed, I am able to load photos again (although I hate to tell you how long it took me!!!!).

So.... what I have been up to? I stitched this little heart was stiched for a friend on vintage linen. I love old doileys and this piece was left over after cutting out the lovely embroidered pieces for another project. The bird fabric was a snippet of a liberty fabric that I love and some gorgeous old handmade lace as a little collar on the bird. Originally I stitched it as a naive type pincushion, but added a temporary hanger in case my friend wanted to hang it instead. I recently I went to an Art Journal workshop with Meg Abrecht (local artist). I had a fantastic day at the workshop. We worked on sketching, adding colour, collaging, painting with gouache. Below is a little still life that we all sketched and later added our gouache. I will take a photo of my finished piece next week for my blog and show you some of the other neat stuff we worked on in our journals. Its been quite chilly these past few weeks. The other morning the fog was still laying low in the valley and you can just make out from the silhouette on the hills in the background all the blackened trees after the fires went through back in February. Hope you're not getting sick of these photos from my kitchen window....the view is forever changing.

I also went into Melbourne for a day with my sister Lee. This photo below is of my sister Lee in a little lane near the National Gallery of Victoria that has the most amazing graffiti. What a bonus to find this little lane between the car park and the Gallery. To see more amazing close ups of this graffiti art visit my sister Lee's blog.

A snippet of the graffiti in this little lane.

Below some photos as we wandered around Melbourne later.

View of Flinders St. Station from piazza area near NGV.

Lovely old Church from same piazza area.

Clock tower and beautiful old building across from National Gallery. I am always in awe of the architecture in these beautiful old buildings.

The reason for our visit to the National Gallery was to visit the Melbourne Design Market that was being held. Wonderful designers showing their wares, fantastic book stores (my favourite being Artisan), wonderful food (and sorry no photos.... it was just sooooooo packed it was actually quite overwhelming). Some fantastic Australian designers showcased their work...... zaish, nicola cerini just to mention a few.
I'm off to Tasmania this weekend. A birthday gift from my sister Lee, a weekend away. I'm sure to have lots of lovely photos for you after the weekend.
Jacky xox


Dolores said...

Have fun in Tasmania. Thanks for the photos. I love to see other places from my chair at home. Much less expensive than real travel.

Jeane said...

oooooo, so nice to see you back here - so love your gorgeous hand sewen work - this pin cushion is wonderful and the view from your kitchen window? tired of? not hardly - thanks for the tour of Melbourne! ;)

purplecat said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, it was lovely to see another part of the world :)

Linda said...

Hi Jacky...glad to see you're telling that PC who's boss!
The pincushion is lovely (looks nice and soft) - and I'll never tire of the photos from your kitchen window (they are just a little different from my view, lol!!)
How nice to see photos of Melbourne too...a friend of mine worked there for a while and she absolutely loved it.
Linda xx

Anne said...

Hi, Jacky! What great photos! I love seeing peeks into other places! And the stitched heart you made for your friend is gorgeous! I don't know if I could use it for something as mundane as putting pins in it ... I think I would have to display it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Melbourne is getting so famous for it's little street art lanes that right now Sydney is desperately trying to emulate it..

So glad your computer is playing nice.Hate it when they throw a tanty.

Jo Wholohan said...

lovely lovely jacky!!! have a great time in tassie xx

Lee said...

Wow, your photos make Melbourne look gorgeous (and quite bohemian). Your pin cushion looks great - I don't even sew and I want one!! Really looking forward to our stay in Hobart this weekend. Lee xx

lynne h said...

thank you for taking us with you to melbourne, jacky! and for a look at your pincushion! and yes, we want to see a pic of your finished still life. ; )

have fun in tasmania -- it sounds so exotic!!


Jenxo said...

Gald you are able to post again the heart and your view from the kitchen is just loverly! lucy and i always enjoy checking out graffitti tooo...jenxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacky

Stunning heart so love your stitching its always beautiful.

Looks like you and Lee had a fabarooney time in Melbourne .

Your view is Amazing you are so lucky .

Have a fab time in Tasmania
Love from sesga xx
PS I have sent Dots book a few days ago I hope you have received it .

martha brown said...

This heart is so pretty! And I LOVE the view from your kitchen window -- don't stop sharing!! Melbourne looks wonderful. Maybe someday I'll get to see in person!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Jacky; love your sweet bird cushion! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos, too!

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

Thanks for you comment today Jacky!

It is wonderful to be hearing from all of my special friends once again!

Sounds like you have been very busy even in the cold weather. I would love to see the Graffiti art. The University of Colorado offered a free Graffiti making class last year that I so wanted to participate in! Quite fascinating...The other end of the spectrum to Fairy Gardens!!!

I have had computer problems related to my blogging the past two months as well. It was so having something that I so wanted to say out loud and then not being able to make the message come through. All of my photos were loading sideways even though they appeared to be upright.

I hope that you end up having a fabulous wild flower season next spring following the massive burning in your area! I often feel that my life mirrors nature in that way! Many wildflowers to come!

Much love,


Patti G. said...

Jacky, bbbbbbbbeautiful linen heart pillow for your friend! LOVE it, soft and sweet!

And the pictures of your trip too! Wow! Wonderful!

Hope your computer continues to behave! :0)

Fioleta said...

I love Melbourne's alleyways, they are like little hidden gems sprinkled throughout the city.

Enjoy Tasmania - it's great place for chilling out.

Nic Hohn said...

I love the heart you made me. Thank you dear Jacky. Love seeing all your photos. Have a fab weekend and hugs

queencraftygirl said...

Hi Jacky,
I love you're pretty little birdie! Amazing.

I can't wait to see your journal pages. Sounds like you had bunches of fun at the workshop!

Great post,

Robyn said...

So glad you are posting photos again. Love the mist resting in the treetops and the little heart is very beautiful. Enjoy Tasmania, lucky girl!

Gaby Bee said...

Your bird cushion is adorable, Jacky!
Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics!

Dot said...

Hi Jacky
Thought I had left a comment on this post! Love the little pin cushion you made for Nic. Gorgeous fabrics and your art always has a lovely sense of whimsy about it.
Thew views from your kitchen window are lovely too. Loved seeing the photo's of your day in Melbourne. And hope Tassie was great.
Look forward to seeing you soon.
Dot xx

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jacky, I love the old churches, they are gorgeous and you sound so happy. Your colors here of light purple and blue are so soothing... have fun on your next trip! Roxanne

Ro Bruhn said...

Great photos Jacky. The Forum is my favourite building in Melbourne, I love the little domed roofs on the towers. I hope we get to see our new journal too.

Julia said...

hi Jacky

Hope you have a wonderful trip to Tasmania, Melbourne looks awesome, I also enjoy different sorts of architecture so it was great to see your pics!
Also love the heart you made for your friend, Im making some myself for a fair Im taking part in on the 18th and I look forward to your workshop pics.

Love Julia xxx

lynne h said...

jacky, i've just given you an award over at my place... feel free to do with it as you like -- i loved giving it to you. : ) xo

notmassproduced said...

Hi Just found you via Lynne so I've popped over to say hi. Your banner / header (whatever they call it) is gorgeous - I love it. As for that image from your kitchen window..........stunning.

Belinda said...

Hi Jacky I thought I already commented to you but didn't my mind is all over the place lately. Have fun on your trip, I guess by now you would be gone already. I love your Melbourne pictures, I loooove Melbourne I could so live there but Tassie is nice too. Take care Jacky Belinda

ArtPropelled said...

I had to come back to congratulate you on the Bella Sinclair Award. Lynne said it all. Sharing and caring you certainly are!