Monday, October 29, 2012

disconnected .....

A little *disconnected* nine patch....some little (previously) discarded pieces of fabric stitched to a base cloth.  Inspired by Jude in our Cloth Diaries ....

 These pieces are only about 1" square,  offcuts from other cloths.  I like how the formation of the little nine patch gives them a life of their own.....
They are stitched onto a beautiful piece of indigo dyed linen and the backing fabric is a lovely soft Japanese cotton from my friend Shirl in W.A.  Just perfect for this simple little cloth I think.

Still on things Japanese.... on Saturday my friend Nat taught me how to bind a journal using coptic stitch.  I really enjoyed the stitching (and got quite confused many a time....thanks Nat for being so patient).  Notice on the spine you can see colourful papers.  These were beautiful handmade Japanese papers that we added to our journals too.  I havent decided what I will use this journal for as yet .....maybe all things indigo????

And great excitement this first indigo seed sprouted ....I am so excited that I may be able to dye with my own homegrown indigo later this year  (I am being very careful to water and cover these little seedlings...give them every chance of surviving, protect them)

This evening we had a beautiful, soft moon (dreadful photo...sorry).  I went out to water my seedlings and it was there, softly hanging in the evening sky.  It was my Mum's birthday today, she would have been 73.  After some really grey, cold, horrible days we had glorious sunshine and then this beautiful fitting!

Jacky xox

Friday, October 19, 2012

art book...........

I'm still working away on my 'art book' for my online workshop with Roxanne.  Really enjoying the building up of layers, the search for 'just the right' images and text.  It's very soothing........ My friends Coral and Nat are doing the workshop too.  It's lovely to catch up and show each other our pages and discuss techniques.
My first spread (you saw the beginnings in the post below).  I've done a bit more work to the first page and started on the second part.  My background is ready,  one image at the ready ....hoping to work on finishing these off on Sunday.

This is the second spread. Another background for the page on the left, ready to go.   The page on the right is finished though and ready to be glued down.    I love the Queen Anne's Lace that grows by the roadside this time of year so I picked some whilst out walking and sketched it into my book.

We are making "Little Books" also,  which are part of the bigger book and will be stitched in later.  I will place this with the page above as it continues with the them of the Queen Anne's Lace.  Another little sketch,  pressed snippets of the plant.  The cover for the little book is eco-dyed silk,  dyed with our local gums.
Another glimpse inside the little book and a tag which I will include in the book.  The image on the tag is a little naive style hand carved stamp I made a while back.

 And yet another glimpse.  This little book is only about 2 1/2 inches square.

Did you notice the lovely indigo fabric behind the little book?  Here is a better view.  I bought it at Zigu Zagu last weekend.

Last weekend I went to the opening of an exhibition at Kazari  in Malvern.  The exhition was of art and craft using vintage Japanese fabrics purchased from their shop Zigu Zagu  .....  as you know,  one of my most favourite shops.  Two of my friends,  Dot and Nat were exhibiting their work,  so I popped along to the was an amazing exhibition.  Beautiful cloths, clothing, artwork by 26 artists all set amongst the beautiful  Japanese setting of Kazari.  If you are in Melbourne this weekend,  try and get along to see it.   If you cant get there....visit Nat and Dot's blogs for more photos.
This photo montage was made by Nat of some of the work that was on display.  All photos are clickable for a closer view.  I particularly loved the indigo dress on the bottom right by Lulu Kane.
Enjoy your weekend!
Jacky xox

Monday, October 8, 2012

Just getting started....

Sometimes (most times)  I find just getting started the hardest part of a project.  For the month of October I am doing an Art Book Worshop with Roxanne of Rivergarden Studio .... no time for procrastination,,,,,although there has been quite a bit of dithering about themes etc. (I am hopeless).

What I needed was some inspiration..... I decided upon the theme of spring as I am really enjoying the arrival of spring this year (and it was a prompt from Roxanne, that always helps).

Inspiration...papers and some eco dyed silk.  Delicate seed pods from my Japanese maple; new growth from the silver birch; beautiful, bright blossom buds from our apple tree; a beautiful, mysterious, dark  Helebores bloom.  I will press a few for my art book,  and also sketch a couple I think.  You can click on all photo's for a closer look.

 The art book has been prepped in readiness...

I made a start on a journal old paper bag that I was using for prepping my paper, overlayed with an old tea some colour.  Some hand stitching with a soft, spring coloured variegated thread that is hand dyed by a local artisan.  The seed pods from the Japanese Maple.  I have no double that some fabric will find its ways into this book ..... 

I've made a start though.... A good start I think....  I'm happy.




NEW ...




Enjoy your week.


Jacky xox

Monday, October 1, 2012

not much stitching ....

A beautiful piece of Indigo Resist dyed cotton (Chinese I think)  bought recently from Ziguzagu ... couldnt resist it.  This piece is 1.80m long and I think will make a beautiful runner for my table.  I couldnt cut this one up!
There hasnt been a lot of stitching or painting happening recently.  A bit of purchasing though!!!! 

I really enjoy my journalling and while out today I came across this book,  "Art Escape" by Dory Kanter.  Lots of great ideas for daily journalling.  Also bought three new paint brushes... and a new tube of gouache .... violet bluish.  A grey/purple colour.  Nice to add to my colour palette.

Purchased some lovely variegated red sock yarn to crochet a scarf for a friend. It's getting cold where she lives.    Some new magazines arrived for inspiration and did do a little bit of fabric weaving with some scraps from my basket.

While I was in the UK I visited "Liberty" and purchased a metre of fabric (I was very restrained).  I dont have a lot of Liberty fabrics,  so when out and about today I bought two more pieces to add to the 'Liberty Stash' for a project down the track.  Also found these lovely linen tapes and some vibrant Kaffe Fassett project in mind,  but just loved them.  Lots to inspire in that lot.  ( think if you click you will get a better look, the linen tape is lovely).

It is Spring,  I couldnt resist sharing these ranuncula's and leucodendron's I have in my lounge room.

Next post I will have been more industrious....I will be stitching along in the Cloth Diaries and  journalling with Roxanne .... so should have something to show!

Jacky xox