Monday, October 1, 2012

not much stitching ....

A beautiful piece of Indigo Resist dyed cotton (Chinese I think)  bought recently from Ziguzagu ... couldnt resist it.  This piece is 1.80m long and I think will make a beautiful runner for my table.  I couldnt cut this one up!
There hasnt been a lot of stitching or painting happening recently.  A bit of purchasing though!!!! 

I really enjoy my journalling and while out today I came across this book,  "Art Escape" by Dory Kanter.  Lots of great ideas for daily journalling.  Also bought three new paint brushes... and a new tube of gouache .... violet bluish.  A grey/purple colour.  Nice to add to my colour palette.

Purchased some lovely variegated red sock yarn to crochet a scarf for a friend. It's getting cold where she lives.    Some new magazines arrived for inspiration and did do a little bit of fabric weaving with some scraps from my basket.

While I was in the UK I visited "Liberty" and purchased a metre of fabric (I was very restrained).  I dont have a lot of Liberty fabrics,  so when out and about today I bought two more pieces to add to the 'Liberty Stash' for a project down the track.  Also found these lovely linen tapes and some vibrant Kaffe Fassett project in mind,  but just loved them.  Lots to inspire in that lot.  ( think if you click you will get a better look, the linen tape is lovely).

It is Spring,  I couldnt resist sharing these ranuncula's and leucodendron's I have in my lounge room.

Next post I will have been more industrious....I will be stitching along in the Cloth Diaries and  journalling with Roxanne .... so should have something to show!

Jacky xox


deanna7trees said...

so many beautiful things to see. i just love that indigo cotton...and yes, just perfect for a runner. thanks for sharing.

Ro Bruhn said...

Such great purchases Jacky. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with that lovely liberty fabric.
Gorgeous flowers too, spring's arrived at last.

Rachel said...

The trouble with Liberty's is that there's so much to attract the eye, it can be hard to pick something!

ArtPropelled said...

Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy :-)
Gorgeous purchases!

Els said...

That would indeed be to sorry to cut up, ha, a table runner to enjoy the whole !!!
Mmmmm journaling, weaving and that "zauberball" yarn !!!
I loved the pieces of woolen fabric in the previous post ... Jen in Canada is doing wonderful things with it (apart from rug hooking)
She has a wonderful way with colours !

lynne h said...

violet bluish gouache. oh my, this is right up my alley. *anything* violet bluish is right up my alley, lol!

can you see me sitting here trying to get a good look at those brushes? they look just right to me...

and 'art escapes' - that sounds nice! i think i will have to do some purchasing myself!!

and the kaffe fassett ribbon- oh my!

many good purchases here, jacky! waiting for you when the time is right to create!!

Anonymous said...

I agree about retail therapy!! Liberty cottons are to die for... I've come across a 1/2 yard here and there and the hand is so luscious! I've nominated your blog for a Reader Appreciation Award, btw, details over on Cloth Company -- best!! Dee

Nat Palaskas said...

I'm glad you got that piece. I love mine and can't cut it up either. I think I can get into journalling too. I need space to spread out (working on that!). Enjoy the sunny day - Hugs Nat

Jenxo said...

nice to see you blogging jacky, love that cloth from zigazagu, it will make a beautiful runner....:)

rivergardenstudio said...

jacky, there is so much I love here, your new book and magazines, (which I have not heard of!) , your fabric, your flowers and beautiful bottles in the window sill. Your spring is already joyful! And I am so excited about seeing what you do in our workshop!!!

Caterina Giglio said...

your purchases are all lovely and your spring is my fall, beautiful all the way around! x

Dot said...

Ooh....what a delicious post. Can see why you couldn't resist the piece of Indigo resist cotton fom ZZ - it is beautiful! I saw lots of beautiful fabrics at ZZ today when I dropped off some art for the exhibition. After payday I will definitely be buying more from there. Glad you found such beautiful goodies.
Love the liberty fabrics and the Kaffe Fassett ribbons are making my art drool.
Lots of love
Dot xx

Peggy said...

Hi Jacky, looks like you're getting primed to go on an art binge! Love the indigo and Liberty and trims. I looked on Roxanne's blog to find info on the journaling class -- like Nat, it is very appealing to me. The book you got for journaling inspiration appeals, too! Thanks for the goodies here. xo

Mary Stanley said...

Always fun to see what you find when out shopping! Love all the fabric and will have to go look for the Kaffe ribbon..that's new to me! Love Uppercase! Have fun journaling and stitching!

Linda said...

Lovely have good taste! x