Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter ......


Wishing everyone a very happy Easter.   I love to collect rabbits and here a few.  These little bunnies are congregating in my herb pot.

AsI grew older my mum used to give me a little rabbit each Easter.  I treasure those rabbits as my mother passed away many years ago.  Recently my little sister Lee has kept the tradition alive and gives me a beautiful rabbit at Easter time.  The two above are from Lee.... The orange one I received this year (filled with yummy belgian chocolate buttons...they didnt last long!)  and the ornate black rabbit was last years rabbit.  He was filled with turkish delight easter eggs...yum.

 This is a close up fo this years the polka dots.  Very cheery little fellow who is helping make my home feel very 'Eastery' this year and keeping my mum as part of our Easter celebrations.

This special rabbit I bought last year when I was in Thailand with Lee.  It is by a local artist, Supachet.  Lee and I both loved his art .... we visited a gallery with a lot of his art exhibited.  All influenced by his love of  and connection with elephants.  We both bought a rabbit home as a memory of our trip.

This beautiful fabric selection was a gift from my lovely friend Dot (an early birthday present).  They are such beautiful colours,  very Eastery colours I think .... I am thinking I will make a light summer throw or maybe a duvet cover with them...brighten up my bedroom, especially as winter is approaching soon, it will be nice to work with some bright colours.

I woke early enough to catch this beautiful sunrise through the fog .... isnt nature beautiful.  Click for a closer look.  It only lasted a couple of minutes...but it was so quiet at that time of the morning and a lovely way to start my day.

And this my precious little man Oakey....he and I are home on our own over Easter.  The boys have gone to a horse show in South Australia and we are enjoying some quiet time together.... although he sleeps most of the time.  Oakey is 16 now and blind (due to glaucoma) and deaf,  but still such a happy little fellow and apart from his blindness and deafness a very healthy little dog the vet said.  I love him dearly and couldnt resist sharing this photo of him curled up on the couch this morning getting ready for his little morning siesta. He is snoring away as I type.

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Have a wonderful Easter....stay safe.

Jacky xox


Dot said...

Hi Jacky

What a lovely, heartfelt post. I love your rabbit collection - am happy I was with you last Sunday when you added to it. And how lovely that your mum used to buy you a little rabbit each year. Nice to have those memories of her - and special that Lee has reinstated bunny giving each year. The one she bought you this year is a happy (and colorful) little fellow.

And I love the one you bought from Thailand - he is even nicer close up.

Lovely photo of sunrise this morning. You do live in a beautiful part of the world. Oakey looks happy and content - and he is a very loved boy (special little man).

So pleased you are enjoying the eastery fabrics I gave you. There was no way I could hold onto those until your birthday he hee..

Enjoy your easter and take care.

Lots of love

Dot xx

Jenxo said...

our minty was about 16 and died just before CHristmas, she was deaf and blind but really healthy too up until the last few months. i used to feel bad when we would trip over her recent years all our dogs are going blind..i blame the sun...:(
on a happier note love your bunny collectiona nd also such a lovely way to honor your mum... love those patchwork fabrics too, if its half as good as dots quilt it will be wonderful...

Notjustnat said...

Happy Easter Jacky. Lovely to see your post with bunnies. Now I know you collect them uh! Maybe a Japanese bunny! I'm home alone this weekend too. We should meet! Hugs Nat

Gwen Buchanan said...

Happy Day to you Jacky... everything here is filled with Joy, Beauty and Happiness.

deanna7trees said...

cute bunnies. i love the crochet and knit ones as well. wishing you a happy easter.

Els said...

Well Jacky, happy easter with your little dog and lovely bunnies !

Penny Berens said...

Happy Easter to you too. Love the bunnies and am very impressed that one can even carry an elephant! Oakey looks like my old llasa who lived to be 17.

art spirit said...

Happy Easter to you Jacky!
Love all your fun nice that your sister keeps the tradition alive!
Love all your new fabric, and can't wait to see what you create with it.
Best wishes...mary

kathyd said...

HAPPY EASTER to you Jacky !
i hope you have a wonderful day .

lynne h said...

happy easter, beautiful jacky... xoxo

karen said...

your bunnies are adorable and it is really touching that your sister has taken over from your mum....I hope you are having a lovely, if solitary Easter.

Zorana said...

Happy Easter dear Jacky! Thank you for sharing that magical sunrise with us! I got happily lost in the mist... And for sharing the heartfelt story about the bunnies, and your little Oakey (so sweet, can't imagine how a dog gets around when he can't see or hear, he probably lives on love). Polka dot bunny? It just makes your heart smile, doesn't it?

joe said...

happy easter, jacky! hope you and your little man enjoy yourselves! i just love your bunny collection...and those wonderful gifted fabrics! i have so many fabrics from those collections from my days working in a quilt shop...having been a thorough quilting fabric addict! they are very cheerful!

Gaby Bee said...

My dear friend, hope you have had a great Easter too:)


Elizabeth said...

A Happy Early Birthday to you dear jacky!! Or have I missed it already????? What a lovely collection of fabrics form dear Dot!! Give her a big hug from me the next time that you see her!
I too collect Rabbits!! they are supposed one of my totem animals!! I love your collection and the story of how they connect you to your dear Mum!!!

woman with wings said...

Jacky, visiting here made me a little happier just now! A happy memory, pretty bunnies and cloth and sun photo, and your sweetheart, Oakey, precious boy. I always mean to tell you how much I love the SARK quotes you share -- I especially love this one. xoxo

Linda said...

I love the idea of collecting Easter bunnies! I like the 2 white ones at the top especially.....such cute expressions!
The fabric pieces are very Dot :-) you will make great use out of them I'm sure, Jacky.
Hope you had a lovely Easter.....

MulticoloredPieces said...

Delightful rabbit collection, Jacky. Also liked your photos of the art exhibit in the previous post. The combination of textiles and metal is an intriguing idea--very creative work being done there.
best, nadia