Monday, October 25, 2010

fabric fun .....

I have been having fun with fabric these past few days. My friend Nat had my sister Lee , her friend Linda and I over for Sunday lunch and a day of fabric play....Nat taught us how to make fabric baskets. I have long admired Nat's fabric baskets (see the two finished baskets below...just two of many...if you click on this picture you might be able to see the miniature baskets Nat has made also!!!!
Nat's finished baskets and the beginnings of our first baskets...front my base, left Lee's base and right one that Nat started to demonstrate the technique to us.

On the day, I didnt quite complete my base, but since I've been home I have done a bit more stitching....quite addictive, but I must admit that my fingers are a bit sore from 'pushing' the needle through. I am using a selection on indigo dyed fabric that my sister recently bought me back from a trip to Chaing Mai in Thailand and some japanese indigo strips from Nat.

And here is our *teacher* Nat busy stitching away on her base. We had a lovely lunch, and chatted non stop all afternoon. It was so nice to sit and stitch with a group of women, I havent done that before..... we felt a bit like the Amish women, gathering to stitch ....lovely way to socialise.

I love the Japanese and indigo fabrics, but also have a real soft spot for the lusciousness of sari silk. These gorgeous fabrics were purchased from my friend Julia Dean (Verdigris Rose). Julia has some wonderful packs she is selling in her etsy shop...great value and beautiful fabrics.

A few of you have asked about my son and how he went at the World Equestrian Games.....fantastic!!! Australia came 7th out of the 28 countries that competed (we had never before made the top 10 teams and thus it was our first time in the Team Finals. Matt and Espirit had a fantastic final round jumping clear for Australia....our only team member to jump clean in the final....very proud of Matt and Espirit. The above photo is of Matt and Espirit in the Warm Up arena. I think they both look very dapper with their Australian Flags.
I hope you are all having a wonderful week.
Love the animals
Love the plants
Love everything

Jacky xox


deanna7trees said...

sounds like a fun day. nice to have local friends to craft with. the baskets look awesome. would love to see larger photos.

ArtPropelled said...

Well done to Matt!!!

lynne h said...

beautiful, beautiful, jacky... and congrats to matt!

love to you, and thank you for this quote... : )


Notjustnat said...

Thanks Jacky for showing off our handy work on Sunday. I would better get back to work on my basket too to catch up with you! I love nothing better than sit and stitch with a group of women. Must find a name for us, not Amish, but something Australian. Congrats to Matt and Espirit, weldone to the team - Hugs Nat

Belinda said...

very cute looking baskets, I love trying new things and these sound fun. Well done on Matt's and the teams accomplishments, how very proud you and your hubby must be. Belinda xx

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hi Jacky, those baskets look awesome! I've often wondered how that's done. Nice that you're not creating in a vacuum! Sounds like a good time was had by one and all!

Suzanna said...

Congrats to Matt and Esprit!

Emma said...

Love your quotes! Your pieces are lovely, great to get together with friends to make art. Well done Matt ;)

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hi Jacky!

That looks like a lot of fun fun! Your post always inspires me. The colors, the connection you have with fabric is just wonderful!

karen said...

fantastic news about Matt!! Really fantastic!! Sore fingers?? Tell me about it! I often wonder if our hands should be insured, like a top model and her legs!!

Julia said...

Hi Jacky,
What great bowls!! them..esp the blue you are making, looks scrumptious...I wish Nat was doing a workshop I would be there!...
Thanks for the plug re my sari scraps, but I have had no internet to load them on Etsy but will be this