Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have had visitors staying with us since early December and my last visitors left today.....I loved having them stay, but I am sooooo looking forward to some family time and some me time again. Play with my paints, do some stitching and some knitting.....

Hidden Among Trees by Ton Schulten (Dutch artist).

Last year I ordered a book of the art of Ton Schulten. I saw some of his work when doing a class with Elizabeth Armstrong and was instantly drawn to it. The wonderful colours, the blocks of colour and that almost patchwork look (something I am always drawn too).

How arrived in the post last week. I just love it!!!!

I have embarked on a slow quilt project this year. I am continually inspired by the work of Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth. Take a visit and see her wonderful story quilts and slow cloths....I love to visit, it really nourishes my creative soul. I think my quilt will be inspired by the art of Ton Schulten, Jude Hill and Lynne Hoppe. Throughout the year I will post some pictures of how it is 'slowly' progressing.

I am still enjoying my journalling (although I dont journal as regularly as I plan). I am also using the journal to record thoughts and ideas for my quilt as well as life in general. I love to record everyday life and try and include some of my doodles and drawings...usually done while visiting blogs or taking phone calls.

And this (below).... this is the 'beginning' on my slow cloth....the little nine patch is my start! I found it difficult to actually just start the quilt. I think maybe I overplan, overthink everything. I had been jotting down ideas etc. for the past year....
Sooo.... I just decided to grab some fabrics that I had in my sewing basket near my chair and just make a nine patch. At least then I had made a beginning. I know it will be a slow journey and I am looking forward to that, that there will be no pressure, just enjoy the stitching.

And.... look at the lovely new neo color crayons I bought last weekend... they are my absolute favourite art supply I think! I just love adding to my little collection of colours.
My sister Lee had given me a voucher to an art supply shop in Melbourne for Christmas and it was burning a whole in my pocket. So, Saturday we decided to have a girls day out.... a beautiful lunch and then off for art supplies. I came home with my beautiful crayons, some lovely Dutch gouache and some lovely water colour paper. I felt very spoilt and loved. Thank you Lee, we always have such a wonderful time together!
Anyways......I hope you have all had a wonderful January.
Inside the book
between the lines.
Was a place to rest
and absorb the magic.
Jacky xox


Ro Bruhn said...

That book looks interesting Jacky, I'm a great fan of Hundertwasser after seeing Elizabeth's book. I love your journal pages too.
How lovely it would be to lead the relaxed life style of Jude Hill, her work is amazing, I think she's one lady who's got it right.

jude said...

a none patch is always a good start... i will be watching, enjoying your progress....

Cat said...

It sounds like you are starting off on a very creative year! Your journal looks cool!

Love your choices of reds for the 9 patch block.

Neat that you want to help on the ditty bags! I don't think time is a huge issue, if they are too late for the main shipment the organization always has people traveling to and from Haiti and could take with.

Have a beautiful day. ~Cat

Elizabeth said...

So glad to here that you will ahve some JACKY TIME!! 6 weeks is a long time to have guests!! Your slow quilt will be wonderful and you are off to a great start- just like a blank canvas- a blank quilt gets asir once you start!!! Big Restful hugs!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Jacky, so glad you visitor less it is always so nice to have them come and GO! your pages are beautiful and I will check out the links!


Hi Jacky, so nice to have you back. I bet you don't know what to do first, paint? stitch? I'm so pleased to see you start your slow cloth as I am also starting mine at the same time and have gathered a few bits together. I won't be blogging much next week but shall work on the startings of a slow piece which will be ongoing mixed in with all the other stuff. It will be nice to inspire each other and follow progress etc. I too am really inspired by Jude and Ger and hope I get it to look how I want. Starting is the hardest part I think!

Carolyn ♥

Suzanna said...

Hi Jacky...have fun with your new free time. I like seeing the beginning of your 9patch project!

lynne h said...

can you see me sitting here smiling... : )

but really! to read that your slow cloth will be partly inspired by me just honors me beyond all words!

jude... she inspires me to no end. she's like a touchstone in the blog world (maybe every world). i read about what she's doing/thinking and i say "oh yes, right..."

you've got me thinking about a slow cloth too... maybe a tiny one. i think i get daunted by stitching when the project is big.

i'm going to check out the work of ton schulten... i'm sure mrs. mizzle quite adores him and is anxious for me to 'get on board' too.

thank you for this lovely post, jacky...


Jenxo said...

Nice to see you back jacky, i bet those fingers are itching to do smoething!
I love your journal pages and the nine patch. ....and look at your lovely crayons, mine got dropped off the shelf yesterday and are all in bits :(

Trekky said...

Thanks for the link to Ton Schulten - his work looks fantastic!

ArtPropelled said...

It's definitely time you had an art date! Ton Schulten's work reminds me of Paul Klee, one of my favourite artists. I love the idea of a slow quilt and am tempted to start one myself. Jude's work is inspiring indeed.

Julia said...

Lovely post Jacky...Love your journaling...all the pictures as well as lots of writing, would love to know what you write, but I'm sure it is personal and something just for you, which is so wonderful that you do it...
I love your slow cloth...look forward to seeing its progress...
And the book purchase..yes, I was inspired by elizabeth to buy it, but haven't got to it yet..lots of eye the colours and patterns!

Jo Wholohan said...

heheheee the crayons are still my favourite too, they are just so lovley :)) Cant wait to see more of your quilt progress, love the fabrics you have choosen..... rest up girl, find some you time xx

Jeane said...

a slow quilt sounds a wonderful thing to do - I love the fabric in your first block :)

Lawendula said...

I really like that Sark Quote
and your sister has good an interesting blog too!
xoxo from Uluru, Grünchen, Svea and FM

Debrina said...

I love Sark! Such a hard case and so inspiring! Oooh goodies from an art visit are always fun. My art friend and I always make up little bundles everytime we visit each other. I haven't heard from you about the swap (?). Or I have but I just plain forgot. Did we agree to the 30th Jan? Let me know (again if needs be, lol). Your 9 patch looks totally gorgeous; I've never gone so far as to make a fabric book actually. Food for thought.

Dot said...

What a beautiful post Jacky. Lots of lovely photo's to drool over and words to inspire. Your Ton Schulten book must be gorgeous. And I love the photo of your new crayons and the start of your slow cloth. Might do one myself(if I can stop myself from rushing to finish it of course he hee).
Your journalling is lovely and a beautiful glimpse into your thoughts.
Dot xx
P.S Loved your photo's of Lake's Entrance in the post below this one.

mimilove forever said...

Hi Jacky
I would LOVE to have a rummage around your journals! And not just cos I'm nosey baggage (much) they just look sooo inviting; colour, text, texture...mmm beautiful!
Shall be looking forward to slow quilt progress too

off to annoy your sister x;0)

オテモヤン said...


Cat said...

You're terrific! Thanks!

Your slow cloth is a great project, it sounds very soothing to work on something long term like that.

Angela Recada said...

It sounds like you are ready to start some wonderful new projects. I'm happy to see that your favorite artists are on my list, too! Although I hadn't heard of Ton Schulten before, so I'll be off to research this new artist right away.
Enjoy your creative time!


Pursuing Art... said...

Glad you have some family and *you* time deserve it, Jacky!

I love that you are making a slow quilt for yourself. I admire Jude's work, it is amazing! Your nine patch beginning looks wonderful.

I love the slow journey with no pressure...perfect! It will be a delight to watch the cloth evolve and come alive with stitches!

Have a lovely, creative weekend!


Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Jacky! I have missed coming here and seeing your work. Your writing always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing your fabulosity with us!
Can't wait to see the quilt. Leanne

Sandra said...

Hi Jacky,

Last year I visited Ton Schulten's gallery. So it's nice to see his work on your blog, he uses beautiful colours, doesn't he?
I'm also learning much from visiting Judes blog. And I recognize the things you mentioned about planning and not knowing how to get started. There's only one solution for that, just start, stop thinking, and start feeling. I learning to work this way now and for me it's the only way to get thing done and have fun.

Kaye Turner said...

I love Ton Schulten's work - and Klee's, too. Enjoy the time on your slow quilt :-) Thanks for taking the time to come and see my blog.

belindaschneider said...

i can see why you're drawn to ton schulten, beautiful page! wonderful journaling!! enjoy your new-found me time and family time. both are so precious.

ger said...

I enjoyed that peep into your journal, inspires me to invite some colours into mine... - happy stitching on your slow cloth...!

Sharon said...

Enjoyed catching up with you. I will be interested is seeing you slot cloth progress. And maybe it will inspire me to pick mine up again. Time. I just need more time. I started with a nine patch too but my nine-patch is 27" square. I am trying not to worry about preplaning. Jude doesn't.

karen said...

Hi Jacky. Hope you survived the return to work!! It certainly hasn't affected your creativity. Karen

Philippa said...

Enjoy the quiet of the house. After having visitors for so long you you will enjoy all the opportunities it will creat for you.

Just love the look of Ton Schulten's book. His work was referred to the first book that Ineke Berlyn published - she was one of the women who I was an angel for in the Symposium class last year and I can remeber looking for his work but not finding anything in our libraries here. More temptation for me to try to resist. I'll be looking out to see where you get to with his work. Take care

Judy Martin said...

Jacky, I am so glad to visit your blog.
I read Jude Hill's writings every day myself and you have chosen a good mentor in her.
I'll be interested to see what you do with the crayons.

Zorana said...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your journal pages. I would love to have a balance of words and illustration (instead of separate journals for writing and painting), but I can't seem to make it work. The description of the slow cloth sounds very interesting. I hope you'll share your progress. xo

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh! I LOVE your journal... with the sketches and pictures and all your writing, wonderful! roxanne

Nic Hohn said...

I LOVE the idea of calling it a slow quilt right from the your giving yourself permission for it to progress as and when it needs to...

Kayla coo said...

Hello Jacky,
I love the painting by Ton Schulten, wonderful abstract.
I wish I could keep a journal like you.x

grrl + dog said...

You go grrl!

I love spirit cloth too, but rarely have the words,

her stuff is so beautiful it defies words..

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