Saturday, November 21, 2009

Awash with art (and rain)....

I have had a wonderful, artfilled weekend. On saturday my sister Lee and a girlfriend Jen went into Melbourne to see the Cressida Campbell Exhibition at the Sophie Gannon Gallery...a must see if you live in Melbourne! Beautiful woodcuts and woodcut prints ...we were all in awe of her wonderful art (photos are at the bottom of this post...blogger putting photo on in reverse order today!). Banner made from mixed media tags.

I have been doing a little art of my own though. I am taking part in a tag swap being hosted by Lawendula and this litle banner was part of the package I sent. The little white christmas trees are gorgeous little porcelain ornaments from Denmark. I thought it might look nice strung up for Christmas.

Gertrude St. Fitzroy.

I love my trips into Melbourne to visit my sister. We always visit the best shops. On our list for the day was Artisan Books. We spent quite a while perusing all of their wonderful books. I left with the latest edition of Selvedge and Cloth Paper Scissors (and quite a few ideas for my Christmas list).

Fitzroy Library and Town Hall (hope you all enjoy the streetscenes and architecture of Melbourne as much as I do).

From Gertrude Street we walk around to Neil Wallace Art Supplies and came across this lovely old building. I enjoyed the Art Supplies and stocked up on a few Sennellier oil pastels, gold leaf paint, a woodworking tool (want to have a play with woodcuts!). Such an Aladdins Cave...I could have stayed for hours. Definately another trip needed in before their Sale finishes.

Jenni (left) and my sister Lee on the steps of the library.
They are so patient with me and my art fetish.

Amazing street art in one of the back streets. So much fantastic street art adorning the streets of Fitzroy! (click for closer look)

View from the cafe window, looking down Brunswick Rd.

After the art supplies were all bought we headed off for a coffee before heading back to the car. I love this area!

And now for the stunning art.

These first two pics. are by Judy Drew. We were going to visit this exhibition also, but found it was closed on Saturday.... drat! I so wanted to see her work in person. You never know. I might get a chance to get back in to Melbourne to the Melbourne Fine Art Studio before it finishes. Check out the link to see more of her work.

Woman in Gold Satin Gown - Judy Drew

Still Life with Patterns - Judy Drew

Daisies and Camellias - Cressida Campbell.

Apple - Cressida Campbell

Interior with Red Ginger - Cressida Campbell.
As you can see. We were immersed in some wonderful art and all came away feeling uplifted by the beauty of it. Check out this link to see more of Cressida's art...Sophie Gannon Gallery
Sorry its such a long one today... just so much to show you. I hope you will click on the links and visit the sites to see more of the work of these two amazing Australian Artists. And now from Sark...
You are enough
You have enough
You do enough
Have a great week.
Jacky xox

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Journalling fun & games...

I had a lot of fun on Saturday doing the Junk Journal workshop with Ro Bruhn. I have been wanting to learn the technique that Ro uses for her amazing journal covers for ages and the time had come. Loved this technique of layering and stencilling. These covers were FUN to make. Covers for my Junk Journal...unfinished as I have yet to paint & embellish the spine. I am looking forward to playing around with this technique many possibilities.
These were two of the inside signatures I made using the stencil made for the covers. Rather patchy and blotchy at the moment, but these will be painted/embellished even more. Will show you again when they are finished.
I was in klutz mode though when it came to the binding of the signatures....luckily Ro is a very patient person and gave much assistance...we laughed until I had tears streaming down my face.
As always a lovely, personal class at Ro's and we are very lucky to have Steve feeding us the most amazing food all day...his Passionfruit Panecotta with honeycomb crumble was to die for. I think Ro should do a book of her wonderful art and techniques with Steves yummy recipes in it too!!! They are a great team.

Two cheeky owls...the one on the left belongs to my friend Dot and the other little fellow is for an Art Exchange swap.

Pages for Altered Book Round Robin. The theme is still life so I have been incorporating some still life sketches/paintings with my collage mixed/mediawork.

Another spread for Samm's Altered Book. A still life of a lovely little asian cup and saucer given to me by my dear friend Jenni.

Meet my muse! This little fellow was made by Elizabeth Armstrong...I just love the quirkiness and brightness of him. He will live in my art room and watchover my *art play*. The gorgeous fabric in the background was from my art buddy Dot...a friend of Dots from work recently visited India and Dot organised him to bring back some truly scrumptious sari silks for us! What a treat!
Another wonderful week... lots of colour and friendship!
I am still enjoying Sark, so here is this weeks quote :-
You are seen
You are known
You are loved
Take care all and have a creative week.
Jacky xox