Sunday, November 8, 2009

Journalling fun & games...

I had a lot of fun on Saturday doing the Junk Journal workshop with Ro Bruhn. I have been wanting to learn the technique that Ro uses for her amazing journal covers for ages and the time had come. Loved this technique of layering and stencilling. These covers were FUN to make. Covers for my Junk Journal...unfinished as I have yet to paint & embellish the spine. I am looking forward to playing around with this technique many possibilities.
These were two of the inside signatures I made using the stencil made for the covers. Rather patchy and blotchy at the moment, but these will be painted/embellished even more. Will show you again when they are finished.
I was in klutz mode though when it came to the binding of the signatures....luckily Ro is a very patient person and gave much assistance...we laughed until I had tears streaming down my face.
As always a lovely, personal class at Ro's and we are very lucky to have Steve feeding us the most amazing food all day...his Passionfruit Panecotta with honeycomb crumble was to die for. I think Ro should do a book of her wonderful art and techniques with Steves yummy recipes in it too!!! They are a great team.

Two cheeky owls...the one on the left belongs to my friend Dot and the other little fellow is for an Art Exchange swap.

Pages for Altered Book Round Robin. The theme is still life so I have been incorporating some still life sketches/paintings with my collage mixed/mediawork.

Another spread for Samm's Altered Book. A still life of a lovely little asian cup and saucer given to me by my dear friend Jenni.

Meet my muse! This little fellow was made by Elizabeth Armstrong...I just love the quirkiness and brightness of him. He will live in my art room and watchover my *art play*. The gorgeous fabric in the background was from my art buddy Dot...a friend of Dots from work recently visited India and Dot organised him to bring back some truly scrumptious sari silks for us! What a treat!
Another wonderful week... lots of colour and friendship!
I am still enjoying Sark, so here is this weeks quote :-
You are seen
You are known
You are loved
Take care all and have a creative week.
Jacky xox


Marilyn Rock said...

Hi Jacky; love your journal pages and the little owls! Awesome; I adore them.

Good news!!! You've won my blog giveaway. Please email me ( with your mailing info and I'll get your winnings out this week! Congrats! Hugs, Marilyn

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous post!!!
I love your fabulous junk journal ! What a lucky gal to be able to take classes with Ro!!I adore your little owls with all of you wonderful stitching. Your elizabeth doll is spectacular!!
Thank you for all of the inspiration and congrats on winning Marilyn's giveaway!!!!
Smiles, Elizabeth

Lawendula said...

Wonderful work and I heard you met Sylvia at the workshop (this blogland is a neighbourhood), did she gave you the three kisses? (I told her so! *l*)
Look, Uluru, there are two fellows on the blog!
(Sometimes dear Uluru is a bit homesick, but I use Eucalyptus to comfort her.)

La Dolce Vita said...

wonderful post Jacky, lots of beauty, just loved the journal that you made in Ro's class and your spreads are great! the little owls are darling as always!

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely, lovely post! Ro's workshop sounds like such fun and with delicious food to boot ..... What more could you ask for? My favourites are your 2 Round Robin spreads. They are stunning!!!

~Valentina~ said...

Beautiful :) I love to see journals pages... Now I want to draw in my journal!


Lovely, lovely, lovey post. I love Ro's work too. I just got one of her handmade seedhead rubber stamps. Lucky lucky you to have a hand-on workshop with her. I love her techniques too and I also absolutely love your book cover. I can see it is going to be wonderful when it's finished and I can't wait for you to show us!

Love your other pages too and the owls are so sweet

You and Dot are lucky to share such a great friendship and creative time together

I'm going to do a swap with Dot sometime and I would love to do one with you too some time ~ maybe some time in the new year?

Lots of love
Carolyn x

Angela Recada said...

Lucky, lucky you, to be taking a class with Ro!! I love all the colors you used on your journal pages. Each photo in this post is a little gem, and made my eyes and heart happy.
I hope you are having a lovely week.


Dot said...

A colorful post with a feast for the senses! Ro's junk journal class sounds wonderful and I love the covers you have shown here.
The work you have done in Jo's still life book is gorgeous.
And thanks for putting wings onto my little owl - he is perfect!
Smiling at the image of your monster photographed against the sari fabric - he looks very exotic :)
Dot xx

Ro Bruhn said...

Thank you for the wonderful wrap Jackie and the entertainment, I loved the class. Your journal and signatures are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your journal when we next get together. I hope the stitching's not giving you too much drama.

Gaby Bee said...

Lucky you, to be taking a class with Ro! These pages are simply wonderful. I just love your color choices.
Your little owls are fabulous as usual!
Have a good one.

Pursuing Art... said...

Your class with Ro sounded so fun, Jacky! Your journal and signatures are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing them embellished even more. Ro sounds like a lovely person and teacher too. Great thought to write a book with her art and her husbands recipes! The desert you had sounded sumptuous!!

Love your new owls! Dot is going to just *LOVE* hers and I adore the beads on Dot's too. ;-)

The ginger jar page turned out just beautiful and so did the cup and saucer!!!

Your doll from Elizabeth is so charming...made me smile! I love the cheerful colors and fun! The sari silk from Dot's friend is yummy!

Hope you are having a great week. XO ~Lisa

Pursuing Art... said...

P.S. Meant to say you got your blog list going...yay! ;-)

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jacky, there is so much I love here... that you took a class with Ro... your pages and then the pages in your round robin... and your muse! I love the little guy! Roxanne

Seth said...

Love your altered book spreads. And your Ro journal is already starting to look great. Cannot wait to see how it evolves.

Studio Sylvia said...

Hi Jacky.
Yes Lawendula did ask me to give you three kisses however I hadn't got round to your blog or emailing you. XXX here they are. Your journal looked wonderful and the stencils were lovely. We did have a ball. Ro and Steve still should go for the Cup Day hamper catering, which I suggested on Saturday! Your post is a wonderful read Jacky.

parisa mahmoudi said...

Hi Jacky,you won the bag!!! :)
Please email me your address.

Linda said...

I've just scrolled through your post Jacky and the first thing that struck me was the fabulous colours!
Your journal covers are terrific and the little owls....just perfect.
And your 'muse' looks brilliant against Dots gorgeous fabric.
Happy Days!!
Linda ♥x♥

Belinda said...

Hi Jacky your little owls are just the cutest things ever. The junk journal is great and I can tell you had fun with it. Your book work is a gorgeous as ever, you clever girl. Belinda

Belinda said...

Hi Jacky your little owls are just the cutest things ever. The junk journal is great and I can tell you had fun with it. Your book work is a gorgeous as ever, you clever girl. Belinda

lynne h said...

jacky! you've been busy!!! oh, i love what you did in ro's class... i love it all just the way it is - if you never did another thing to those inside signatures i'd think they were perfect. of course the owls are precious perfection, and the book pages for the round robin are beautiful... my favorite is the page with the tea cup... oh what visual lovliness!!

shine on sweet woman...


Kayla coo said...

Wow its all so beautiful.x

karen said...

you have been so busy!! Thanks for the quote, it is really uplifting, have a wonderful weekend x

Anonymous said...

beautiful owls..
I just read Ro's blog where she said how much fun you had..

Jenxo said...

i am loving you little owls and your art journal pages. Ro's and Elizabeths classes would be such fun to do.......the doll is so quirky and beautiful. lovely lovely post.... xxjenxo

Philippa said...

Hi Jacky You have been so busy of late. Love the journal pages - especially the ginger jar (I have a weakness for these and their contents!) Clever you! Keep up the great work. Catch you soon. Philippa


Hi, me again! Just to say thanks so much for all your comments. It was very lovely of you to take the time to visit all of them! I do love hearing from you and I shall look forward to our swap in the new year

Carolyn xx

Belinda said...

well well well ... as always so delightful and just wonderfully you!! the owls are fabulous, look forward to seeing the finished cover of the junk jounal. haha no sweat though. you poor thing even had tears, you must have struggled. it certainly doesn't look like it. and the other pages and bits your received. delightful, my day couldn't start any better.

Julie H said...

Beautiful dreamy journal pages and I love the eyes onyour secong owl - not just the eyes of course.

queencraftygirl said...

Junk Journal?! Oh, I want one! I think I will make one, too. (if that's alright with you)

Your owls are so bright and colorful just like the adorable Muse.

:D Love,

Peggy Beck said...

Jacky, first I want to say thanks for visiting my blog after seeing Marilyn's baby sweater. And thanks for posting, as it gave me an opportunity to come to your blog and see your wonderful work.

I am in awe and love with those owls. That is one of those swaps you say to yourself "I wish I had been in that swap. Just precious.
The colors are so uplifting.

I know I will be a fan of yours from now on.

Peggy Beck said...

P.S. You asked me if the lace edgings were knitted or crocheted.
They were knitted. A four row pattern that is easy if you can concentrate. I am always willing to share the pattern for it if you wish. Just contact me through my blog.

Anne said...

Hi, Jacky! I like the covers you made for your "junk journal"! Hope you and yours have a super holiday season! :-)

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