Friday, December 4, 2009

Sensory Overload...

My Friday morning art group recently had a visit to the studio of artist Greg Irvine in South Melbourne. His home is soooooooo awesome - a visual feast. Little still lifes presenting themselves everywhere. I would have loved to take some photos of his home, full of antiques and amazing bric-a-brac not to mention his wonderful art. Lucky for us he is currently preparing for an exhibition and we were able to see 12-15 of his latest pieces for the exhibition. Such wonderful detail and colour. I cant wait for the exhibition now!!! Meg, Coral and Maz all painted in the indoor studio, whilst Josie and I opted for the little outside studio.
Below are photos of the girls from my art group, Gregs home and some of our art. Still life indoor studio.
Maz (in red), Greg and Meg...busy at it! See the snippet of one of his current works in the background. They are huge and so much detail!!!

Megs WIP.

Still life in outside studio.
Josie and myself opted to work in Gregs outside studio...again filled with wonderful bits and pieces and glorious colour and shapes. The above was our still life for the day.

Peeping through the red door into the outside studio. My WIP is in the foreground and Josies behind. We had such a wonderful time and I have never painted so *big*. Scary, but I loved it!!!

Closer view of our painting in progress. Check out those colourful palettes along the window.

And what bliss to eat our lunch in his mosaic garden (I thought I was in Barcelona) and to eat off these gorgeous tables that Greg had painted. Click for a closer look. Greg and his son built this mosaic garden from crockery they salvaged when they were working on Albert Park Lake in Melbourne. Everywhere you looked...colour and beauty. I wanted to come home and mosaic my back steps...needless to say that hasnt happened!

And these are the girls.
We partook of a coffee and pastry before we went to the studio.

This gorgeous old facade was directly opposite the cafe...what a view.
We girls had the most amazing day and we are going to go back and paint with Greg again in Febuary...hope I have my painting finished...he hee!

Christmas is not far away now... last weekend my sister and I visited Malvern to check out the Christmas Market. I loved the beautiful wreath at the front of the Town Hall. "Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas......" Lots of wonderful handmade goods to be had.

Some little Festive Hearts I have made for art friends.

Give away from the blog of Marilyn Rock.
I was sooo lucky recently to win a Give Away hosted by the lovely Marilyn Rock. What a wonderful suprise when it arrived in the mail. The book, Nature Inspired, is fantastic...I truly have been inspired by the lovely art within. If you can get your hands on a copy it is a beautiful book and one I am sure I will look at again and again.
Also received these beautiful handmade out journal...I think a few of these will be finding their way into my current journals. Thank you Marilyn! I also won a beautiful bag from Parisa in Tehran...I need to take a good photo to show you...I will get that organised for my next post. I've been very lucky lately. Thank you to all of you wonderful fellow bloggers.

I also received these lovely tags from Debbi of Vintage Moon. More wonderful images and goodies for my journals. We both took part in the tag swap hosted by Lawendula. In January Lawendula will host a card swap... visit her blog if you would like to play along.
Its been a long one hasnt it? so much news to tell you all.
Of course I must leave you with some Sark...
Wake up to see the other souls around you.
Let them affect you.
Live in the center of your life.
Take care and have a happy week!
Jacky xox


Marilyn Rock said...

Jacky! What a feast for the eyes this morning! I'm so happy you had that time with your friends; what a setting! I'd have trouble leaving! Loved the larger paintings and luscious color palettes! A great retreat.

You are so welcome for the giveaway and I'm happy you won - enjoy!

Love your little heart ornaments, too! Thanks for sharing so much on this day! I love it!

Have a great weekend ahead! xxoo

debbie said...


Angela Recada said...

Thank you for sharing all those gorgeous photos! Greg's studio, garden and art are sensational.

Congratulations on all the goodies you won! That book looks like something I need to get my own little hands on, too.

Terrific words from SARK. I love her!

Hugs and love to you,

Sharon said...

WOW, what a wonderful and inspiring place to learn in. Those blue and white chairs caught my eye.
Wish I had the nerve to something wild and crazy at my paint my chairs.

lynne h said...

hello sweet woman, just peeking in to say hi...

so much goodness here!

smiles and love : )

ArtPropelled said...

Jacky, your painting is so delicate and pretty. I can see you were inspired by such a blissful setting.

Jenxo said...

oh Wow Jacky sensory overload is right! Cant wait to see your finished painting[such an inspiring place to piant too], love your little heart ornies and i was just looking at christmas blog backgrounds, i love your new look, i am off to check out your link.....hugs jenxo

Belinda said...

What beautiful photos Jacky, sounds like you had a ball. I am in love with that mosaic garden sooo stunning. Your painting are always so pretty. By the way your new blog look is cool and very Australian ;)
Take care.

Seth said...

This looks like it must have been such an amazing experience. And what a great stash you got from the swap!!

Jill Z said...

Thanks for sharing your visit with Greg Irvine- and those palettes, I've never seen anything like them. Lucky you to be the winner of that great give away of Marilyn's and to receive such beautiful tags and papers from Debbi from Lawendula's tag swap!

Lawendula said...

Thanks for sharing, Jacky. All wonderful and lovely tags! I am so glad, I started this thing! :)
Have a great weekend! xoxo

karen said...

what a wonderful week you have had. Art in a gorgeous home, love that house!! and winning a give away, long may it continue!x

Caroline said...

Now that is my idea of FUN! I love the sense of discovery there. I tried to guess which one is you in the photo. Would that we could all visit such a rich and playful space.

Thanks for the heads-up about the exchange the Lawendula will be hosting.

Amelia said...

Wow - so many inspiring things. I would love to visit, but I am so far away!!!!

The mosaic garden looks fantastic as does your hand-made goodies!

Thanks for sharing!


Lee said...

Hi Jacky, loved the shots of your art group's visit to Greg Irvine's house/studio. Looks divine! Can't wait to see your finished painting too. Lee xx

Elizabeth said...

Jacky !! What a fabulous opportunity to learn and paint in such a magical space. I would have found it quite difficult to focus on painting as I would ahve been overloaded with inspiration and artistic energy!! HTnak you so much for shaqring your special day with us!!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

what an amazing experience! How beautiful!your little hearts are darling!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jacky, this is a beautiful post... the lushness, the flowers...and those colors... no wonder you are always inspired... roxanne

Dot said...

Hi Jacky
What a beautiful post!(I think I could live in Greg Irvine's mosaic back yard). Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
Love your festive new blog look too!
Dot xx

Jeane said...

wow! what an amazing time you all must have had - inspiration on steroids :)

Julia said...

wow, Jacky you are having such fun with your art journey..!!..
love your pics of your Friday group, and the art you did....
And I love the saying at the end of the post....xxxx

Jasmine said...

You have a stunning blog over here. I love all of the studio pictures and the way the palates have almost become pieces of art of their own. Beautiful.

Julie said...

Everythings looks so beautiful ~ what a fun day! Glad you are well! : )

Studio Sylvia said...

A terrific post Jacky. Very inspiring. Love your WIP. Greg looks an interesting character and his home is certainly colourful. Your hearts are sweet and what lovely gifts you have received.

Julie H said...

Got my wonderful parcel this morning and love the heart!!! Thank you.

Zorana said...

Oh what a wonderful post Jacky! I'm so glad that you had such a happy art day. I'm mesmerized by the pallets! Art by themselves! And that mosaic garden... what a magical place! Prettiness in every picture. xo

Linda said...

Oh you lucky girl ...what a joyful day that must have been!!! Your painting looks amazing; you must hang it on the wall for all to see.
Fabulous treats from Marilyn and Debbi....and such pretty hearts.
your blog is looking great!
Linda xx

Leslie said...

Those paintings are beautiful and that outdoor setting in the mosaic garden is so inviting! I'm putting Nature Inspired on my Christmas list.


Anonymous said...

another great haul of goodies,
always varied,
always an eye fest

but my favourites are the red fabric hearts..

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Philippa said...

Jacky - what a wonderful treat of a day that mucst have been. Seeing that outdoor studio makes me think I really must get my workspace under control! Glad to see you are having such a inspiring and fun time. Have a marvellous Christmas! Philippa

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Jacky what a treat to actually do a class at Greg's studio. Patsy and I did a workshop with him some years ago but that was in the city. He reminds me very much of Kaffe F with his flair for colour and clutter.

Anonymous said...

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karen said...

just stopping by to wish you a magical christmas! x

Jen Crossley said...

Looks like you had a awesome time at Gregs,loved all your pictures.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a creative 2010

Patti G. said...

Jacky, What fun you and your girlfriends had painting and all. The setting looked lovely and wa a great time from the sounds of things! NEAT!

Your little hearts are beautiful and you are winning little blog give a ways, because I have a feeling you are being rewarded for your KINDNESS to are an angel on a shoulder I think for many! When I hear someone is down , I am fast to think that you are there to brighten their day with a good deed, so I am glad that you have gotten some love in your mailbox as well!

I am wishing you and your housefull of BOYS, your sons and hubby a WONDERFUL MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Lots of hugs,Patti

Jo Horswill said...

Great I'm comment number 40 :)

Hi Jacky, you do some fabulous things and this workshop looked great.
Gregs home and studio all beautiful...

and you have won things on top of all that!!! Enjoy and a deserved winner too.

Catch up soon...
Jo xx

Belinda said...

Hi Jacky just letting you know I have left a blog award for you over at my blog. Take care Belinda

Debrina said...

Hi Jacky - it's been a blinkin age since I came and saw you, sorry. I've been so time poor these days it's lucky I even get to do my art. Well, here I am to wish you a very merry xmas and an extraordinary new year! Love all the fab photos of Greg's studio! I love his colour combos. Fantastic!!

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Jacky,

What fun to see pictures of you and your art group's visit to Greg Irvine's studio...delightful! Your painting looks beautiful, looking forward to seeing it when it's done. The mosaic garden is lovely.

Wonderful treasures from Marilyn and Debbie! I would love to see that looks inspiring. Just love the hearts you've stitched! XO ~Lisa

kanishk said...

I tried to guess which one is you in the photo. Would that we could all visit such a rich and playful space.

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