Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clear and sunny ......

Firstly some photos of pages I recently completed for an Altered Book Round Robin I am taking part in. The pages for this book are quite small, a little larger than ATC size. The theme was trees/forest/nature. This is the first page with a collaged image of a painted parrot (I'm sorry I dont know who the artist was....). We are being visited by many parrots of late so I thought it appropriate.
In this second spread I have used images of trees found in an agricultural newspaper with painted and collaged background.
Any my final page a Spring Spirit...imagining the buds opening and the leaves unfurling with the warmth of the Spring sunshine.

Today whilst checking out some of my favourite blogs I noticed the tree outside my kitchen window was full of grass parrots (thats what I call them). As I snuck up to the window most of them flew away, but I did catch this fellow for you before he took off too. You will have to click on the photo to get a closer look at him. They are very colourful.

The reason they are all around the house and in the trees is the Cape Weed (see pic. below). Our hills are covered in cape weed this year...this hasnt happened for nearly 20 years. It must be the season for it. Luckily the cattle dont mind the cape weed and will quite happily eat it...cant say the same for the horses though!

Close up of cape weed....all the parrots were ferreting around for hours out there today (so I kept the kitties inside for the day).

Meanwhile...whilst everyone was enjoying the sunshine I came in to find Leroy curled up snoozing on the couch. He very nearly takes up the whole couch all 40kg's of him. He's such a big sook.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, having some quality time! I am going to work in another altered book and do a bit of journalling. I will leave you with this quote from Sark, and maybe you will want to journal too.
"The Book of your Life is rare and marvellous.
Write your life so that others may be illuminated."
- Sark -
Sending health and happiness to all.
Jacky xox


Belinda said...

Hi Jacky Leroy is such a gorgeous boy isn't he, and big lol. My Klimt tiles came from the Queen Victoria market for $25 each. They had all sorts of them and different sizes. If I could have taken the larger ones on the phone I would have, they are beautiful. I knew you would love them ;) Take care Belinda xxx

Lawendula said...

Ha, Sark, I'm just reading "Succulent wild woman" and I am really enjoying it!
Nice pics!
Enjoy your WE!
Best wishes from the North of the world ;)

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your pictures here; from your pages to Leroy! What a beautiful boy!

Marilyn Rock said...

Jacky; thanks for your comments on my Blog re: the beeswax collages. Here's a link, to share, with you. I wrote an article for Art-e-zine many moons ago. Hope this helps: if not - contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have:

Best always - Marilyn

La Dolce Vita said...

great post Jacky thanks for sharing so much of the life around you! your doggie is adorable, the parrots are amazing, no parrots here outside of cages! looks so beautiful there! your round robin work is wonderful love the parrot and the trees! beautiful, beautiful!

ArtPropelled said...

I'm imagining having a garden full of parrots....awesome!

Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Jacky,
Your pages are just beautiful and your photos are lovely.

Jenxo said...

hI Jacky, love the pages you are making and its really great seeing the little glimpses of your life in pics.Im fascinated buy the white cushion that your pooch is resting his head on, it would be a lovely shade of brown with my dogs!
Another beautiful spring day here too, i dont want it to get too hot, xxxxjen

Jo Wholohan said...

i love this tree pages jacky!!!! first time id seen leroy, isnt he gorgoues!!!! its so GREEN your way at the moment, looks so beautiful xx

La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Jacky,
thanks for your kind comments! a lot going on... Yes! and it will all pass as it always does, so nice that you could read between the lines!xo

Dot said...

What a gorgeous photo of Leroy Jacky! Beautiful big boy he is. Love your latest art - gorgeous details as always.
Enjoy seeing photo's from your property. A lovely time of year!
Dot xx
P.S When I saw those Klimt tiles on Belinda's blog I thought of you :)

Debrina said...

Hello Jacky! This artwork you've done is just marvellous and I love the Sark quote!

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Jacky, Leroy is gorgeous...
We are are lucky to have parrot's in our gardens. I hand feed my Kings sometimes.
Lovely reading back through your posts...hope your mum-in-law will be OK.
We are facing illness with our parents too, just have to be there for them as much as we can.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the weekend.. nice and peaceful. Have not read anything by Sark for ages..

lynne h said...

hi jacky, i *love* seeing your art... all of the pages are so smile making... whatever you do makes my eyes smile. i especially love the middle spread with the trees - gorgeous. and these parrots! what beauty!

have a beautiful week...


Lee said...

Hi Jacky - Leroy looks very comfortable on your couch!! And the farm looks absolutely beautiful too.

Having wonderful time in Kuala Lumpur & we're off to Krabi tomorrow. Miss you. Lee xx

P.S. Love that Sark quote!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Jacky...I'm so sorry...this is terrible!!! I've been checking my email in the mornings looking for a response from you. This morning I looked again and nothing? I pulled up the email that I sent you on 10/9, and realize, NOW, that when I replied to your comment it is not your email address?!!! It says noreply-blogger?!?! I just popped into your profile and didn't find your email there either. PLEASE send me your email and addy when you have a chance and accept my apology for not noticing that it wasn't your email address!

Fondly...XOXO ~Lisa

P.S. I will return when the true shading comes back in my face! ;-)

Patti G. said...

LOVE all the artwork you shared here! Just beautiful annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd..........LEROY gave me the biggest giggle! He looks sooooooo comfy there Jacky, that made me laugh!!!!!!!!!
The parrots that are coming now for the cape weed.......I cannot believe the BEAUTY! Just stunning, the birds are! DO you love having them visit? Thanks for all the fun things to see!
Sending hugs,Patti

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Jacky...popping back in to truly catch up...the coloring in my face has returned to a more natural shade! ;-)

I love each of the pages you have created, but adore Spring Spirit..she is lovely! Your photos are wonderful, I enjoy seeing them. That parrot is SO pretty and your property is gorgeous. The green hill/pasture and that blue sky shot is stunning! That is interesting about the Cape weed showing up like that this year...

Leroy is SO cute! What a 'love'! He looks very cozy snoozing on the couch. Funny, I had to look up sook! I thought it meant love or baby and I think it means baby?!

I love that quote!!!

Glad you were able to spend time with your MIL. I loved seeing your first art doll (beautiful and in a very good home!), the pages you've created in your journal, your gorgeous knit scarf (how awesome that your sister learned how to knit!), your very adorable Spring bird, and that sunny Amelia and cute seedling from Dot! Your art is *BEAUTIFUL* are so multi-talented, Jacky!!!

Sending you a heartfelt hug! ~Lisa

karen said...

what beautiful views you have Jacky and parrots to look at too, amazing.

karen said...

what beautiful views you have Jacky and parrots to look at too, amazing.

Julie said...

Your art in this book is beautiful! Thank you so much for entering my give away! : )

Julia said...

Hi Jacky,
Love your small Round robin book, art...always love birds, but they are driving me crazy at the moment, I have a family of finchs, chirping incessantly outside my art room, so it is putting me off my meditative state....
Looks like Leroy knows the right place to bags in the house...LOL..

Jen Crossley said...

Jacky your work is just beautiful.Leroy is such a cutey pie.
Hope all is well with you

suze said...

Hi Jacky,
That bird is gorgeous! And your blog is fun as always.
I need to do some of these round robins!

Lawendula said...

Hi Jacky, so we are swaping partner! Please send an email to and we can change our adresses!
I'm looking forward to it! :)
Take care!

Linda said...

Jacky I can hardly believe you have birds like that in your garden...what a paradise you live in!!
Great journal pages - looks like you're having fun with those.
And as for Leroy...he looks very contented (I suspect he knows what a great home he has).

rivergardenstudio said...

Jacky, I love it all, your journal pages especially, I think they share so much about you as you welcome spring... so beautiful.. ... and the brightly colored birds... so exotic... and your live in such a beautiful landscape

Anne said...

Hi, Jacky! Pretty altered pages. I especially like the one with the trees! :-)


I just wanted to pop over and say a huge thank you for all your lovely comments that you leave me, that are always from the heart and always give me encouragement and support. You are a real treasure in the blogging world (in my blogging world, I should say!)

Your altered pages are very beautiful. I like the pages with the tree branches and I really enjoyed hearing about the parrots and seeing your countryside, so different from ours but beautiful

Look forward to your next post when you get a moment and I will be back on RED soon, but posting smaller ones on the textile blog as you know

Sending lots of love and hugs your way Jacky

Carolyn xx

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