Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The birds & Leroy.....

I am so blessed where I live. Will you look at these two Wedge Tailed Eagles that stopped off near the house to sun themselves on the weekend. Absolutely awesome birds!!! They allowed me to get within 50 metres to take this photo (you will have to click to get a better look). I dont have a camera with a fancy lens (but I would love one...its on the list). So, this is the best I could do. We have lived on this property for nearly 21 years now and each year we have a group of eagles nest in the trees in the hill behind the house. We started with two and there are now six. It appears their offspring are happy with their parents nesting site too.
And now for a bird of another type. I have recently done a swap with Gaby of Colourful Adventures (her ATC's are truly beautiful). I am getting quite a collection of her gorgeous ATC's from a couple of swaps we have done recently. I will have to take a photo of them for you, but really you should check out her blog.... so much detail. Gaby requested a fabric ATC for our swap...I hope she likes this little fellow.

This is my latest Klimt Doll for a swap with Mieke in the Netherlands. I hope she likes this doll made especially for her. Sorry the photo is not the best, the colours are a bit washed out... and looks much better in real life. She is winging her way to the Netherlands as we speak.

And just for a bit of fun, this is one of our dogs (we have 3!!!!). This is Leroy and he is nearly two years old. He is the most beautiful and gentle soul and we love him to bits... doesnt he have the sweetest face? I took this shot of him as he waited patiently while I took photos of the eagles....and I was worried he would scare them off...He knew to sit very quiet and still.
I hope your week is bright and cheery and I will leave you with this lovely quote that I found on my sister Lee's blog recently!
"Nothing is worth more than this day."
- Johann Van Goethe -
Jacky xox


Patti G. said...

Jacky, ohhhhhhhhhhh you have eagles living at your home! How beautiful! I clicked the picture and was able to see them closer! Amazing! Your atc and newest doll are fab!!!! And that Leroy, a smooch is in order!!!!!!!! hehehehe!
Have a great week Jacky!

Julia said...

Hello Jacky!

I cant believe you have eagles nesting at your home, you are so very lucky!!! The nearest I got to dramatic wildlife was a few years back when I lived in Exeter (Devon) and there were Peregrine Falcons nesting on the church down our street...but I think your eagles win hands down!!

Love your swap doll, absolutely amazing!! You are so talented!

Sending love
Julia xxx

Anne said...

Hi, Jacky! Leroy is soooo handsome! And lucky you with those gorgeous eagles in the yard! My husband would absolutely love that. Great picture of them! :-)

Oh, and by the way, I am having a new photo card giveaway every other Wednesday on my blog ... so you have other chances to enter and win.

Lee said...

Gosh I really wish I had have been there to see those eagles. Absolutely amazing! And how good was gorgeous Leroy. He's such a lovely, lovely dog. Lee xx

Elizabeth said...

What amazing birds to have on your property!! you definately should invest in a zoom lens of some sort!!! I do sooo love your dolls and the atc is wonderful- I am sure that the recipients will be thrilled.

Jeane said...

what magnificent birds! and your sweet dog knew! to be still - gotta love that! - we have a pair of bald eagles that nest down the road by the water - they have two babies again this year! I loved the quote from your sisters blog and your fabulous fabric art as always:)

mansuetude said...

what a blessing with those Birds! Wow.

Anonymous said...

what a cute fabric atc, she'll surely love it! the klimt doll is fabulous, love the ties around her!!! cute leroy dog :)

Jo Wholohan said...

i love this photo of leroy, gorgeous expression!!!! loving your klimt dolls xxxx

Dot said...

Jacky - how wonderful that you have eagles living at your home! And that they keep coming back too.
Love the ATC you created for Gaby and your Klimt doll for Mieke is lovely (and I love the artistic shot of it next to those yummy buttons).
Leroy is such a sweetheart. A mellow big fellow. How sweet that he was quiet when you took the photo of the eagle. Beautiful boy.
Looking forward to seeing you and the girls on Saturday.
Dot xx

Anonymous said...

Good thing leroy is bigger...I have heard the wedgies take off with the small fluffy ones, thinking they are rabbits or lambs or something.. that would not be funny.

Ro Bruhn said...

I hope we get to see the eagles on Saturday Jacky, can you make a booking for us. Leroy looks a sweetie and your artworks are fabulous.

lynne h said...

jacky, leroy looks like a saint... his patience is radiating from him! and the eagles! wow... they're beautiful and so different from our bald eagles. i always feel honored when i see them.

mieke will love this doll... (is she a reader too? ; )


Gaye Todd said...

Such diversion on your blog... always so lovely to visit. Love the eagles... love Leroy... love the art!!


Mieke said...

Wow Jacky what a beautiful klimt doll....love to have her;o).
Your atc is awesome!!!
And what a sweet dog you have...We have two french buldogs.

Marilyn Rock said...

The eagles are awesome! What wonderful visitors to have at your home. Your atc is incredible; beautiful detail. Your Klimt doll is fantastic. Leroy is a cutie!

Cat said...

Lovely picture of the birds!

And your little colorful ATC bird is fantastic! That will brighten someones day!

Leroy does look gentle and sweet! What a big loveable dog!

I haven't put in much blog time lately and see that I have missed some terrific posts... must come back later!!

Have a great day. C

rivergardenstudio said...

I have never seen eagles like this! How wonderful that you shared this picture... and your reations are lovely, and your soulful dog is adorable. Roxanne

Linda said...

I've just been admiring the wonderful birds that visit Patty's garden, then I came to you and saw eagles!! You are very fortunate to have such amazing creatures close by.
Your ATC and Klimt doll are both lovely Jacky...and Leroy looks like a real sweetheart!
Linda xx

Ani said...

I've always had a great interest in birds of prey, eagles being a favorite - excellent photo I think. It is amazing that they stayed on the log for a photo op! We have a rescue group in my state that shelters eagles who have been injured and can't fly any more. It is amazing to go see them in the natural habitat that has been set aside for them so they can live out their lives in safety and peace.

Leroy is precious, he is very handsome too :) Lucky you to have him Jacky. Best, Ani

Gaby Bee said...

This fabric ATC is absolutely stunning, Jacky! Can't wait to add it to my collection!!!
I have never seen eagles like this. Really wonderful birds. Thanks for sharing this pic!
Your new Klimt doll is fabulous as always.
What a cute Leroy dog you have:-)
Sending big hugs,
Gaby xo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi there. This is my first visit to your blog. Found you via Lee (Glimpse of Style). Love your journal page 'Capturing Love' and Leroy's so cute! Love that look on his face!

karen said...

your doggy looks seriously grumpy! Have you upset him???!!!

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Jacky...I forgot to comment on your last post!!! I;m glad to see mrs mizzle arrived safely!

Looks like you live a a beautiful part of the world...those eagles are amazing.
And gorgeous Leroy...he certainly has the face to melt hearts.
Hope you've been well, Jo xx :)

Belinda said...

Hi Jacky Oh Leroy is adorable. He looks so kind and gentle. Love all the art on this post, lots of gorgeous colour. Take care Belinda

Jen Crossley said...

WOW I remember eagle when I lived on a farm more years than I care to remember.
Beautiful Swaps you are very lucky
Give Leroy a big smooch for me

Sam Marshall said...

Love the ATC you made. It's so beautiful!!! The doll is gorgeous!!

Robyn said...

Sooooo amazing having eagles nesting on the farm!

Mieke said...

Oh wow ,thank you so much for your beautiful klimt doll. Like here a lot!!She arrived today...she is gorgeous....yours is almost ready to fly to you!!

Jocelyne said...

your dolls are absolutely stunning ! great artwork !

robin dudley-howes said...

love your doll!