Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hidden Treasures fabric book...

The above are the front and back covers for my "Hidden Treasures" fabric book. In one of my yahoo groups we are doing a round robin project where you make the front and back covers of your book, plus one page. Your book is then sent around to all the other players (one per month) and they make a page for your fabric book too. My book will come home with beautiful fabric art from 9 other artists around the world... it will be amazing!!!
I have been involved in a swap with most of these girls before in my fabric doll pages swap and their work is absolutely stunning.
Each month I will post a picture of the page I have made for other peoples journals so everyone can share in this wonderful round robin with me.
This swap was the brainchild of Jo Wholohan...who.... lucky me, I will get to see her cover and page first as Jo posts to me first. Jo's work is so wonderful and textural!!! Check out her blog to see her cover etc., they are amazing.
Sorry the above photo is not terribly good quality... not as clear as it could be, but at least you get to see what I was working on over the weekend. (Julie H. did you note the beautiful ribbon that you sent me last year on the back page...just perfect for this project - thankyou!)
I still have to finish my internal page and will post a picture of that as soon as finished.
Hope you are having a wonderful creative week........

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

fabric doll pages...

Havent been up to much creatively this week, so thought I would share with you some photos of the fabric doll pages that I made for the Fabric Doll Page Swap.
I received the wonderful pages in my post below from fellow textile lovers from around the world and in return they received one of these girlz from me.... I hope they get as much enjoyment from their doll pages as I did from the ones I received in this fantastic swap.
I havent yet decided how I am going to assemble my book, but when I do I will post a pic for all to see.
This week I am working on pages for another fabric book with the same group of girls... "Hidden Treasures". Should have something to show you after the weekend....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Journalling Fun...

I am taking part in a Journal swap in one of my Yahoo groups. I have always wanted to do a visual / art journal but have always procrastinated when it came to actually doing something. Obviously joining this group was just the kick start I needed.
This swap/challenge is being hosted by the wonderful Jo Wholohan. Each month Jo provides a theme or topic for our page.
This month the theme was balance... we can all do with some of that in our lives.
I have always loved these cups and saucers (an advertisement from a magazine for Royal Doulton) and wanted to incorporate them in my journal page for this month.
Lots of fun this page..... cant wait for next months theme from Jo. Now that I have finally started I am really enjoying this challenge.
Thank you too for all the wonderful comments on my fabric doll pages I received from a swap hosted by Belinda Schneider. Great to see some of the beautiful pages made by some talented ladies both here in Australia and overseas.
I have some pictures of all the dolls I sent for the swap. Will find some of these and post in the next few days. A most fantastic swap!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, hope you enjoy my first journal page....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just had to share ......

Look at all this wonderful fabric art that I received in the mail this week !!!! You can imagine the excitement opening my parcels!!! Lots of oohhing and aahhing.

The pictures in order, from Left to Right..... firstly the most gorgeous fabric house page which Belinda Schneider generously made for all of us girls in her Fabric Doll Page swap. It is just divine!!! The colours, the beading, the cute buttons and then the door personalised with my name - I just love it to bits!!!

The dolls are made by Dot Christian (AUST), Patti Gramza (USA), Jo Wholohan (AUST) and Magda (GER). Take a closer look, they are just all so individual and beautifully done... what talented textile artists!!!!

This second photo shows the back of the front cover. Belinda has included all of our names in the colourful blooms.
The first funky doll is Ranga, made by Belinda Schneider (LUX), Zetti doll is by Tina (USA I think?? and the third beauty is by Fiona Mortimer (AUST). Arent they fantastic? Love all of those gorgeous fabrics and amazing embellishments.

Photo 3 is of three beautiful Icicles dolls that I received from another swap I participated in with Belinda hosting. The first blue one is by Patti G. It is so cute with its little baby icicle.. love that touch Patti. The second midnight blue icicle is by Belinda Schneider...very gorgeous her floral hat and wonderful beading and the third gorgeous icicle is from Rini. This photo doesnt do it justice...beautiful lac and turquoise beading and a lovely soft face. All so different and all so wonderful.

This 4th photo is of an art doll that Belinda made for me called Kaffe. So quirky!!! I admired it on Belinda's blog and was so excited to see it in real life.... dont you just love that bow and that hot pink lipstick?

This last picture is of beautiful art doll that I recently commissioned from Alma Stoller in the USA. I had seen one of her dolls on Belinda Schneiders blog and after visiting Alma's blog a few times decided I would love one of her art dolls too. Love this little lady. She has the most beautiful handpainted face and hair. This beautiful girl will hang proudly in my art room.

Anyway.... hope you have all enjoyed my wonderful art mail!

Monday, February 4, 2008

An Icicle weekend...

Recently I was in an Icicle Doll Swap run by Belinda Schneider. I have found these little dolls to be quite addictive and found myself making three more of them this weekend.

I wanted to send a little giftie to a couple of friends and thought these little girls were just the thing. I posted them off today, so they should be jetsetting around the world soon.

Have also posted a couple of pics of some bird ATC's made for a swap run by one of the yahoo groups I am a member off. Over a ten month period we have made three ATC's each month and sent to each person participating in the swap. This picture is of two ATC's using fabric and Cavallini bird stickers. (posted these pics after the icicle dolls so dont know why they are above them!!!).
This week I will be working on a visual Journal Page for a swap which will take place over a six month period. Each month we are given a word/theme. This month I have chosen balance... thus far I have my background painted, but will soon have it finished and post a picture.
Also working on a cover and page for a fabric journal Round Robin. Very excited about this swap and been busily going through fabrics, trims, beads, buttons etc. in readiness for this one.