Saturday, July 19, 2008

More journalling FUN !

This is the latest journal page for my Soul Journal I am creating with Sarah Whitmire. What a lot of fun !!!!! This page we first covered with our torn dictionary pages, I gessoed and then gave a wash with the Quinadricone Golden Azo Gold and some some brown oil pastel. We then had to cut out inch square (roughly) pieces from magazines as per Sarahs prompts and then arrange on your prepared page. Not sure if we will be coming back to this page later so didnt want to do too much ad libbing, but may do more to it later if we dont. Think I need to outline them a bit more and maybe add a few stamps???? (For prompts visit Sarah's wonderful blog... you can also check out the pages by other bloggers taking part in this challenge). Our next prompt involves lots of tapes??????? Stay tuned. Below is an ATC I recently made for a friend. As always I love the birdies. With the background I tried a bit of the wax resist method as featured on the Green Pepper Press website. (I must say I was not overly successful, but I think the paper I used may have been a bit thick). Overstamped and added some old dyed lace with copper staples and voila. Havent made an ATC for ages!
Another of my Klimt dolls for a friend who LOVES pink. I used some the fabric from the Tina Givens range.... I hope she likes it!
I received some wonderful "art" mail this week from my friend Linda Vincent in the UK. I will take photos and share with you next blog..... Isnt it just the best to get "art mail".

Must away as I have to make a start on my next journal prompt. Check out Jo Wholohans blog too, she has just started her Soul Journal... beautiful pages.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.


Jenxo said...

love your atc, have to look into that wax resist method!Beautiful dolly too! jenxo

Jacky said...

Thanks for visiting Jen... loved visiting your NEW blog. Welcome to blogland, there are some absolutely wonderful people out there!

Visit you again soon!

Jacky xox

Marilyn Rock said...

Great ATC and you're surely on a roll with your journal - beautiful!

ANNA said...

Love your work - just found sarah's blog and have just started a soul journal too.

sesga loves 1950s said...

I'm loving seeing the journal pages so inspiring .
The Art doll is amazing someone is in for a real treat its stunning!!
I love the ATC you made ,I love the lace beautiful touch.
Love from sesga xx

Miss Oddity said...

I agree about the magazine cut outs pages in the journal ... I felt that mine was missing sommething as well but have not as yet added anything to these pages ... hmmm when time permits ... however that won't be today as i am trying to visit all the Soul Journaler's blogs and am being sidetracked by all the other beauty I keep seeing on these pages

Jo Wholohan said...

ooooOOOOO we are productive!!! What FUN :)) I love being told what to do for this for a while hehehee

hmmmm my mag clips look a bit plain, might paint over them lightly before i post.

Thanks for linking to me xxxxx

cmoh said...

oh wow I bet your journal page is really really shimmery I love shimmer.

I'm with you on thinking the page needs a bit more...I think that I am going to do some doddling in mine...

Love your bird ATC also!

Can't wait to see what you do next

Christy said...

I love the gold and the oil pastel. I love your background paper on your ATC even if the resist didn't turn out quite as you planned it has a lovely soft look and is perfect with your bird and lace. I haven't made an art doll before. I'm thinking about making one in the future if that counts :) Now I know where to go to see nice examples of them!

BELINDA said...

Hi Jacky I love your journal pages and this Klimt doll is very cool in pink. Belinda

Julie H said...

Hi Jacky
Great to catch up on your blog and to see all your wonderful dolls. Congtratulations to Matt-I will be looking out for him.

Dot said...

Wow Jacky - your blog is just bursting with art!

I am so thrilled you are enjoying blogging and sharing your art with people. And inspiring us all:).

Love seeing your journal progress. The squares look very effective (and I enjoyed seeing what you wrote around each of them in the post above). I am lucky that I may get to see this in the flesh!

Beautiful ATC - the wax resist method worked a treat. And the pink Klimt doll is stunning!

cookievf said...

Followed a link from belinda and I'm so glad to find your lovely blog!!

I just love your Soul Journal pages so far and can't wait to see more, visit the other participants, etc!!

Look forward to returning here again and again! - vicki from CT xo