Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Out of action......

Hi all, I have been out of action this week with a yukky cold/flu virus (just pleased I had it last week and not next week when I have my much anticipated Art Retreat !!!). But, alas, no art was created this week so you will have to make do with some art I created before I began my blog..... The above are three bird ATC's that were made as part of a swap hosted by the talented Jo Wholohan last year for one of our Yahoo groups. Each person made 3 bird themed ATC's per month and sent to each person on the list. It was a one of my favourite swaps and I received some beautiful ATC's through out the swap.
The above piece is one of the first felted pieces I made when I first bought my Clover hand felter. I made quite a few of these Funky Felted birds for friends and had lots of fun playing with my new tool..... mmmmm must get back into some felting.
Anyways, sorry no new art this week, but just wanted to make sure you had something new to look at if you visited my blog.
My dear friend Shirley, whom I met at my first Art Camp last year in Perth is coming over on Friday !!!! Shirl is doing the Art Retreat in Melbourne with Dot and I.... we girls are going to have FUN, FUN, FUN.
Next week I will get to meet Jo Wholohan, Debbi Baker and a few other bloggers I have met online and through Yahoo groups when we all get together for the Retreat so there will be lots of news coming soon.
Take care and hope you all have a wonderful week.



Marilyn Rock said...

Jacky; hope you're feeling better now; those flus are nasty! I really enjoyed seeing your ATC's, here, and your felted piece; beautiful!

jo said...

Hope you are all recovered by next week Jacky. You will need all your energy for your classes!
See you next week.
Jo Stables

Debbi Baker said...

Make sure you get bbetter fast Jacky!!! We need you in prime condition for the Art Retreat. Can't wait to meet you (I'm getting a bit over-excited actually and doing a lot of running around in circles instead of getting stuff done!) Love the ATCs - we share a love of bird art!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacky I adore your felted birdie its stunning ,you must do some more ,when you get time .You have a lovely weekend ahead of you art Retreat It sounds fantastic I'm soooooooooooooo! jealous I wish I could come to .I really look forward to seeing what Art you make , and you will have a lot of fun too I'm sure with Dot and friends .Hope you are better have a good time hugs from sesga xx

Patti G. said...

Ohhhhhh Jacky, sooooooo sorry you were sick! YOU get better, you have some hugs to collect at your art retreat! <3

Jo Wholohan said...

wheeeeeee how exciting is this getting!!!! FIVE more sleeps till im on my way south :))

Love that felted bird peice Jacky you clever thing :))

Cat said...

Love that long-legged felted bird!

Hope you feel better quick and have a terrific retreat!

Heartinmyhand said...

Just found your site. I love your work. I will stop by again

Dawnie said...

Fantastic stuff dear Jacky and how I gaze everyday at my fabo little birdies that you shared with me.
Awsome superstar and look forward to hearing all about the retreat.
I know you will have a blast !
Take care

Sharon said...

Came upon your blog and wanted to let you know that your work is whimsical and quite nice.

Hoola Tallulah said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time Jacky! Your ATC's are so wonderful and that felting, wow!