Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Bounty ......

There were only seven of us ..... but we had a really lovely Christmas Day.  The weather was very mild,  low 20's which was perfect as we like to have a traditional Christmas lunch.
My sister Lee always makes a wonderful antipasta platter to start the meal....frittata, BBQ chicken balls,  cheeses, olives, fruit etc.  Just scrumptious.
We had roast turkey with maple syrup glaze, roast lamb with garlic and rosemary,  ham on the bone,  and masses of beautiful vegetables.
We had Chocolate meringue mousse cake,  strawberry flan and much, much more.  I love having the family sitting around our table for a special lunch!  There's always plenty left over which keeps us going for days after the lunch. 
Afterwards there's always time for a bit of cricket for the boys and this year my nephew Hugh had his first driving the farm ute out in the hay paddock.  He did super and in years to come I'm sure we'll always remember his first lesson.
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas too.  It's a special time of the year.

And of course there were the present from special,  my sister Lee just knows me so well!!!!

This beautiful cross pendant by Ayala Bar.

An amazing book on the ceramics of the Ottomans....this book is truly luscious (and will inspire many a painting I am sure).  The colour plates are beautiful !!!!

I have a bit of a reputation as a Bower Bird (and I do love blue, especially indigo,  just like the bower bird).  Previous books by Sibella Court are ETC.  and NOMAD  which are equally as lovely as this one.

And what a treat this little horse was..... a Kogo (japanese incense holder) .... my heart skipped a beat when I opened this one.  I had admired it at Kazari a while ago and my lovely little sister went back and bought it for me.  It is only about 1.5 inches high.  Such a treasure.  In the background is a gorgeous specimen vase I bought from Erinswindow.  Each Sunday a light a candle for my mum and now I also place a flower in this little vase I bought for her.  I bought one for Lee too so she can do the same.

A beautiful pottery teapot by Samantha Robinson.  I love her work and over the years have purchased quite a bit of it for Lee as she collects her pottery.   The little painting behind is one that I bought from Magaly Ohika quite a while back .... another artist whose work I love and like to support.
Yesterday I had my friend Dot come out for a day of eco dyeing.  The above were from our onion dye bath pictured,  and also a couple from a red cabbage dye bath.  It's lovely to do something creative when we get together.  Dot has already unwrapped hers (and they look amazing....I'm trying to wait a day or two longer....but may succumb to opening one of them later today ....)
I hope your Christmas was filled with happiness and love .... just as mine was.
Jacky  xox

Monday, December 10, 2012

Just wanted to share .....

I've been busy making clay tags again.  Last weekend I visited my friend Dot and we had our very own 'clay day'. These tags are lots of fun and beautiful to decorate your gifts and/or your Christmas tree.  There is a great tutorial on Jo's blog .....  and many other wonderful, festive things for you to try.

We used all kinds of things to make our imprints into the favourite being the bracken (growing along our roadside).  We used a doiley,  rubber stamps (the simpler the better), pieces of jewellery, cake decorating tools.  I have some lovely snowflake ones that I havent photographed yet.  We had  lots of fun  and so easy to do in your own home. 

We didnt have a rolling pin,  so we used an old bottle.  I didnt have my awl,  so we used a rivet that I had found in my husbands pocket (he had been doing some metal fabrication down in the shed).  You can use a skewer!  We used glasses instead of cookie cutters....

Do pop over to Jo's blog and say hi,    and see the other wonderful holiday treats she has been making....I love the paper stars...already have a few of those ready for presents too.

I recently did an online workshop with the lovely Roxanne of River Garden Studio.  We made the most beautiful, nature inspired art books,  guided gently by Roxanne.  Such an enjoyable and rewarding experience.   The above art by Roxanne arrived in my mail box this week.....such treasures... that beautiful little bird and the gold moon....I want to make another book now for these lovely gifts.

Only a short post....I just wanted to share the tutorial for the lovely tags with you all.


LOVE and PEACE be with you all.
Jacky xox

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December already ......

I cant believe it's December already!!!!  Christmas is just around the corner,  and for a change I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping.  I still want to make a couple of last minute gifts, but otherwise (touchwood),  better organised than usual.

This month,  the girls I paint with on Friday mornings are having an exhibition out at Lillico Gallery.   The opening  was last Friday.   I had the two pieces below framed for the exhibition.  I loved the angel with the indigo sky (and she was the first piece to sell).  I had painted her to use for my Christmas Cards this year.  The reindeer below my angel was also painted for my cards.  I really love folk, naive style artwork (and hope the people that receive my Christmas Cards do too).  Click on photos for a closer look.

The two white dots are the lighting,  not on the painting.

the Gallery looked wonderful with all of our art and the beautiful glassware made by the galleries owner Hayden.

Often Meg sets up a still life for us to paint .... these were our interpretations (mine centre bottom) of a still life with pink lillies that Meg had set up when we arrived. 

I've been busy getting some festive bunting made for friends.

 And last week went along to our local art gallery/ co-op  where they were having their Wednesday "Clay Day".   I really love working with the clay,  molding it with your hands.  This week we made these rustic clay ornaments/gift tags .  
I'm also taking part in a Collaborative Cloth with a few friends  (Dot, Jenxo and Tallulah),   over the next few months.  I decided my colourful pony can be sent off for the others to add their own touches.   Thus far I have blind stitched the pony and stitched a couple of accents onto him and basted down the fabric weaving so others can add their stitches and/or embellishments.  I look forward to seeing how he looks when he gets home again.

have a beautiful week.  I will be stitching and painting (I hope!!!)