Saturday, June 4, 2011

Embroideries and Exhibitions......

Whilst away in Thailand I drew up some little images,  inspired by art and nature that we saw.  I had taken a little travel pack with odds and sods of fabric and threads.  These raggedy little pieces of fabric were small samples from a dyeing class I took last year...waste not want not....I knew they would come in handy one day and they were perfect for sketching up these little stitcheries.  I have been busy stitching them this week and I will put them into a cloth soon.

AND,  great excitment.  My art group are holding our first exhibition of our work in Melbourne later this month.  Of course....YOU'RE  ALL  INVITED!   It would be lovely to see you there...we girls always have such fun when we get together,  so come along and join us if you are in Melbourne that weekend.

I will leave you with the beautiful of photo of lotus flowers that I took in Jim Thomspons  garden in Bangkok.  The home and gardens of Jim Thompson are sooooo beautiful,  make sure if you are ever in Bangkok you take a visit...some quiet time to feed your creative soul.  Lee and I were there for hours.

I hope these photos have worked OK this time.  This is the second time I have uploaded.....last time part of each photo was missing....fingers and toes crossed.



Have a happy week.

Jacky xox