Sunday, May 23, 2010

fabric weaving and painting...

Finally my computer is working again.... I have missed being able to visit my favourite blogs regularly. Plus I started an online course (and of course the computer was down!!!!). Nevertheless, I am back on track as of the weekend and was able to play around with the fabric weaving we are doing in my online class with Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth... I have loved visiting the class forum and seeing what everyone else has been up to in my absence.

Below is my first attempt at fabric weaving. I have used silks (dont know if that was a brilliant idea for my first attempt, but I am happy with how it turned out). Both silks I bought from Sensational Silks. The old gold colour was pre-dyed when I bought it, but the other grey colour is one I dyed myself with gum leaves and and a rusty piece of metal. Nice to see the woven effect created by these two pieces. fabric weaving in hand dyed silk

Within this piece I tried my hand at Jude's anchored weaving technique. Little bit fiddly with the silk, but I think it works in the overall look of this cloth. I am loving learning new techniques. At the moment this has only been basted, more stitching soon.

Some (very) late roses from my garden and some beautiful rosehips brightening up my lounge room. Isnt the colour gorgeous for autumn?
I have been doing some more painting too. Below is a mixed media piece I made for a girlfriend who loves birds. I have used watercolour paints and bits and pieces of fabric and stitching...both hand and machine stitching.

Kasha's Spring Bird.
Below is a watercolour of some pomegranates that I started in a watercolour workshop recently. I usually paint with gouache, but I am really enjoying how the watercolour takes to the paper. This is a WIP which I intend to finish for my sister who loves pomegranates....not much more to go.

"Your dreams are already coming true......your dreams need you to make them real."
Have a wonderfully creative week.
Jacky xox

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Magic Clouds...

I have been stitching some of Judes *Magic Clouds*. Jude often uses an Indonesian designed fabric which looks like clouds. I have used some of her magic thread to stitch some of those clouds onto my slow cloth. Also, visit Eva's blog, she has designed some of her own fabric range use her stylised clouds too. You may have to click on the photo's below to get a closer look, they are quite subtle.
Clouds in the night sky.

Journal page.
A few more quirky little houses that I popped in my journal . I love the different shapes and the wispy trees, I have also used them in my quilt.

I have been painting with gouache for while now, but I dont usually put photos on my blog.... but I just wanted to show that I have been doing something other than that tiny bit of stitching above!!!
A painting in my sketchbook from a studio morning at local artist Meg Abrechts home. Pomegranates are one of my favourite fruits...I love their jewelled red seeds.
Sorry there are two identical photos. A mistake when loading and I now I cant work out how to delete it!!!
I also did a water colour of pomegranates which I thought I had loaded, but alas, I had loaded the same photo twice. A little bit of Judes magic thread has appearedin this photo too..... how did that get in there?

And I'll leave you with this photo of a vase of lovely native Ficifolia blooms on my sisters dining table. Arent they beautiful? Lee always has beautiful flowers in her home.

Have a wonderful week......
Jacky xox