Saturday, January 31, 2009

This one is for Sesga...

I have been tagged by the lovely Sesga. The rules being that you have to show the fourth photo from the fourth file on your computer. So..... here it is.
This photograph was taken last year at Sassafras. For about five years now a group of us girls have formed a book club (about 10 of us). We meet once every six weeks for lunch and discussion of our latest book.... actually there's probably more socialising that discussion most times. One person chooses the book and the next lunch destination.
Above are my dear friends (from the left) Lou, Marianne and Jenni.

I now have to tag four people to play along with us. Jo Horswill, Jo Wholohan, Lynne Hoppe and Janette. Please dont feel obigated to play along, this is a bit of fun and nice to see what you have hidden away in your files!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A foal is born and a "MEME" ...

On the 21st January we had our first little foal for the year (I have three mares in foal). Isnt he gorgeous??? His mum Demi is a first time mother and must say is a wonderful, doting mum. It was a wonderful surprise to see him being born on Wednesday as I was leaving for work...yes, I was late getting to work! There's nothing like a new born. I felt HAPPY all day! On Sunday I met with a group of my art friends for a lunch at Julia's (such a warm and generous hostess). Her home is full of wonderful treasures, not the least her beautiful art. I loved being able to see her work in the much detail and so beautiful.
The afternoon just flew...such chatter and fun. Their is nothing like sharing the day with like minded art friends! I just loved the gorgeous cup and saucer my cup of tea was served in...isnt is divine!
And this beautiful bird below was made for me by my friend Dotee .....gifted to me on the day of our get together. Amazing beading and detail on this beautiful gift, they have to be seen to be believed. I love how Dot "encrusts" her work with beads like no other can! Click on the picture for a closer look.

Below are two journal pages that I "played" with today. I have Patsy to thank for these. I was commenting at our get together how I have trouble with my journalling.... procrastinating because I think I try and plan everything too much. Dear Patsy told me to just let go and go with the flow... so I did.
This page was inspired by a poem I saw on Seth Apters blog.
This next page, very simplistic I know, was just inspired by my life and the things that make me happy. Sunshine, a home, the love of family and friends, trees and the wildlife around us and of course, for me... horses. These simple figures were sort of Leunig inspired.

And now for the 'MEME'. I was visiting Jo Horswills blog and decided to take part. After all I have been blogging for one year now (thank you to Dot for getting me up and running) and I should give something back to all of your wonderful people who drop by and visit my blog.
The first 5 people that respond to this post will get something made by me, it will be my choice, but made especially for you.
However...this offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
-What I create will be just for you.
-I will make no guarantees that you will like it (but I hope you do !)
-You will receive this item before the end of the year (or sooner).
-You will have no idea of what the item is going to be or when you will receive it.
The catch is that you have to repost this "MEME" and put together something to be sent out as 5 surprises of your own.
These could be anything...a piece of art, a photo, a poem or haiku, a quote...whatever you like, let your imagination run wild.
Hope you have fun with this.
Have a wonderful week.
Jacky xox

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Water Lily .........

This weekend I painted this little watercolour of a waterlily.... love the waterlily and the lotus flower so thought I would have a play around with my caran d'ache watercolour crayons . I have overlaid the blue background with a lovely serviette that was sent to me by my friend Shirl in Western Australia recently... loved the little edging design on the serviette and thought it gave this painting a little more depth (art recycling, just love it). I like how the mottled blues of the background show through the transparency of the serviette. This piece will be stitched onto fabric as part of a fabric book round robin I am taking part in. Thank you Shirl for the lovely serviette.

Oops.... dont know what I've done here.... doubled up on this photo and cant even delete one them from blogger....I am having troubles with blogger lately. I have to enter photos in reverse order as its just not playing fair ....
This little Klimt/Picasso/Kaffe Fassett doll is all finished and winging her way to her new home. Safe travels to her and I hope she brings joy and happiness to someones art studio.

This week I am going to finish my fabric page and work on some wise little Kaffe Fassett owls for friends.
Take care and have an art full week.
Jacky xox

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something different ???

These are my boys.... Sam on the left and Matt on the right with me on Christmas Day... I do love my boys! So lovely this year to have Matt home on Christmas Day
- first time in four years, I was a very happy mum. And I have to share my Opportunity shop finds.... Loved this little brass bowl, thought it would be great for bits and bobs. Plus the beautiful set of damask napkins ($2 for four, what a bargain) and a lovely old table cloth. Not sure what I will do with the damask, but sure it will come in handy for a stitching project a la Karen Ruane style.

And actually, this is the something a bit different. Below.......Yes, another Klimt doll, but I have tried to make her face in Picasso style??? I have painted the face half yellow, half red, click for a closer look. Not sure about her yet, but have yet to embellish the body, so still time to decide if I like the face or not. What a mish mash... Klimt, Picasso, Kaffe Fassett.

And finally. On Sunday my sister Lee, her husband Rob and I went to The Barn at Jindivick for lunch. Afterwards I took this photo from the road outside the restaurant. Such a beautiful area and such a beautiful day (and the food and company were good too!!!).

Wishing you a tranquil week.
Jacky xox

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fabric play ...

I enjoyed Christmas and all the festivities that are part of the celebration, but ...... I am so pleased to be able to have time to sit and stitch again (and I've even had the crayons out too!). I found this piece of batik and decided to just have a bit of a play around with it with stitching and adding a few pieces of fabric here and there... it was fun. As I said, the crayons have been out too. My sister gave me a lovely set of Caran D'ache Neocolor II crayons as part of my Christmas present this year (we must have been on the same wave length as I gave her a set of Derwent Inktense pencils!!!). Below is a little sketch, very naive, of my view as I sat outside the other morning having my cup of tea. The trees are actually gum trees, but I took artistic license (as I cant draw gum trees yet).
And, I've been busy stitching these little Kaffe Owls for the pocket of a fabric book I have been working on. I love owls, so thought these were a bit of a change from the Klimt dolls.

Below, here they are all tucked up in their little pocket on the back of the page I created for this Round Robin.

Best wishes to all for the New Year !
Jacky xox