Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day .......

Happy Valentines Day to everyone out there ...... a special card ....  and Pauls taking me to the movies.

I have been stitching my protection cloth .... some nights only a few stitches....but it is coming along.  Slow and steady wins the race..... I'm not sure whether I will do any stitching on the dots/in the dots.  I think I will leave them as they were when I bought the piece of cloth.  It has been lovely to hear that others are doing some red stitching too.
I chose this beautiful print I bought from Magaly Ohika (one of her beautiful postcard sets)  for the front of my latest molesking journal (#5).  Love this series of her work ....and I love her art on the front of my daily journals.  Very inspirational.

Some new art supplies... some Daniel Smith watercolors.  I do LOVE his colours!!!!  Some new cobra water based oil paints and a couple of new sennellier oil pastels.  Fun, fun, fun.
And lastly a photo of my sweet old dog Oakey (16)  having a little snooze with his teddy.  He loves to rest his head on a pillow or his toys.  He's the sweetest little man.....and sleeps a lot these days.

I hope your  Valentines Day was special.....sending you all  LOVE.


Jacky xox


Jenny said...

Happy ValenTines day Jacky... gorgeous card... and always nice to go to the movies... love the red stitching... and the Daniel Smith watercolors... have been hearing good things about these... did you get them in Oz.. and gosh how cute is that photo of Oakey...

Jenny ♥

Janet Ghio said...

I love Magaly's work also! What is a protection cloth?

lynne h said...

hey sweet jacky! happy valentine's day to you, too! and i love your protection cloth!!



deanna7trees said...

happy valentine's day. enjoy the movie.Oakey is so sweet.

Judy Wise said...

Hope your Valentine's Day is perfection. Hugs to Oakley too. xo

Nat Palaskas said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jacky. Glad Paul treated you to the movie. I got a bunch of flowers, that was a surprised. Cute little Oakey, sweet photo - Enjoy the rest of your day -

Dot said...

belated happy valentine's day jacky. am sure you and paul had a lovely time at the movies. beautiful new art supplies. and gorgeous photo of oakeyxxx

Peggy said...

Jacky, sweet sleeping Oakey, I love a sleeping dog, makes me relax just by watching their breathing...and I liked seeing your red stitching -- it's both powerful and lovely. Happy Day! xox

rivergardenstudio said...

What a lovely Valentines Day, movies, new art sulpplies and your sweet Oakey! I love your valentine too.

ArtPropelled said...

Great to see progress with the protection cloth. Too late for Valentine's day but I wish you a happy week and hope you enjoyed the movie.

Els said...

Love your "protection" cloth Jacky !
I hope it works well (for you ánd for the ones you think they need your love and attention !)
Ha, it seems you and Nat did some good business in that Zigu Zagu store
(how I would looove to go there one time ;-) !!! with a bag of money !)
Have a good week Jacky

Linda Vincent said...

Hello sorry I've been missing. Good to catch up with your lovely blog.
Thats a beautiful Valentine card; definitely one to keep. And Oakey is so cute with his teddy...its hard to tell them apart!

Emma said...

Sorry I've been missing too! We can still appreciate hearts in May ;) Your cloth is just lovely.

Judy Martin said...

I look forward to seeing more progress on this absolutely beautiful protection cloth. The red stitching, the way you are doing it, is so very lovely.

sending hugs to you and your family and red thread protection

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Jacky. I haven't been by for awhile, but I see you haven't been blogging for awhile either. Hope to see you back soon as your stitching is so beautiful.
best, nadia

Peggy said...

Hi Jacky, miss you. xoxo

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