Friday, July 27, 2012

Whoo hoo ........

My eldest son Matt is going to London, a member of the Australian Showjumping Team.  We are so proud of Matt and his little horse "Watchi" (to his friends...... Watch Me vd Mangelaar to everyone else).  I just wanted to share these photos of Matt and Watchi with you all.  You can click to make them bigger.
Photo courtesy of Equinos International Photography.
Matt and Watchi competing in Florida, USA a couple of months ago.  Dont you love Watchi's little white patch on his tummy.

Matt and Watchi relaxing down in the stable area, with Lacey (their dog) watching on.

He's  a relaxed little sweet.

And this picture of Matt was taken when he had just turned 8 at his very first competition (you have to be 8 to compete at Pony Club level).  His little pony "Dasher" was a fast little mare .... a great mount for a young boy. 

My husband and I head off to London on Monday .... it will be so exciting!











Jacky  xox

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fabric of Friendship.....

Since my last post I have had some beautiful (and some unexpected) fabric gifts come my way.  I love receiving fabrics in the mail!!!!

This beautiful, colourful cloth was made for me by the gorgeous Hoola Tallulah .... this cloth is as bright and effervescent as her blog and her life.  Such a beautiful online friend of quite a few years now.  Love the vivid fabric weaving and all of the hand stitching...such a ray of sunshine in winter in Australia.
 And Tallulah also sent these lovely hand dyed fabrics (sorry the camera has not caught the beautiful, soft, natural colours)  and some gorgeous variegated thread.  I love how she sent the thread on a stick from near her very own twig from the it.  Thank you Tallulah for these lovely gifts and your friendship.

And another unexpected fabric gift...a beautiful, soft, buttery cloth from my friend Dot.  A different colour palette than I use myself,  but ohhh so beautiful.  It is to be a collaborative cloth...she has stitched the cloth a little and I will now add my *touches*.  Lovely soft fabrics (it is so beatiful in your hand) and I loved the stitched creature/bird...very quirky and very Dot!
 And what a treat these beautiful eco-dyed fabrics from another online friend Deanna in the USA.  Deanna has dyed these using tin cans and a variety of leaves on silks...looove these!  They will be put to good use in my Cloth I am working on for Magic Diaries with Jude Hill.
The little pouch is handmade and has some of the lovely bobbin lace that Deanna makes.

So,  as you can see,  I am flush with beautiful fabric gifts from my friends recently .... I feel very lucky.

 He hee .... now here's a pair of fingerless gloves that  I made for my sister Lee this week.  Lee chose the wool (a beautiful Merino, Angora, Silk blend) when we went over to Healesville recently to see the Arichibald Prize Winners. I have added a little boro touch as Lee is really into indigo at the moment and all things boro. 
They are quite utilitarian... and I know Lee will get a lot of use out of them on these chilly winter mornings.







Have a happy week!

Jacky xox