Thursday, May 31, 2012

hello there .......

I've been away with my sister.  ......  it's been hard to get back to my blog...... but I thought I must do a post before May is over!!!!!!  My sister Lee and I had the most wonderful time.  Exciting and relaxing.

Bali was wonderful.  Such a beautiful country and beautiful, gentle people...ten days of pure bliss.  Here are a few glimpses of our holiday.

The rice fields of Mahagiri (not long after I took this photo the heavens opened, heavy summer rain and the beautiful view was temporarily hidden).

This is the village of Tenganan ....where they weave the double ikat, one of only three places in the world that do the double ikat:  Japan, India and Bali.  It was amazing to visit this quiet little village and see the women working on their looms.  Such a lengthy process ... the resists, the natural dyeing process of the cotton and the slow process of the fine weaving.  From beginning to end this process can take 8 months.
We visited the produce market in Klong Kong .....  wonderful colours, textures and smells and later Lee and I did a cooking class.  Yumbo!

 I LOVED my trip to Bali and it's people and would love to visit again .  I will be saving!

Since I've been home my Art group have had our annual exhibition again.  This time at the Lillico Glass Studio not far from my home.  A gorgeous gallery out in the countryside near Warragul.  The opening was on Sunday @ 2pm which meant people could go for a nice Sunday afternoon drive and take in our little exhibition and get home at a reasonable hour.

Me,  Ro Bruhn, Dot Christian and Patsy Worledge  at the opening of our exhibition. (click on photos to enlarge)  visit Dots blog for lots of photo's from the day.

The gardens at Lillico are beautiful this time of year.  Carpets of fallen autumn leaves, lovely crisp air and we were lucky enough to have a bit of wintery sunshine.

And the surrounding farms are beautiful.  A real feast for the senses a visit to Lillico.  I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, West Gippsland.

It's lovely to be home and to have the opening of the exhibition behind us.  I can now get back to some stitching....I have been missing my stitching, my quiet time!  And I will be  catching up on some of my favourite blogs this weekend






Have a lovely week.........................Jacky xox