Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Thailand.....

You might have noticed....I've been away from my blog for a while....I meant to find time before I left on my holiday to Thailand to do a quick post.  But, time just flew before my holiday.  Extra work to do at home,  painting and stitching to do in readiness for my art groups upcoming exhibition...I just ran out of time.

My lovely sister Lee took me to Thailand for a ten day holiday to celebrate our birthdays this year (our birthdays are only two days apart).  I had never really holidayed in Asian before, and I was in for a treat!

First we visited Bangkok for a few days.  We took in so much art, visited many markets and malls (will have to cover them in another post).  But, for me,  the best part was our week in Chiang Mai.  A beautiful city, still having very much a country feel compared with Bangkok ....and very friendly and beautiful people.

We stayed at the Chedi in Chiang Mai and I would recommend it to anyone.  Below is the first view I had of our hotel as we arrived in our taxi...hopefully you can click on the photo to enlarge.  Wonderful architecture and decor.  So many things I would have loved to pop in my suitcase and take home.

Entrance to Chedi Hotel

Each morning we wandered down to the restaurant to have a lazy breakfast down by the river.  Considering we were right in the midst of Chiang Mai,  it was so lovely and peaceful....and of course the food was yumbo.
Breakfast area under the tree by the river.

We found many nooks and crannies where we sat and sketched,  read our books,  just lazed around.  It felt good to slow down and relax...nothing like going away with your sister!
Me relaxing in one of the areas on the upper verandah of the old Govenors residence (restaurant at hotel)

This was another favourite spot to sit and sketch,  and we did have a few cocktails.  Lee told me that Gin and Tonic wards off of course we had to have one of those most days (purely medicinal).  Our favourite drinks though were the Virgin Mojita's....we refreshed ourselves with quite a few of those during our stay.
Yet another spot to sit and relax alongside the floating lotus pool.

Whilst we were away,  it was Mothers Day in Australia.  So we promised our families that we would have High Tea and the Govenors Residence....another yumbo experience.  The little chocolate pots were unbelievably good!!!
Chocolate pots served with our High Tea.

Quite a few afternoons were spent under the fans under the verandah partaking in tea or light refreshments.  We took along our sketch books and sat sometimes for hours just talking and sketching.  I just loved the green, green grass and the lovely black bark of the trees.
View from restaurant across to our room (behind the pots and big tree).

And this is my gorgeous sister Lee.  We were having an early dinner before we headed off to the night markets later (of course had to buy goodies for our family and friends at home).
Lee under verandah.

We were blessed with beautiful weather.  Lee and I visited many galleries,  saw some wonderful art (I cant tell you how many cards  I bought so I would remember the artists and galleries!!!!).  I have tried to upload some photos into a mosaic to share with you,  but not able to do that yet,  but thought you might like a glimpse of what I've been up to since my last post.  I will try and upload some photos of the art and architecture soon.

No art to show this post,  but I have been busy since I arrived home.  Will take a few photos soon.  Lovely to be back and I will be catching up on blogs soon.


Sending much love....

Jacky xox