Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello from Switzerland ...

Finally mastering my sons computer, so thought I would do a little post after our trip to Lucerne this week. What a beautiful and picturesque city....amazing architecture, medieval city, the gorgeous Lake Lucerne and we had the most beautiful weather.
Paul and I at lake Lucerne
The beautiful city on the river with lovely *old* bridges.
The Flower Bridge as I called it, but know as The Chapel Bridge...this was constructed in the early 14th century...coming from Australia, which is such a young country, this is just amazing. Click for closer views of the photos.
Matt and I at the end of the bridge...the flowers in this country are beautiful.
Yes, I did bring some art suplies with me. My trusty journal (which I might add I havent been doing nearly as much in as I planned). A couple of small pieces of fabric, muslin and some dyed fabric and a few threads to play with. There are the most beautiful woods close to where my son lives and my husband I walk up there most days....I am so inspired by these woods and dreaming up mythical maidens who live/lived in these woods, so thought I would do a stitchery inspired by I dont have much fabric with me, they will be small but intricate.
I am soooo wishing I had a dye pot here...after seeing lots of posts on eco dyeing etc. I would love to try some on the finds from the woods here.
My son lives and competes in Europe as a Showjumper. I took this photo of Matt (left) and Paul (hubby) when they had finished riding on the arena the other day. Each day they ride out....sometimes up to the woods, sometimes training on the arena. Lovely to see them both together and enjoying their horses.

Paul and I are over here to be with Matt at the Selection Shows for the World Equestrian Games....he is one of 10 Australian's over in Europe at present for the selection shows to try and get a place on the Australian team (four riders and 1 reserve)...


This is the barn dog.... Prada. Each morning at about 9.30 - 10 she comes up to Matt's flat and sits with me while I stitch, read, get online. She is lovely company and at this moment is asleep beside me on the couch. We should both be out in the sunshine I'd better finish now.

Will post some photos of the woods and the beautiful things I have seen over the next few weeks.

Loving my time in Switzerland with my son!!!!


- SARK -

Enjoy your week!

Jacky xox