Sunday, March 28, 2010

Journals, journalling, stitching....

After a hectic couple of weeks, I have enjoyed stitching some little owls for friends (Nic the nose and eyes are all done now!!!!). This week they are flitting off to their new homes...I have a couple more to make for friends that are in my thoughts this week.... what a flock ????Is their such a thing as a flock of owls? I'm not sure if that's the correct terminology. Please feel free to let me know if it's not. A few close up photos of these little fellows.

I tried some additional little quilted wings on this one...he thinks he's a bit special.
You may remember from my last post that while the girls were visiting from Western Australia we did a journal class with Ro Bruhn (decorated papers and Journal making). Lots of fun, lots of laughter and lots of wonderful techniques!!!

Unfinished cover using Ro's plaster masking technique (fun!!!). I think I will seal the cover and I still need to add my raggedy fabric binding.

Internal pages using acrylic paints and inks, Ro's handmade stamps and so many other techniques we learnt. Amazing what you can find around the house to use in your journalling.

Can you tell I loved the Klimt patterned stamp????

And the onion houses as I call them!

I am nearly finished my moleskin journal and I think I will use this journal next for my daily scribbling and thoughts.
From Sark this week
Easter coming up....lovely long break to celebrate this special time.
Take care......... Jacky xox

Monday, March 22, 2010

Treasure hunting.....

I have had a wonderful week of fun and treasure hunting with three of art friends visiting from interstate. Shirl and Robyn from Western Australia and Jo Wholohan from Queensland. They were down for the annual art retreat run by Creative Soul....Before the retreat we decided to do a bit of a road trip and hunt down some art goodies.
Shirl and Robyn (who dont have blogs yet) arrived early in the week and so we three (plus some other lovely ladies) did a decorated papers and journal class with Ro Bruhn. Amazing day...we learnt so many great new techniques and we all had a finished, bound journal to take home. As per usual we were treated to some wonderful cullinary delight from Ro's lovely husband Steve. Thank you both for a fantastic day. Sorry I dont have any photo's, will take some of my journal this week.

Early morning street scene on the way to Camberwell Market.

The next day (Jo had arrived by this time) we were up bright and early to make an early start on the Camberwell Market. What a time we had ...... vintage fabrics and wares, books, linens, buttons. We were overwhelmed by the treasures to be had. I havent yet unpacked all of my finds, so there will be photos to come in the next few posts I am sure.
Lovely old accomodation in Castlemaine.
After Camberwell Market we headed out into the country to check out markets and shops. We visited the Castlemaine/Daylesford area and found many, many wonderful shops and bargains.

What a treasure trove The Restorers Barn is....this place was filled with old bits and pieces and we spent a looooong time fossicking around in this shop. I am sorry that when you zoom closer it isnt a great photo (I am hoping that Robyn who came with us has some much better photos I can share later...she had a fantastic camera and a wonderful eye for composition).

In Daylesford we found some great shops/markets selling vintage fabrics and wares. The above are two of my most favourite purchases...a vintage padded kimono (floral) which is in wonderful condition. This will be hanging in my home once I find the right place. The creamy fabric is a pair of old curtains with a ginko leaf pattern. It is a bit more gold in real life, the photo has brightened both pieces). They are both such luscious fabrics.

AND....above is my latest dyeing efforts drying on the line. Robyn who was visiting from Western Australia is a dyer and Jo and I really caught the bug. The piece on the left is an old linen napkin and the right is a piece of silk that I bought in my travels (more about that shop later). I wrapped the fabric around a piece of rusty old metal that I found down at the shed and then cooked up a pot of mixed eucalyptus leaves and placed them in to simmer for four or five hours. I was so excited when I unwrapped my packages. The silk took the dyes so well (and I cant wait to use it in my art). The linen was less exciting, but there is always a place for more muted colours I suppose. Click on the photo for a closer look...I am loving this natural dyeing and will try more next weekend. Onion skins methinks!

My pieces both dried. I was pleased the silk held the colour so well.
Its been a hectic, but wonderful week for me. Great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Learning new techiques, having fun! Thanks to my gorgeous sister Lee for putting my friends and I up over the week!
Hope you had a lovely week too.
And from Sark this week.... my card was simple (and appropriate after the big week).
Jacky xox

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bits and pieces.....

What I'm really enjoying with this slow cloth is that I can just pick it up and stitch away whenever I have a moment...with limited time this week I have finished stitching my fabric onto my night sky (but there will be further stitching to come). I have started doing some random cross stitching on the beautiful dyed flannel. I think I will make some areas quite dense with cross stitches and others very sparse as I dont want to hide all the wonderful colours. I am using a beautiful variegated thread that is hand dyed by a local Gippsland lady. I am liking how the thread works with the wool flannel
I've also been stitching these two little fellows (as you can see a couple of WIP's, still a ways to go). I have made the taller version of my owls this time and I am thinking I might make a different set of wings for the other fellow...try something different.
I am still doing some 10minute collages (although not as often as I was) and it is 'surprising' what appeals to you some days as flick through old magazines. Click to enlarge.
I was really taken with the quote from Barack Obama:
"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we've been waiting for.
We are the change that we seek."
Very wise words.

Well I am off on a road trip this week! Looking forward to it with great anticipation. I have a couple of friends coming from interstate for an annual Art Retreat get together. They are flying in a bit early to do a class with the lovely Ro Bruhn on Saturday and then Sunday we plan to go to the Camberwell market .... I am hoping to find some old fabrics or linens. And afterwards we are off to Castlemaine / Daylesford area for a bit of sightseeing, shopping and relaxation for two days. Wonderful galleries, shops and spa's.
Wednesday is the beginning of the Art Retreat, so I will drop the girls off (I am not doing the retreat this year). Myself and couple of other friends are going along for the vendors night and dinner so I will get to catch up with some friends I have made over the years.
Back next meantime I hope you all have a busy creative time while I am away.
Jacky xox

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slow and steady....

Well mine is definately a slow cloth....I have been playing around with fabrics, stitching and I've been visiting blogs and getting lots of inspiration. I've added a few more fabric elements, some tie dyed chiffon to make a night sky, a maize coloured thread overlayed with organza as a halo'd moon and a beautiful scrap of hand dyed wool (given to me by the talented and lovely Elizabeth Armstrong when I did one of her classes). I think it fits the piece well and its lovely to use fabrics gifted to you...nice to look at them remember your friends and good times.

I'm enjoying the hand stitching, it gives you lots of time for thought in this busy world.
Below is a close up of the night sky and the moon with its halo. I have grown very fond of moons thanks to Jude Hill and her many moons.

A closer view of the lovely hand dyed wool from Elizabeth at Studio Felter. Isnt it luscious?

As I said in my previous post, some wonderful gifts of late....this beautiful embellished bird made by my talented art buddy, Dot Christian. I received this after Christmas and thought you might like to see a picture. Visit Dots etsy shop to see these and other beautiful fabric pieces she created. I love the sari silks she has used in my Ruby Red bird.

I recently did a swap with fellow owl lover Debrina! Received this lovely "Mother Owl" fabric hanging...sorry the photo isnt clearer, but if you click on it you might see the beautiful fabric and ribbon she has used and the machine stitching. For a clearer photo visit Debrina's blog.

Also received this beautiful owl thimble below. I think he looks rather nice perched there with my little collection of dolls and bits and bobs. He's a bit large my finger, so I think this is where he will be living.

Well, the days must be getting longer over the side of the world as they are getting shorter over here....6am and its dark now. Still not getting dark at night until after 8pm, but that will change soon when daylight savings finishes.
I hope you had a wonderful week!
Jacky xox