Monday, September 29, 2008

UK here I come....

I've been playing around with backgrounds in my classes with Suzi Blu.... and these girls have taken on a different look with the new coloured background. Wasnt that happy with my background as it got a little muddy in areas...but I will get better with practice. Enjoyed the stamping and the glaze in the paint to give it more transparency. Just got to find a suitable quote for these girls now and then onto the wax!!!! Now that is something I have been wanting to try for ages. I wont get a chance to do anymore to this piece though for a few weeks as lucky me... I am off to visit my son in the UK for 2 weeks, leaving on Wednesday. I am so looking forward to spending some time with Matt, seeing where he now lives and works, going to the Horse of the Year show in Birmingham with him. I will take photos.....
I made these felted ATC's for a swap in one of my Yahoo groups. I have incorporated needle felting, dyed lace, free motion stitching, hand stitching, beading .... lots of fun making these.
Close up so you can see a bit more of the detail in these little ATC's. The swap was organised by one of the girls in our Creative Chix group after reading the article on felted ATC's in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.
So my fellow bloggers, I will be away from 1st October until the 17th October so wont be posting again until then (unless Matt has his computer set up at home for me to use????)

Take care and enjoy the onset of Spring and the beautiful warm sunshine.

Jacky xox

Monday, September 22, 2008

Stitching and painting......

This weekend I visited the Exhibition of Ro Bruhn and Patsy Worledges was fantastic! Dot, Selda and I braved a bleak old Saturday morning down in Melbourne, and Ro and Patsy gave us the warmest welcome to their exhibition and their art was so uplifting (well worth trudging out in the bleak Melbourne weather). If anyone is in the Glen Waverley area in the next two weeks make sure you drop in and see this exhibition, these two ladies have such beautiful art on display. The exhibition finished on the 2nd October. The picture below was taken of Ro at The Highway Gallery on Saturday. The picture below is my work in progress for my online class with Suzi Blu.... yes, they have bodies (albeit a bit slimmer than I anticipated....I dont know what happens sometimes). I have started my background with the stamping, but you wont recognise it next time you see it as it now has more stamping and a colour wash. Looks quite a bit darker now as I felt it was looking a bit bright. Next week, should be just about finished (I think... I dont know what else Suzi has up her sleeve for us).
And.... the stitchery. The picture below is of a little needlecase I stitched this week for a monthly swap I am involved in. I am to send to one of the girls in our group who has a love for wool (and I hope fabric), I hope this little tactile piece will appeal to her.
I enjoyed sitting and stitching...seems these days I like to have a little stitchery on the go. Lovely to sit in the lounge in the evenings with the family and still be able to create. Hand stitching can be so relaxing and therapeutic. The picture below is of the back of the needlecase.
Have an enjoyable week my arty friends.... have fun stitching, painting, creating!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

For Magda and Linda ......

This post is for Magda and Linda. Firstly.... the fabric pages below are for Magda, one of the lovely ladies in our Fabricgirlz group. We are currently doing a Round Robin with our books travelling around the world over 9 to 10 months. Each month a different fabric artist makes a page for your book... I am soooo looking forward to mine coming home so I can see all of the pages up close and personal. As you can see the little knitted people won out.... I had been debating whether to put them in or not, but I think they add a fun element to these pages and Magda's book is all about coming out to play.
My photography is not the best, but I wanted to try and get a close up so you can see the stitching and embellishing. The page is finished, but still needs binding....mmmm ..... I am still pondering that one!
Linda.... this next pic is for you. One of the faces I have done in my Suziblu online class. Make sure you pop over and visit Linda's blog to see the wonderful art she is creating in these classes! She is a little ahead of me.... I will post a pic next week of my finished girl (with body!!!!).
Below are the first lot of preliminary sketches I did in week one.... lots more practice needed, but some very valuable lessons from Suzi in the classes....Lots of fun and proceed at your own pace. I like that.
Have a fun week.... I am going to practice, practice, practice these faces and finish off my bigger piece for next week to show you (this way I have to finish it AND I have to show it on my blog whether I am happy with it or not).

Take care.........

Jacky xox

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fabric and Friends ......

Will you look at these beautiful fabrics and beads I received from my fellow fabric fiend... Dot. Arent they just so gorgeous and colourful? Wonderful surprise to find these in my mail box this week - lots of inspiration from these bold fabrics Dot!!! The picture below is a WIP. I am making a page for a fabric book round robin that I am involved in... this one will be for Magda in Germany. Magda's book is very vibrant and colourful so I hope she likes where I am heading with this page. Lots more stitching to do and further thought to the placement of the little knitted people (if I do end up using them that is). They theme for her book so far seems to be about "play". Will show the finished page soon.
The gorgeous Sesga from the UK sent me a beautiful package with one of her very special cute and obviously made with lots of love. Sesga knows I love owls and has used a beautiful Japanese fabric with owls in my Lulu Doll and has also made me the most fantastic Kaffe Fassett owl.... just LOVE him Sesga!!!
And as if that wasnt enough Sesga sent me these beautiful fabrics.... being a fabricaholic I was soooo happy to have some new fabrics to add to my stash.
This most beautiful journal was made for me by Debbi Baker from WA. Another love of mine (other than fabric) is birds, so this is just perfect Debbi and I love the machine stitching. As I said before, my special quotes will be recorded in this journal.
Oh and what a treat to receive this wonderful package from the very talented (and lovely) Suze from the Pink Crayon Studio. So many wonderful art goodies.... I just cant wait to play with these ..... tags, inchies, stickers, I think my journalling with be including lots of these goodies in the near future. Thank you so much Suze, this was an amazing package to open as there just so many wonderful bits and pieces, plus the envelope is a work of art in itself!
In finishing I just want to say thank you to all of you out in Blogland.... wonderful online friendships have been made and the generosity of your gifts is heartfelt.
Wishing you much JOY this week (I think that is my favourite word ever!)
Jacky xox

Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring is in the air ......

Well spring has certainly been in the air since I returned from Hong Kong...we have had the most beautiful, sunshiny weather! I must have felt the influence when I collaged this little notebook for a friend in one of my Yahoo groups for our monthly swap. And, being spring it just had to have some birdies and some sort of botanical theme, thus the magnolia buds (paper napkins, love the transparency of them when collaged over papers). I thought Ruth might be able to use this little notebook to record some of her favourite quotes for her art. Below is a close up shot I took.... not the best sorry, little blurry, but still thought I would share.
I was lucky enough to receive my monthly exchange from Debbi Baker... a beautiful handmade journal, also featuring a bird (Spring is certainly in the air!). Unfortunately I havent taken a photo of the journal as yet, but will do so soon and post the pic for you all to see.
I also received a beautiful art doll from the gorgeous Sesga and lots of other goodies and a wonderful surprise from Suze at the Pink Crayon Studio.... plus a whole new stash of fabrics and beads from Dot. I am sure you might like to see my new stash of arty presents so I will take some pics in the next day or two and post for all to see.
I have been very busy catching up with friends, catching up on washing and housework since I got home, so not a lot of art been happening. Back to work tomorrow so things will get back to normal soon.

Hope you're enjoying some Spring Sunshine.

Jacky xox