Friday, July 25, 2008

Soul Journaling & family pets ...

Thank you to all my fellow Soul Journallers and friends for popping by to visit lately....
This is my latest pages for our Soul Journal that Sarah Whitmire is running. The theme is home and your neighbourhood. Below is a close up of the first page.... my home (which actually looks nothing like my home). It is rather a naive picture of a house, much like children draw... which by the way Sarah said was fine. The significance of this page for me is that I have included the no.s of the houses we lived in as children, to our current home. 11 Howe St., Mooroopna. 22 Glenlyon Ave., Shepparton, 35 Morrish Road, Shepparton and I currently live at No. 175. My neighbourhood??? Well sort of.... I had to put the picture of the mosque/church in the neighbourhood as when we first moved to Melbourne there was a big mosque built near us. I have always loved the architecture. Also, I love older European buildings/neighbourhoods so wanted to included that in my neighbourhood picture too , its a bit of a make believe neighbourhood! Finally posting a picture of my Soul Armour page. I was a bit behind with this one due to lack of printing facilities. We have horses on our farm and they are a very important part of our life, so I wanted to include a trusty steed as part of the Soul Armour. I am still going to stamp the words "Soul Armour" on this page (knew I hadnt quite finished it!!!). I am really enjoying using a lot of colour in these pages.
Just so you all know, our new kitty Tinkatink is settling into family life very well... I found Oakey and Tink curled up in front of the fire having a nice little snooze together. Their colours are actually quite complimentary.

I am working on a fabric page for a round robin book this weekend. My page is for Belinda Schneider (whose art I just love!!!!). Will post a pic after the weekend.

Have fun this weekend !!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More art and soul journal........

I recently finished this little canvas for a friend. Lots of fun creating the background with some of the techniques learned in my recent Misty Mawn classes. Also tried some crackle paint for the tree trunk... new to me and I now love the stuff! Once that heat gun hits all happens before your eyes. Day 7. of our Soul Journal had us writing (in very small writing) all over the two pages below. Writing down all of my little secrets and knowing that no-one was ever going to see them except me..... because!!!! We covered the whole of the pages with all different types of tapes we had around the house. The silver being duct tape, the blue and black some sort of automotive tape (all thanks to my dear hubby Paul... ransacked his shed). The other black tape with the numbers is a 7 Gypsies fabric tape and of course the old faithful masking tape.
Day 8. We then had to roughly sand the tape (I wish I had some of the silver tape that Sarah Whitmire used on her journal.... comes up a treat. Will definately have to get some of that for my art supplies, plus some black gesso. Visit her blog and see why !!!)
After the sanding we applied gesso, and rub back and then a colour wash or whatever you wanted to paint. I used a couple of metallic type paints for my wash. They dont show up too well here. The fabric tape wasnt overly successful when I tried sanding, so left it alone a bit before I totally wrecked it. I wonder what Sarah has in store for us next?????

Couldnt help myself !!!! Played around with the inchies page a little more. I actually wanted to remember why I had chosen each inchie. I feel a bit happier with my page now.
Our challenge for tomorrow is to pick a flower from our garden and press in our books !!!! Cant wait to see what Sarah has in store for us next.....

Thanks for visiting and sharing this challenge.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

More journalling FUN !

This is the latest journal page for my Soul Journal I am creating with Sarah Whitmire. What a lot of fun !!!!! This page we first covered with our torn dictionary pages, I gessoed and then gave a wash with the Quinadricone Golden Azo Gold and some some brown oil pastel. We then had to cut out inch square (roughly) pieces from magazines as per Sarahs prompts and then arrange on your prepared page. Not sure if we will be coming back to this page later so didnt want to do too much ad libbing, but may do more to it later if we dont. Think I need to outline them a bit more and maybe add a few stamps???? (For prompts visit Sarah's wonderful blog... you can also check out the pages by other bloggers taking part in this challenge). Our next prompt involves lots of tapes??????? Stay tuned. Below is an ATC I recently made for a friend. As always I love the birdies. With the background I tried a bit of the wax resist method as featured on the Green Pepper Press website. (I must say I was not overly successful, but I think the paper I used may have been a bit thick). Overstamped and added some old dyed lace with copper staples and voila. Havent made an ATC for ages!
Another of my Klimt dolls for a friend who LOVES pink. I used some the fabric from the Tina Givens range.... I hope she likes it!
I received some wonderful "art" mail this week from my friend Linda Vincent in the UK. I will take photos and share with you next blog..... Isnt it just the best to get "art mail".

Must away as I have to make a start on my next journal prompt. Check out Jo Wholohans blog too, she has just started her Soul Journal... beautiful pages.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Now for something different !!!! After visiting Keron's blog I have decided to have a go at a journal challenge being hosted by Sarah Whitmire. I am a bit of a late starter but figure I will get caught up to everyone else over the weekend. This is my first two pages (prompt 1 & 2). Visit Sarahs blog to see what the challenge requires if you like, looks like fun ! Join in.... like me you've got the weekend to catch up! Part of the second prompt was to colour your front page.... showing that you "own" the book. What fun! I really felt like I was back at school, scribbling in my folder - name on everything! Doodling here and there...
Very different to what I usually do, but really enjoying the challenge of letting go a little bit (I think I'm a bit of a control freak).

Another "challenge" for me at the moment is painting faces.... Misty Mawn style. I'm afraid I have not been practicing enough, mainly because I am not happy with my results. Rather than keep trying I have been procrastinating again and hiding away my attempts. Well here is the last attempt (obviously a work in progress). Mmmmm I dont know what I am doing wrong, but maybe trying to get things too lifelike (which I obviously cant do). I dont know what is going on with the eyes on this one either, she definately has a very oriental look which was unintentional and I am not sure that I like it. Maybe another paint over job.... it will be layer upon layer upon layer by the time I'm finished.
My intention is to overlay some collage papers/napkins along the bottom (thus the arm sitting in midair). I will keep playing around....

Stay tuned for more of the journal and visit Sarah's blog if you want to see what other people have done too.

This weekend I intend to challenge myself with the above two projects!

Happy Arting.........

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank-you and Art...

How exciting... I was nominated for this award by an artist I admire very much, Jo Horswill, make sure you visit her blog, beautiful photography and art!!!
My task now to nominate seven people whose blogs I love to visit -
Dots art and life (fun and inspirational), Jo Wholohans(love her textural art), Belinda Schneider(always inspirational & interesting), Sesga(evolving into quite the art doll artist), Linda Vincent(love the diversity of Linda's art), Karen Ruane (fabulous fabric art and embroidery)and last but not least (for these are in no particular order) Colette Copeland (I think one of the first blogs I ever visited and it continues to keep me coming back). I love to visit these blogs regularly ...... I would have loved to give one to Wayfaring Wanderer too as I love her photographic/art blog, but Jo beat me to it !!!

Now for some of my art dolls.... As you know I am into Klimt dolls at the moment (and I hope I am not boring you with these). Below is the latest #5. I just had to use the red in this beautiful new Kaffe Fassett fabric, millefiore. My friend Dot sent me some recently as she knows how much I ADORE, LOVE the Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Here is Klimt doll #4 made for my friend Dot to thank her for finding these gorgeous fabrics. I am having lots of fun embellishing these little ladies. Her favourite was the blue in the millefiore.
And, another thank you to another art friend of mine, Jo Wholohan from Queensland who sent me this wonderful canvas I received in todays mail...... I love this piece and it will hang with pride in my art room.... as always, beautiful colours and textures Jo. It arrived in todays mail with lots of wonderful art goodies. I have already been "playing" this afternoon. Huge thanks Jo. I love this is titled "Maiden Lady of Light".
Thats all for today folks........

Have a lovely evening.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A post of a different kind .......

I am one very proud Mum ..... my eldest son, Matt (23) has been selected for the Australian Showjumping Team for the Beijing Olympics !!! We are all so very excited and busy planning a trip to Hong Kong to watch him compete for his country. The above is a recent photo taken of Matt on the horse he will be riding at the Games, Leconte 6.
My husband Paul and Matt above walking the course at a recent show in Pforzheim, Germany. Paul went over to give Matt some family support while the selection shows were taking place (and he obviously enjoyed himself to boot... travelling around Europe to various shows during the six weeks he stayed with him).
This is Leo (stable name) relaxing back at the stables at a recent show in Rotterdam. Paul said he is quite the character in the stables and loves to lay down for a couple of hours each morning to eat his hay and be given his treats by his groom Sarah.... he's such a sweet horse and talented to boot.

As for art this week..... yes, I have done some, but not as much as planned. I made another doll for my art pal Dotee which she received today. I will have to post a picture later as I forgot to take one before I sent her parcel (my head is like a sieve at the moment). I have asked Dot to send me a picture so I can share it with you too. I particularly loved the new Kaffe Fassett fabric that Dot sourced for us.

Will share some more art after the weekend.

Take care and have a fun weekend (its going to be icy cold and wet here in Gippsland ).


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tina's fabric pages .....

I'd just about given up on posting this week !!! It gets so hard in winter to be able to get good enough light before or after work to take decent photos.
Below are my pages for Tina's fabric book for our FabricGirlz round robin. I had a lot of fun creating these funky pages for Tina (and I do hope that she likes Klimt!!!). I am pretty sure she loves the brighter colours by the wonderful pages she made for her own book. Another person who obviously loves the Kaffe Fassett fabrics!!!
The above picture is of the Klimt style doll I made for in her "pocket".... used a Kaffe Fassett fabric for the body, plus some for embellishing also. I had so much fun making this doll for Tina for her beautiful book.

Hope you love her Tina......

Next book is on its way to me.... that of Belinda Schneider. I am looking forward to that book and already have an idea in mind for my pages!!!

Take care and have fun arting!